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Lite in a sentence | lite example sentences

  1. Blue Lite was born.
  2. Lite music station.
  3. My new favorite is Miller Lite.
  4. In early 2009, I saw a grocery ad for Nestlé Pure Lite water.
  5. As his mind schemed, Hevel's eyes began to lite up with a devious fire.

  6. It's lite, panovie, the Pole on the sofa responded, as it were unwillingly.
  7. Kellan was the red headed, lite blue-eyed man waiting next to the Lexus when we walked out.
  8. Camp Orial is the original facility for the research and development of Blue Lite technology.
  9. Miller Lite and stood against the 30-year old stove that was a week or two removed from the trip.
  10. Heymon sent Lite Colonel Anderson to assist in finding the error and he brought Sam Langston with him.
  11. It probably had a lot to do with the captain's friendship with Ava Bancour, the civilian Lite Colonel.
  12. You can use any brand you like, but my preference is Kikkoman Lite soy sauce and Hellmann’s mayonnaise.
  13. She was about 7 years older than me, with her lite brown eyes and hair she reminded a lot of Maria when I was younger.
  14. When our food was brought around Tess and I were carrying a lite conversation, all the while thinking was going to miss her.
  15. Just as in our 30's or 40's, sitting in the easy chair, clicking the remote, doing 16 ounce curls with a Miller Lite just doesn't cut it.

  16. What he finds is that mass culture shares the nihilistic qualities of the avant-garde, but only to a degree that Hibbs dubs nihilism lite.
  17. My face lite up like a fire cracker and my blood pressure spiked as she handed me a slip of paper and whispered in my ear, Please call me in the morning.
  18. To many children are sedentary in today’s society watching television and playing DS Lite or playing Play station, instead of our playing and staying active.
  19. You relax at a table toward the front of the coffee shop sipping tea, eating a bagel with lite cream cheese, and talking with Hillary about life and such things.
  20. Maybe it was an half hour later that he’d noticed that we traveled lite, and wanted to know if the three of us would join him and his family for dinner; the answer was yes.
  21. Doors of every colors and shape, some were brightly lite, some had music coming from them, some had voices that sounded like sermons coming from them, and all had a ‘welcome’ sign.
  22. You killed the three bastard sons of the Blue Lite Contract Group, it only makes sense they want the maiden of the head of Blue Lite and why not a scorched earth policy for placating the watchers.
  23. It was really in Arthur’s hands now, Alan had only to look at her and know he would rather have his world with Desa, especially in veron space, than a standard universe with a lite major’s magic allocation.
  24. DesignWorkshop® Lite is a 3D design starter program with the elegance of the Design Workshop live 3D interface, It's got plenty of power for simple remodeling and shop projects, or for some serious try-before-you-buy tire-kicking.
  25. Nintendo updated their line with the Nintendo DS Lite in 2006, the Nintendo DSi in 2008 (Japan) and 2009 (Americas and Europe), and the Nintendo DSi XL, while Sony updated the PSP in 2007 and again with the smaller PSP Go in 2009.

  26. This place could not be altered by Blue Lite according to the experts and so far it served as the state of things, stratified and strictly regimented, guards have been employed to keep the layers in order at all hours around the deserts only watering hole.

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