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Loo in a sentence | loo example sentences

  1. Sorry, I was in the loo.
  2. I need to use the loo real bad.
  3. Put this on, I just need the loo.
  4. I feel dizzy sitting there on the loo.
  5. Well? whispered Esther in the loo.
  6. She phoned me when you were in the Loo.
  7. She got heavily out of bed to go to the loo.
  8. I think the example I used was cleaning the loo.
  9. There’s a loo in the Flying Training hut, by the way.
  10. Loo, loo, loo; Loo, loo, loo! And off _her_ head comes! Now, a child.
  11. The back lobby is through here – there’s a second loo and a shower.
  12. What about when I need the loo, or a shower or when I'm changing?
  13. There is never even time to sit on the flipping loo! Heavens, what a 217.
  14. We thought he was out in the field as usual for loo, or he went to see the land.
  15. I went to the loo, ladies of course, and looked for rear exits and alternative.
  16. I sat on the loo seat beside him and stared at his body in the discoloured water.
  17. There’s just one living room and a bedroom with small shower room and loo off it.
  18. I’ll have a sparkling water please, she told him, before heading off to the loo.
  19. To end this piece on a bit of a down note, Godfrey just wants to know where the nearest loo is.
  20. But not for long, half an hour later, my stomach starts churning and again, I rush to the loo.
  21. I was hung over, I needed the loo and then I got a text from Richard saying that he'd missed me.
  22. The cemented huts were the rest rooms, as girls unpacked their toiletries I went for a loo break.
  23. I'd follow her but it's just a loo, I'd have to sit on her lap she said, by way of an apology.
  24. There was a lot he needed to do to get this mess sorted out but the first thing he needed was the loo.
  25. Apart from that it would not be too pleasant for those close at hand if I didn’t make the loo in time.
  26. I’m halfway back to the car when I remember that my umbrella is still in the basin in the ladies’ loo.
  27. For a moment I debate whether to visit the loo again, decide I don’t need to and turn to give Gilla a hug.
  28. I pointed out the guy to Tony and straight up him and our other mate marched this chicks ex in the loo for a flogging.
  29. I ran to the quietest Ladies loo – the only place I could be sure Richard wouldn’t see me – with my laptop in my bag.
  30. I like to take my time in the loo, it’s where I have many of my best ideas and is the place I ponder life’s big questions.
  31. First of all, he aroused suspicion himself by chattering to a colleague in the loo - probably after a good lunch somewhere.
  32. There was no way to get to the loo so one of the guys whose bladder was burdened beyond bearing, attempted to piss out the window.
  33. I think the guy had been thinking he could corner her in the loo as the club emptied or some shit, who knows what the sicko was thinking.
  34. Christian interrupted, he had come back from the loo as he’d got a nasty kidney infection somehow and when he had to go he really had to go.
  35. The bastard hadn’t flushed the loo and the internet was still open on a website which exclusively showed naked vaginas in extreme close ups.
  36. Suffice it to say, that this is not the first time I’ve held a woman’s head over the loo while she chucked up the effects of too much booze.
  37. Overlooking a car park at the rear but with a tree in full view, the flat had one bedroom, a lounge with a kitchenette and a shower room with loo.
  38. While sat on the loo, I had dozed gently before the realisation that the loo roll only had two sheets of paper left stirred what was left of my brain into action.
  39. The first floor comprises a large open plan lounge at the front of the building and Dave's bedroom facing out over the back garden, complete with ensuite shower and loo.
  40. Halfway round the supermarket, just as I am trying to decide between a special offer on chicken kiev and my usual escalopes, I become aware that I need the loo rather urgently.
  41. The arrangement was for him to put the list into the envelope which I had given him, and for him to leave it in the loo, on top of the cistern, where I would collect it later.
  42. There was a small sink and an old (very old) plastic jug filled with warm water, a small loo and a plastic flip chart with important-looking diagrams on it at the end of the bed.
  43. Whilst wielding the loo brush and scrubbing at decades of limescale, I’d decided that I shall deal with this … this setback … come to terms with it and then I will call her.
  44. Suzy frowns as she stands and walks out of the kitchen into the lounge, coming back in carrying a few pounds in her hand she passes them to Sharon; Give her that please, I need the loo.
  45. While Mark tried to secure a bottle of fizzy liquid not entirely petrol based, I was tripped up by a dire lack of local knowledge and reluctantly played eeny-meeny-miney-mo with the loo doors.
