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Lollipop in a sentence | lollipop example sentences

  1. Have a lollipop.
  2. I just wanted another lollipop.
  3. She took the lollipop she was.
  4. Wanted her plaything, her lollipop.
  5. Help yourself after you finish your lollipop.
  6. He had a lollipop stick protruding from his mouth.
  7. Ish looked at the boy and bowled a simple lollipop.
  8. Here honey, take this lollipop and enjoy the trip.
  9. She was sucking her thumb because she needed a lollipop.
  10. See’s Candies celebrated National Lollipop Day in the USA with a 3,176.
  11. Joey shoved the lollipop towards his mouth, only to realize he had on his helmet.
  12. And I, a lovely lollipop, she said with a smile, looking at him in the eyes.
  13. Aquana started licking it like a lollipop and Xavier lean back with a smile on his face.
  14. She wasn’t even found ‘til late that night, all stiff with rigor mortis, her own nightstick making her a cop lollipop.
  15. Alicia lowered herself and centered her pussy over the deputy’s mouth and let her lick her crotch like a carnival lollipop.
  16. Little Matt is one of the passengers on the train, and, with a lollipop in his mouth and a balloon floating above his head, he is a happy little camper.
  17. There’s a picture of pig-tailed Marlie with that lollipop in one of the photo albums, which are all lovingly enclosed in hand-sewn denim-and-lace covers.
  18. When she had returned earlier, the Audi had been badly dented – another disagreement with a signpost or a lollipop lady, no doubt – and Mother had been angrier than he had ever seen her before.
  19. The ceramic planters are adorable: a cotton-candy pink bunny, a lemon-meringue-pie colored ducky, an adorable elephant the exact same shade as a blueberry lollipop her mother gave her for her sixth birthday.
  20. Though she appreciated their concern and efforts to make her comfortable, enough was enough already! Kirby and Adrian, who were seated behind her, took almost exaggerated care to walk around her bandaged ankle, (which was propped up on the ugly lollipop cushion in the aisle, in a regal fashion), whenever they got up to use the restroom or to pester the flight attendants for something.
  21. The lollipop lady had a motherly look about her,.

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