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Jude in a sentence

1. Then he turned to Jude.
2. Jude with his free hand.
3. Guinan offered Jude a hand.
4. Libby looked over, as did Jude.
5. It was Saint Jude, a gift from.
6. Jude verse 6) are angelic beings.
7. Jude should have been here by now.

8. Jude 14b-15 describes the event:.
9. Her son Jude stood on the other side.
10. The Beatles – Hey Jude (1968).
11. Jude looked at her sideways, and nodded.
12. Well, I am very glad to hear that, Jude.
13. He strode off with a wave and Jude exhaled.
14. There was still no text response from Jude.
15. Jude was taken aback by her belligerent attitude.
16. Jude smiled a weary smile and set up for his shot.
17. Both Jude 14 and 1 Thessalonians 3:13 use hagios.
18. She turned her head and followed Jude out the door.
19. Jude 14b-15 mentions four times the word ungodly.
20. Libby and Jude sat close to each other on the couch.
21. Jude turned and followed Charlotte, hanging his head.
22. So, Jude, the prodigal son has returned, Rojan said.
23. Jude, they never touch the subject of the ministry at all.
24. What is the error of Balaam? Jude speaks of those who follow.
25. Apostle Jude, martyrdom by being beaten to death with a club.
26. Jude took his shot, then another, and then cleaned up the game.
27. Jude is telling us that Christians are preserved or kept by God.
28. Did you notice whom Jude quoted? This coming judgment was first.
29. Thus did John baptize Jesus and his two brothers James and Jude.
30. God tells us in The Book Of Jude that the FALLEN ANGELS are held.
31. This word occurs only in II Corinthians 5:2 and Jude 6 where it is.
32. Now, Jude 6 is quite clear in stating there was a fall of angels, or.
33. Grecian tongue, James, Peter, and Jude writing to Christians wherever.
34. They waved the teacher off, and Jude turned to him, clapping her hands.
35. By the time James consented to go with Jude, Jesus had already departed.
37. ANGLES USED TO PROVE HELL? Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:4 " UNTO the judgment," not.
38. She looked at Jude Coffman, who sat next to her on her parents porch swing.
39. In the very next verse Jude changes from aidion when speaking of angels to.
40. There was a static-filled gap, then, "Jude! Judykins! How's my best girl?".
41. New International Version; both Jude 14 and 1 Thessalonians 3:13 use hagios.
42. As he followed one particular scent, Jude stepped on something and stumbled.
43. He had no intentions of ever going by the name Jude, so he promptly dismissed it.
44. Since she was determined to accompany her mother, her brother Jude went with her.
45. So Simon and Jude were married at a double wedding in early March of this year, A.
46. THE PHONE STARTED ringing in the hall, and Jude excused herself to go and answer it.
47. St Jude Hospital is situated at the south end of this most beautiful and lush island.
48. Jude, that ungodly men are yucikoi<, pneuma mh< e]contev, 'soulical, not having spirit.
49. In speaking of the angels that sinned (verse 6), Jude used "aidion," which is used only.
50. Besides, he had gone by Tammas for so long that he thought of himself as Tammas, not Jude.
51. In the beginning of the Book of Jude we read, Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.
52. Ruth, of course, believed the report, and so did Jude after he had talked with David and Salome.
53. Only the six apostles were present at this meeting; Jude arrived as they were about to separate.
54. His brothers James and Jude were very much hurt because they were not called to this conference.
55. About noon of that day Jude had sought out his brother James and insisted that they go to Jesus.
56. James, Peter, and Jude writing to Christians wherever scattered over the earth, all alike use this.
57. Grecian tongue, James, Peter, and Jude writing to Christians wherever scattered over the earth, al.
58. He unclipped his skis and walked over to Jude, who was leaning on the fence at the top of the ski tow.
59. And in response to this hasty call, presently there were assembled Mary, James, Joseph, Jude, and Ruth.
60. And if my will or Saint Jude fail, I still could count on Saint Antonio goodwill, the patron of lovers.
61. St Jude hospital had funds to pay his trip and provide room and board together with the other volunteers.
62. And the more Jude saw of his eldest brother, the more he became convinced that Jesus was a truly great man.
63. THE Peter or Jude says nothing about fire, torment or pain, but those who believe in Hell most always add them.
64. And before Jude took leave of Jesus, he said with much feeling: My father-brother, I never have understood you.
65. Jesus gave seats of honor to his six apostles, and seated with them were his brothers in the flesh James and Jude.
66. Sodom and Gomorrah —utterly consumed —are, nevertheless, 'suffering the vengeance of eternal fire’ (Jude 7).
67. He is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless (Jude 24).
68. Naturally I thought about St Jude Hospital in St Lucia and obtained permission to take possession of all this material.
69. Sodom and Gomorrah Jude 7: "Are set forth as an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire" (American Standard Version).
70. These believers were all women except two, Jude, Jesus' brother, and John Zebedee, who returned to the scene just before the Master expired.
71. The shrill of the phone fought to be heard over the hubbub of noise, and was answered by Jude Winters, the fragile-looking blonde ski school owner.
