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Looney in a sentence | looney example sentences

  1. Watching Looney Tunes always made Wisdom feel better.
  2. I watched hundreds of hours on Looney Tune Christian.
  3. He stands by the door as two Looney Toons confront him.
  4. Thom swallowed, this was going to sound a little looney.
  5. It sounds like something out of a Looney bin, he added.
  6. Lou Dobbs was caught with looney sources on a story about leprosy.
  7. I would literally be tossed in a looney bin if I ever told anybody.
  8. I need to see what’s making the kids all Looney Tunes, get to the root of this Boom Boom Cult.
  9. I go through the story for him and he tells me that I have to be looney to come up with such a fabrication.
  10. Looney Tunestra – drug prescribed to help with sleeping difficulties brought on by tuning in too long to the cartoon network.
  11. I laughed out loud was this bloke a bloody Looney I mean try not to fucking worry I would have liked to see him stay cheerful in the same position.
  12. His most expensive entertainment was going to the cartoon theatre in Leicester Square where you could, for two-and-six, watch Looney Tunes for hours in the warmth.
  13. Whitey went looney tunes and hit up the Jack Daniel's,.

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