  46. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart.
  47. Along with the physical beauty of the toilet itself, said the company, users would appreciate the peace of mind and comfort – not forgetting the assurance – of being able to use a loo of superior quality.
  48. I'd sunk four pints over the past couple of hours and was beginning to feel a pressing need to use the loo, but unless I let it all hang out, so to speak, I didn't see much chance of that happening too quickly.
  49. I show him the door into the little back lobby where, in addition to having space for the usual clutter of boots and stuff, I have put in a second loo and shower, then upstairs, where I have three bedrooms and a bathroom.
  50. Ten minutes later they pulled into a motel, Murray unloaded their bags and Shirl dashed for the loo, they then headed for the restaurant, after a feed and two bottles of wine they went to bed, an hour later they were both asleep.
  51. I decided to go to the loo, then buy a drink I could actually swallow, but when I came back she had only gone and bought two more pints! Couldn’t the stupid bitch see I hated the stuff? And why was she insulting me by buying all the drinks?
  52. I follow Molly into the house, trying not to feel out of place … how could I have ever thought that the owner of this could … but you didn’t know he owned this, did you, Liz? And he held my head over the loo while I chucked up! Oh hell!.
  53. A Spanish prisoner's donation of a distant treasure of valuables or specie or bullion lodged with a solvent banking corporation loo years previously at 5% compound interest of the collective worth of 5,000,000 pounds stg (five million pounds sterling).
  54. Then I got a grip, stood up and flushed the loo (in case Lily wondered what I was doing there), washed my hands (out of habit), and took it all into my bedroom where I stuffed it into the drawer under my bed and told myself I would never look at it again.
  55. Kandowere appeared instead, telling his master that the gardener was on the cho (loo) and that he, Kandowere would put things right immediately and in an instant he had the downed pot’s cache of gems, which was in a draw string pouch made of a bulls scrotum, safely in his soiled trouser pocket.
  56. When I went to Lunnon town sirs, Too rul loo rul Too rul loo rul Wasn't I done very brown sirs? Too rul loo rul Too rul loo rul—still, in my desire to be wiser, I got this composition by heart with the utmost gravity; nor do I recollect that I questioned its merit, except that I thought (as I still do) the amount of Too rul somewhat in excess of the poetry.
  57. What a discovery! Won’t that make me the Buddhini of sexual enlightenment? Wonder how I missed the point, being in the thick of it all along, day in and day out! And for the record, all alone I was sipping beer in the CB this afternoon! Oh, how seized I was with an irresistible temptation to prove my theory right then and there! I feigned to be drunk and asked that waiter to guide me to the loo only to let him glide his sex tool into me, doggy style! While he f'ed me, didn’t I realize another truth? Woman could be amorous, but sexual vigor vests with man and that matters.
  58. Mulveys was the first when I was in bed that morning and Mrs Rubio brought it in with the coffee she stood there standing when I asked her to hand me and I pointing at them I couldnt think of the word a hairpin to open it with ah horquilla disobliging old thing and it staring her in the face with her switch of false hair on her and vain about her appearance ugly as she was near 80 or a loo her face a mass of wrinkles with all her religion domineering because she never could get over the Atlantic fleet coming in half the ships of the world and the Union Jack flying with all her carabineros because 4 drunken English sailors took all the rock from them and because I didnt run into mass often enough in Santa Maria to please her with her shawl up on her except when there was a marriage on with all her miracles of the saints and her black blessed virgin with the silver dress and the sun dancing 3 times on Easter Sunday morning and when the priest was going by with the bell bringing the vatican to the dying blessing herself for his Majestad an admirer he signed it I near jumped out of my skin I wanted to pick him up when I saw him following me along the Calle Real in the shop window then he tipped me just in passing but I never thought hed write making an appointment I had it inside my petticoat bodice all day reading it up in every hole and corner while father was up at the drill instructing to find out by the handwriting or the language of stamps singing I remember shall I wear a white rose and I wanted to put on the old stupid clock to near the time he was the first man kissed me under the Moorish wall my sweetheart when a boy it never entered my head what kissing meant till he put his tongue in my mouth his mouth was sweetlike young I put my knee up to him a few times to learn the way what did I tell him I was engaged for for fun to the son of a Spanish nobleman named Don Miguel de la Flora and he believed me that I was to be married to him in 3 years time theres.

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