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Lithe in a sentence | lithe example sentences

  1. He is tall and lithe and sunny.
  2. Now her lithe form she arches o'er.
  3. He is strong, and lithe, and certain.
  4. Lithe as a gazelle Carla soon caught up.
  5. I walk as the panther, lithe and sinuous.

  6. Behind him stood a young, lithe and very.
  7. You lithe matador in the arena at Seville!.
  8. He eased Houston onto his side, and his lithe.
  9. The laughing WINDS and RIVERS, and lithe HOURS;.
  10. He excelled them even in lithe economy of motion.
  11. He felt lithe and limber, full of youth and grace.
  12. Aya rolled him over, her lithe form melding into his.
  13. They are taller and more lithe of stature than we trolls.
  14. She was lithe, yet rounded; fierce and gentle in a moment.
  15. It was a woman escorted by one of the lithe uniformed figures.

  16. Free Fair on the White Downs at the Lithe, that is at Midsummer.
  17. He was cat-cautious, lithe as a panther, and thoroughly at home.
  18. Her tall, lithe body was a beacon of light in his dark nightmare.
  19. I cal ed on Isis’s bird-of-prey sight and spotted a smal lithe.
  20. Lithe and silent the Hindoo appears, the Asiatic continent itself.
  21. She looked up to see his lithe form drop softly from a near-by tree.
  22. She was tall and lithe, by far the most beautiful woman in the room.
  23. Then he wore a dark suit that showed the lithe movement of his body.
  24. You climb a stony lithe and sit, your feet dangle high over the ripples.
  25. Scotty was blond, lithe, had been a ballet dancer until he ruined his knees.

