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Layers in a sentence

Its layers of.
layers of the ego.
layers of the sky.
5 Layers Of Video:.
through all the layers.
the layers of your ego.
thick layers of apathy.

In layers of stillness.
But we had four layers.
Like layers of thoughts.
Of egg layers and horses.
that is built up in layers.
subsequent layers are built.
That shed layers of frills.
Many layers were destroyed.
to shed layers is important.
Clouds in high wispy layers.
The air is made up of layers.
her heavy layers of clothing.
Layers and layers of evil….
She was dressed in layers of.
will cast off its outer layers.
These layers are as follows:.
layers are not perfect spheres.
Money and the many layers of.
Because of the many layers or.
Things grew upon him in layers.
water, and the layers of the skin.
layering love and all that is.
her chest layering on top of each other.
You may have heard of the term air layering.
Layering is the key to proper camping attire.
Repeat layering until all ingredients are used.
by in thin, layering wisps, floating in morning fog.
specialist helps the embryo to hatch out of its protective layering and.
layering, creating a small hole and steroid antibody is given in the fourth.
This concept of layering is central to the approach we recommend to investors.
hatch out of its protective layering and artificially implants into the uterus.
I suggest that you can compost the kitchen wastes by layering into your compost.
described, our reality is the result of the layering of 11 dimensions, one upon another.
symbols are referenced, it is most often a way of adding levels of obscurity or layering on other.
Music is made: by undead filth auras layering and overdubbing their undead auras over living people.
Silas went around patching where the soft cushion of newspaper layering the bottom of the nest was torn.
This exponential layering, intermeshing of dualities and trialities does not stop at the molecular level.
This describes the process of layering paint on the canvas while creating the illusion of depth and detail.
A: “Staggering” or layering is a concept we recommend to “smooth out” the equity curve for investors.
As a crazed, progressively more insane, more warped, layering of undead intelligences… for billions of years.
Mine and his and more importantly he’s making real-time decisions that are spread over multiple platforms of layering.
You may take weeks or months to establish this position, staggering or layering options at what you feel are opportune times.
But why go through the servants instead of directly to God? It sounds like an unnecessary bit of layering between God and us.
Layering is the practice of selling different options in different markets with expiration dates about four to six weeks apart.
When I had broken through this protective layering I lied about its contents and said to my audience around the breakfast table.
The scribe closes his eyes as Isabella mutters a blessing—of sorts—over her efforts and begins layering the leaves across each other to make a poultice.
The surface of Lincra is actually a myriad of surfaces stacked on top of each other, a gradual layering upon layering created for the purpose of maximizing spacial problems.
Perhaps this was the reason the workmen could not succeed in layering the stones upon each other again, and perhaps only the old tales could bind its walls together once more.
His heart nearly stopped as he entered the room, noticing first the soft glow of the candles, the delicate layering of fabrics bringing simple elegance to hand-carved furniture.
Maggie with her paradise hair, the darling of the bar, restless, moving around the terrace like chiffon in a breeze casually peeling off the layers and layering them over a chair.
Staggering or layering options throughout different contract months not only provides diversification but also allows an investor to experience option expirations nearly every month (conceding, of course, that she will have to cover a few of them).
Ever since the upwardly mobile middle-class of consumers was invented: they have been layering themselves, insulating themselves, isolating themselves, protecting themselves: in countless consumer ways, cultural ways, physical ways, moral ways, ethical ways, abstract ways, etc.
All layered things.
layered sticky web of illusion.
The clouds sit, layered upon one.
they layered on their warmest clothes.
They’re all layered up on the bed.
They layered their hands over hers.
� It gets layered on through conformity.
Mick layered several pairs of his thick.
This presents a layered image to deliver.
the builder of boats caresses layered wood,.
Which was layered on top of the real photo.
layered, its length just brushing her jaw line.
biosphere) become layered on top of each other.
This onionlike layered structure, comprising of.
Hair texture and colour: Smooth, layered and brown.
a tall outcrop of layered rock that crowned the peak.
Their blood now layered his armor in crimson streaks.
Copy the flowing, layered garments of the Arab world.
They kept the idea of white, and layered black over it.
and a clear clipboard layered with forms, My name is.
layers, like multi layered CD’s but instead they have.
The older man was hidden behind a pile of layered folders.
layered and man-made coiffure of Melanie who now belatedly.
grip on the layered rock, beside her Bucca and Diggory also.
The large black cauldron, layered in spider webs, was boiling.
The short layered blond hair complements his golden skin tone.
I’m far more layered and complex than they’ll ever know.
My suit was thick and layered with insulation but I still felt it.
When the earth first began to form, it would have been layered ac-.
A layer of.
A good layer.
Repeat this layer.
first layer of proof.
So if top of layer.
with a layer of dust.
The cloud layer ended.
thinly over mint layer.
relates with this layer.
The Celestial Layer or.
Making it a double layer.
layer that sits above it.
layer of sedimentary rock.
The ATM Adaptation Layer.
everything layer by layer.
A thin layer of clouds,.
the inside layer of tissue.
Top with a layer of yogurt.
' A layer of trust is gone.
covered with a layer of ice.
innermost layer of the skin.
Coated by a thick layer of.
There was a thick layer of.
Pour over the caramel layer.
creating a new layer over it.
 The final layer of web 2.
Only a thin layer of cotton.
Here again, a layer of dirt.
generate it's own ozone layer.

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