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Jude in a sentence

Then he turned to Jude.
Jude with his free hand.
Guinan offered Jude a hand.
Libby looked over, as did Jude.
Jude verse 6) are angelic beings.
It was Saint Jude, a gift from.
Jude should have been here by now.

Jude 14b-15 describes the event:.
Her son Jude stood on the other side.
The Beatles – Hey Jude (1968).
Jude looked at her sideways, and nodded.
Well, I am very glad to hear that, Jude.
He strode off with a wave and Jude exhaled.
There was still no text response from Jude.
Jude was taken aback by her belligerent attitude.
Jude smiled a weary smile and set up for his shot.
Both Jude 14 and 1 Thessalonians 3:13 use hagios.
Jude 14b-15 mentions four times the word ungodly.
She turned her head and followed Jude out the door.
Libby and Jude sat close to each other on the couch.
Jude turned and followed Charlotte, hanging his head.
So, Jude, the prodigal son has returned, Rojan said.
Jude, they never touch the subject of the ministry at all.
What is the error of Balaam? Jude speaks of those who follow.
Apostle Jude, martyrdom by being beaten to death with a club.
Jude took his shot, then another, and then cleaned up the game.
Jude is telling us that Christians are preserved or kept by God.
Did you notice whom Jude quoted? This coming judgment was first.
Thus did John baptize Jesus and his two brothers James and Jude.
God tells us in The Book Of Jude that the FALLEN ANGELS are held.
This word occurs only in II Corinthians 5:2 and Jude 6 where it is.
Now, Jude 6 is quite clear in stating there was a fall of angels, or.
They waved the teacher off, and Jude turned to him, clapping her hands.
Grecian tongue, James, Peter, and Jude writing to Christians wherever.
By the time James consented to go with Jude, Jesus had already departed.
ANGLES USED TO PROVE HELL? Jude 6; 2 Peter 2:4 " UNTO the judgment," not.
She looked at Jude Coffman, who sat next to her on her parents porch swing.
In the very next verse Jude changes from aidion when speaking of angels to.
There was a static-filled gap, then, "Jude! Judykins! How's my best girl?".

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