72. Jude could see the obvious improvement in Debbie's skiing, and she was impressed that Mike had so quickly homed in on something that would help her.
73. The only exception was Jude, upon whom on sundry occasions Jesus found it necessary to impose penalties for his infractions of the rules of the home.
74. Apostle Jude (Apostle and Martyr called Thaddeus son of one James brother of the other younger James) This brother of James was commonly called Thaddeus.
75. As it turned out this whirlwind visit by a gynecologic cancer specialist was the beginning of a longstanding relationship between him and St Jude Hospital.
76. He nodded approval for their protectiveness of the kitten, and looked back down to Jude, who clutched the toy ferret tightly to his chest as if to protect it.
77. At the time of his first visit, there was a young gynecologist at St Jude who had just finished his residency and was working as a volunteer for several months.
78. Several times during the day both Jude and Ruth endeavored to elude the vigilance of the Pharisees in their efforts to send word to Jesus, but it was of no avail.
79. In speaking of the angels that sinned (verse 6), Jude used "aidion," which is used only one other time in the New Testament in Romans 1:20 where it is applied to God.
80. The book of Enoch (The Prophet) was ignored by Catholics then by all others denominations even ignoring the statement by the Apostle Jude one of the Twelve Disciples.
81. Jude had forgotten how long it had been since she’d been properly held by a man, or taken solace from the touch of another, even someone who was a relative stranger.
82. One of the attractive aspects of volunteering at St Jude was the fact that all the volunteers (doctors, nurses, students) were housed together in a building on the premises.
83. David Zebedee sent word to Jesus' family, by Jude, to forgather at the house of Martha and Mary in Bethany and there await news which his messengers would regularly bring them.
84. Jude and James, and even Joseph, still retained much of their faith in Jesus, but they had permitted pride to interfere with their better judgment and real spiritual inclinations.
85. Forever in Jude: In speaking of the angels that sinned (verse 6), Jude used "aidion," which is used only one other time in the New Testament in Romans 1:20 where it is applied to God.
86. Read Hebrews 8:1; Colossians 3:1; Revelation 5:6-14; Psalm 115:1-3; 2nd Corinthians 5:1-10; 1st Peter 1:3-4; Zechariah 14:1-5; 1st Corinthians 6:2-3; 1st Thessalonians 3:13; Jude 14.
87. Other stocks with chronically high implied volatilities as of 1-19-90 include Litton Industries, Saint Jude Medical, Alcoa, American Cyanamid, Aristech Chemical, and of late, Coca-Cola.
88. He returned to Nazareth in October to attend Martha's wedding, and he was not again in Nazareth for over two years, when he returned shortly before the double wedding of Simon and Jude.
89. When the Master finally breathed his last, there were present at the foot of his cross John Zebedee, his brother Jude, his sister Ruth, Mary Magdalene, and Rebecca, onetime of Sepphoris.
90. When the sister-in-law of Jude (Jesus' brother) heard this alarming report, she hastened word to all of Jesus' family who dwelt near by, summoning them forthwith to assemble at Zebedee's house.
91. And for that purpose I was counting on the help of Saint Jude, patron of the impossible cases, who had been the drive of all the innovative and avant-garde ideas that had occurred to me so far.
92. James and Jude had arrived with the lunch and were waiting in the lumber room for him, as it was not yet time for the midday recess, and they knew that Jesus was very regular about such matters.
93. She said to James: "I cannot understand him; what can it all mean? Is there no end to his strange conduct?" James and Jude tried to comfort their mother, while Jesus withdrew for an hour's solitude.
94. After talking with James and Jude (who also chanced to be in Capernaum) and after turning over to his brother James the little house which John Zebedee had managed to buy, Jesus went on to Nazareth.
95. At the coming of our Lord Jesus with all His saints (hagios-holy) (1 Thessalonians 3:13), holy ones New International Version; both Jude 14 and 1 Thessalonians 3:13 use hagios, not saints.
96. But to all of the many questions which his mother, James, Jude, and Zebedee asked, Jesus only smilingly replied: It is better that I tarry here for a while; I must do the will of my Father who is in heaven.
97. The authors surely would not have written the Son of God was born into a human family comprising of Mary (the Virgin Mary) and Joseph and with four brothers or cousins, James, Joseph, Simon and Jude (Mark 6:3).
98. ETERNAL FIRE (Jude 7) is not a fire that is still burning Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will be burning these cities from now on, but the results of the fire, the total destruction of these cities will have no end.
99. David Zebedee had arranged with Jude, Jesus' brother, for the presence of the entire Nazareth family -- Mary and all of Jesus' brothers and sisters -- and Jesus went with Andrew and Peter to keep this appointment.
100. Those who believe in Abraham's bosom think that the lost will not be in Hell unto after the Judgment, but use this passage to teach these angles are now in Hell despite the fact that Jude 6 says nothing about Hell.

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