  26. Eugene has to admit, it does look nice wound around her pale, lithe fingers.
  27. They were lithe creatures and could move with the grace of a cat if need be.
  28. That body! In the pool he‘s as lithe as a seal, on the track he‘s a god.
  29. In its place, rising from below, came dark blue shapes, gliding in lithe arcs.
  30. Since then Tarzan of the Apes had felt a warm, lithe form close pressed to his.
  31. She had the long, lithe limbs of a panther and a speed of attack to go with it.
  32. The lithe son of the hearty Burgomeister spoke to his friends in a booming voice.
  33. The look of him; rippling and strong, lithe and leggy, powerfully quick to the prey.
  34. She had the body of a dancer, lithe and limber with just the right amount of curves.
  35. They‘re beautiful! Dad looks like a sleek brown seal and Fee like a lithe black cat.
  36. Kneeling beside her was a lithe, pale girl with a lush blue cloak falling down her back.
  37. She was tall, lithe, shaped like a goddess; clad in a narrow girdle crusted with jewels.
  38. But Doc could see in his mind her swinging limbs, the melody of her lithe, swift movement.
  39. It was like traversing a tunnel, and Conan felt Albiona's lithe limbs trembling in his arms.
  40. But with a lithe twist of her torso, Tascela avoided the blow and caught the pirate's wrist.
  41. She was trim and lithe in form, but he could not see her face because of the helmet she wore.
  42. The little Rhett girl was not little; instead, she was divinely tall, and lithe as a young ash.
  43. She tucked her lithe body into one of the gaps in the wall and looked to the empty garden below.
  44. He watched a lithe, strikingly attractive young woman coming over the dunes toward the main house.
  45. From the Axminster and rosewood splendors of the outer office a man entered—tall, broad, lithe.
  46. Her son had the shock of dyed blond hair and lithe body that indicated he was good on a skateboard.
  47. Or maybe it was the raven cascade of her long, jasmine-scented hair, her long, lithe, cocoa fingers.
  48. Her breath came quick and fast, and every inch of the lithe figure was quivering with strong emotion.
  49. In vain I searched among the groups of travellers and leave-takers for the lithe figure of my friend.
  50. It should be lumbering, but instead it was lithe and unimaginably graceful, like a house doing ballet.
  51. The sun behind her outlined her lithe figure through the light kirtle which its glow made transparent.
  52. Tall and lithe, athletic, he remained silent by the simple expedient of carrying his shoes in one hand.
  53. She did not miss his look, and she smiled enigmatically as she rose with the lithe ease of a great lazy cat.
  54. As previously stated, he was a broad-shouldered man of moderate stature, lithe body, fair hair and green eyes.
  55. Most of them were of a taller build, with some being shorter, but all of them were muscular and lithe of form.
  56. With a curse Valeria leaped, lithe as a panther, and the skull crashed to flaming bits under her swinging sword.
  57. Constantius, whom men called Falcon, was tall, broad-shouldered, slim-waisted, lithe and strong as pliant steel.
  58. Rather tall, of a lithe nimble figure, extremely pale, with large faded eyes, and a quantity of streaming hair.
  59. He had a shotgun in the lanky and lithe muscled arm, and he raised it, firing it right into the face of one of them.
  60. During lunch she met his current partner, a lithe, orchre-skinned Elf woman who was fascinated with his alien culture.
  61. Chloe was the one that sparkled in his eyes, not the pretty dark lithe beauty that stood before Mark in worn work clothes.
  62. Frostadeem, a tall, but lithe and agile man, was watching out the window as the sonic bomb disintegrated the control tower.
  63. Slowly the powerful neck and shoulders spread the bars apart, and the lithe body protruded farther and farther into the room.
  64. As Hu Lyang’s men stepped out of the entrance to Jenni’s apartment, a lithe form slipped into the shadows bordering the elevator.
  65. But as his arms closed about her supple figure she avoided them with a lithe movement, saying: 'Wait! First serve me in this matter.
  66. She was a fine woman: not beautiful but she had a small lithe body and she was intelligent — to Anderson that meant a lot in a woman.
  67. The lithe halfling rolled forward and drove his weapon downward in a series of strikes, destroying three more of the farsighted centipedes.
  68. At the shell house, the crew boys stripped off their jerseys and stretched out on the ramp, basking like lithe, white lizards in the sun.
  69. He was tall, lean, and lithe, yet wide across the shoulders in his cream surcoat with the red Lady’s Mirror emblem of his order on the chest.
  70. Bêlit posed picturesquely among the ruins, the vibrant life in her lithe figure contrasting strangely with the desolation and decay about her.
  71. Captain Morgan had seen him in action, leaping about the deck like a supple animal while his rapier flicked out in lithe tongues of silver fire.
  72. They watched him leave the room, both pairs of eyes following the lithe form of his body as he slipped out the French doors into the gathering dusk.
  73. Ah, my love, this is beautiful! the lithe blond elf breathed as she pirouetted in the air, her hands clasped over the powerstone on her chest.
  74. Taramis crouched on her velvet couch, her lithe legs flexed beneath her, staring wide-eyed at the pantherish figure which posed mockingly before her.
  75. The steep, rocky path was a thing of torture to him; more a cruel thing because of his memory of lithe, powerful legs, and lungs as tireless as bellows.
  76. Trocero paced the floor like a panther, a lithe, restless man with the waist of a woman and the shoulders of a swordsman, who carried his years lightly.
  77. A lithe and warm little form was laying on him on top of the covers, his arms lay by his sides, and her feet were lightly holding his wrists to the bed.
  78. Amy by nature was different to Carla, but both were highly intelligent; physically, they were extraordinarily lithe and coordinated with remarkable stamina.
  79. With a lithe strength she would not have believed possible in a woman, Thalis picked her up and carried her down the black corridor as if she had been a child.
  80. It was obvious Hussan was the bitch in this relationship, and the lithe greased gimp stopped meditating and quickly got up and disappeared through a beaded curtain.
  81. The weight of the huge Citan was like being pummelled by a massive beast and although Oak was lithe and fast, this situation called for brute strength and fortitude.
  82. In another instant he stood at the side of the hole and was hauling after him a companion, lithe and small like himself, with a pale face and a shock of very red hair.
  83. Do as I say, as Clayton hesitated, and then they saw the lithe figure bound away cross the clearing toward the northwest where the forest still stood, untouched by flame.
  84. Two Caucasians, a man in his mid-twenties and an attractive lithe girl, slightly younger, angled quickly across the street in front of Wolf obviously intent on intercepting him.
  85. She had embarrassingly managed to get the shirt stuck around her breasts but now her arms wildly flailed the air, struggling to wriggle the protective links down over her lithe form.
  86. Lithe gymnasts twirled on parallel bars and uneven bars and took long running leaps at pommel horses, trying to time their precise movements to coincide with the slow roll of the ship.
  87. She lay and writhed in pure horror that froze the blood in her lithe limbs and dilated her beautiful eyes, that pricked the roots of her dark hair and made goose-flesh rise along her supple spine.
  88. You’ll never make it! Sergeant Hill felt the rope yanked out of his hands and watched, open-mouthed as Colonel Geist’s lithe frame weaved back and forth in giant steps along the two pipes.
  89. In an instant out there slipped a beautiful reddish-brown creature, thin and lithe, with the legs of a stoat, a long, thin nose, and a pair of the finest red eyes that ever I saw in an animal's head.
  90. I got to Charlie’s door and knocked on it the door opened and a small lithe man stood there he had fair hair which was parted down the centre and his grey eyes looked out at me without recognition.
  91. But cold moons told a different story and he knew that the lithe young body had been replaced with something older and slower and now it would often fail him, letting him down when he needed it the most.
  92. A woman enveloped in a black milaya, walking, balancing all sorts of goods on her head, her arms free to swing by her sides, comical if she were short and fat, coquettish and sexy if she were lithe and tall.
  93. At a table under a vine was a young woman of about thirty, long and lithe and golden tan, in a thin shirt over a bikini, relaxed and smiling, but luminous, and in some unstated but obvious way the center of attention.
  94. To look at the tawny brawn of his lithe snaky limbs, you would almost have credited the superstitions of some of the earlier Puritans, and half-believed this wild Indian to be a son of the Prince of the Powers of the Air.
  95. By the end of the second day Antony declared he’d never felt better, reckoned didn’t give a stuff about his hair loss and new metallic sheen, and wondered how he could ever repay his tall, dark, lithe and handsome saviour.
  96. Wrapping a voluminous silken cloak about her lithe figure and donning a velvet cap from which depended a filmy veil, she passed hurriedly through the corridors and approached a bronze door where a dozen spearmen gaped at her as she passed through.
  97. With that, Nightfall raised his forelegs over his head, and as he swept them down across his torso, bending low to his feet, he was transformed into a man, lithe and hard-muscled, with dark skin glistening where visible through his loose fitting raiment.
  98. The area closer to the house was densely planted with growing beings rescued from destruction in the previous garden: lithe birch trees graceful as dancers, clumps of fairy-like nandina, stately arum lilies, agapanthus mounding greenly, fine-leafed groundcovers spilling over every surface.
  99. A lithe, bronzed young man strode purposefully between clumps of sunbathers, arrived at a group of equally beautiful people, shook hands seriously with each in turn, spread his towel, removed his clothes to reveal a blue bikini, folded everything carefully, then sat and spent several minutes massaging oil into his skin.
  100. The truth was, however, that it was a sound which had called her back—a real sound—the click of the skylight as it fell in closing after a lithe white figure which slipped through it and crouched down close by upon the slates of the roof—just near enough to see what happened in the attic, but not near enough to be seen.

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