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Li in a sentence | li example sentences

  1. But Da, Li needs help.
  2. Dong Li said that the.
  3. Li Tian Ming said in jest.
  4. It is probably ten li away.
  5. It was Li Laosao who appeared.

  6. Unge sema kitu, nita li kata.
  7. But, Li Hongzhi said it was.
  8. Li gave him a resolute stare.
  9. Bloat is a potentially li -.
  10. More Buster Keaton than Jet Li.
  11. But according to Li Hongzhi, the.
  12. It was Li Laosao that was laughing.
  13. Slowly, Li Tianming was pulled up.
  14. Li Hongzhi repeatedly offends the.
  15. That left Li voiceless for a moment.

  16. John’s Wort extract LI 160 (1,800.
  17. Li Laosao had climbed back to the ship.
  18. In this way, Li Hongzhi covers up the.
  19. Each tumen covered about three li of front.
  20. If he would to move back now, Li Tianming.
  21. Li Hongzhi is like a dictator in that group.
  22. The occasion was too good to miss, thought Li.
  23. It was about two and a half li to the palace.
  24. Associated with each program i is a length Li.
  25. They have indignantly denounced Li Hongzhi's.

  26. Mei Li was beginning a new chapter of her life.
  27. Li Hongzhi also pirates terms of Buddhism and.
  28. Li Hongzhi's "Doomsday theory" is nothing but.
  29. We rented a Jet Li movie so she could see what.
  30. When finished, it would be nearly thirty li long.
  31. She said that Li Hongzhi claimed he could manage.
  32. The canyon had to be several li wide at this point.
  33. Li has just proven that he is unfit for his office.
  34. The cliff is over a li from the shore in this area.
  35. Jin Song and that Li Laosao doing their usual tasks.
  36. Li Tianming looked around and his countenance changed.
  37. Li Tianming said, The way you are covering for her.
  38. But the river proved to be about one hundred li long.
  39. But Li Hongzhi has been acting wildly and audaciously.
  40. Li Sheng, Wang Ben Guang lowered their head even lower.
  41. Li Tianming looked on with his eyes widened and sighed.
  42. Li one moment Versilov had devised the diabolical plan.
  43. Li Hongzhi promises that the family of the Falun Gong.
  44. Therefore once again, Li Tianming gained the upper hand.
  45. Li had four gorgeous mischievous, yet well-mannered boys.
  46. We came upon them some thirty li or so south of the city.
  47. Then he saw her about to place her beautiful hand on Li.
  48. Before he had finished, Li Laosao fishing line was jerking.
  49. The Inka were formed in groups six li up the slope from us.
  50. While at the same time, Li Hongzhi and his followers made.
  51. Li Laosao had secretly poisoned the fishing bait with drugs.
  52. Indeed, it is the Li brothers ‘Flower Sabres’ from Mt.
  53. Magazine during his interview with Li Hongzhi on May 10, 1999.
  54. At that instant, Li Tianming being the proud Chief of a Sect.
  55. I asked what was not acceptable and they said two thousand li.
  56. However, Li Hongzhi's words Cultivating the heart, severing.
  57. Her question seemed to take Li off balance…for a few seconds.
  58. Li Tianming did not turn his head but said in a trembling voice.
  59. Grand Administrator Li has only himself to blame for his defeat.
  60. The home that Li Hongzhi describes is actually his unreal Falun.
  61. With the inducement of Li Hongzhi on families and on destroying.
  62. Li Laosao was fishing at the side of the ship with a fishing rod.
  63. Li said to his followers: Remember these words from the master.
  64. Li Hongzhi denies the consanguinity between children and parents.
  65. Li Tianming was shaking all over and his clothing had caught fire.
  66. Li is synonymous with good manners, proper behavior and courtesy.
  67. Li answered, Dafa disciples, the most important thing that you.
  68. Li Laosao had a whip in his hand and he pointed it at Feng Mantian.
  69. Li Hongzhi announces that all interfering with the study of Fa are.
  70. Finally, Li sits with Chretien’s son-in-law on the board of CITIC.
  71. Li Hongzhi coerced and threatened me into this; I just couldn't get.
  72. We continued north slowly, only about twenty-five to thirty li a day.
  73. Nangong Ping paled as he and Li Tianming rolled on the ground, both.
  74. Li laughed briefly at that, his eyes reflecting anticipated pleasure.
  75. Li Tianming coldly said, Maiden you have been overbearing in the.
  76. But that convulsing man was looking afraid all the while and when Li.
  77. Li treated her son according to the usual practice of Falun Gong and.
  78. Since Li Hongzhi hints that Male-Female Dual Cultivation will purify.
  79. Our first task was a march on foot 250 li up the Yuma River and back.
  80. The views that Li Hongzhi induces practitioners to despise and to be.
  81. They were often banned to the playroom, without much coercion from Li.
  82. On the one hand, Li Hongzhi propagates that Dafa disciples shall cul-.
  83. Li Tianming was even more solemn than he was earlier on and he was no.
  84. As for Li Hongzhi, family and school education were nothing for chil-.
  85. Li banged his ceremonial gavel on the table as soon as he was sitting.
  86. These tragedies are closely related to the opinions of Li Hongzhi, the.
  87. Li answered, Of course, we aren't saying that you cannot donate blood.
  88. Naturally Li Tianming was composed and calm, as he was sure that this.
  89. I could see the group we were chasing about twenty-five li ahead of us.
  90. Dan Laoda cried out hilariously as he plunged his body backward and Li.
  91. Li Chunxiang, a practitioner in Tianjin, devoted herself to cultivating.
  92. Li Tianming was secretly startled as he dodged and withdrawn his attacks.
  93. Ren Kuangfeng, the Li brothers and the Danshi brothers had a big sudden.
  94. The coup against Grand Administrator Li finished opening my eyes to that.
  95. I started three pontoon bridges about half a li apart across the Bio Bio.
  96. Before the shouts of applause were over, Li Tianming attacked again with.
  97. There was a large settlement a little east of north about twenty li away.
  98. Although she was laughing and talking but she had moved to the side of Li.
  99. Li Tianming who was a veteran of countless fights knew instantly what his.
  100. Li Tianming smiled and he attacked using the same stroke again, also with.

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