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Louvre in a sentence | louvre example sentences

  1. Her heart and the Louvre.
  2. Yes, she took me to the Louvre.
  3. The N's were scratched off the Louvre.
  4. They had made sentimental journeys to the Louvre.
  5. Pamela looked around the immense room of the Louvre.

  6. And this is the Louvre, we shall tour it next, Rex.
  7. And then, they have cannons in the courtyard of the Louvre.
  8. I will show you her likeness in the Louvre when we get back.
  9. Good old folks, let us smash with our crutches that Louvre where.
  11. We could see the Louvre together, and the Musee d’Orsay, and Notre Dame.
  12. These busts have been placed on exhibition at the Louvre, in the Salle des fresques.
  13. The famous glass pyramid designed by architect I M Pei was added to the Louvre courtyard in 1989.
  14. Lawrence was thoughtful enough to send), and the two reclining river-gods from the Louvre (sent by Mr.
  15. The Louvre Palace in Paris, France, was largely built and modified by the kings of France between 1364 and 1756.

  16. The people had suffered a great deal, and though the Nazis had looted the Louvre, Tony found Paris relatively untouched.
  17. When visiting Paris you are going to want to visit: a) The Eiffel Tower, b) the Cathedral of Notre Dame and c) the Louvre for certain.
  18. He had in fact brought twice letters from Queen Anne to Queen Henriette two years ago, when he had visited her in the palace of The Louvre.
  19. Not even photographs of the War, Order, Glory and Peace groups of the Louvre, which could have easily been taken from the copies given by Mr.
  20. It is within walking distance of the Louvre art gallery and the River Seine, and promises modern comforts in its rooms as well as fine dining.
  21. Héron de Villefosse exhibited four painted plaster busts from El-Kargeh, in the Great Oasis, which have recently been sent to the Louvre by M.
  22. On pages 66 and 67 a reproduction of a drawing in the British Museum, attributed to Michael Angelo, is contrasted with one in the Louvre by Degas.
  23. At the present hour, the radiation of diseases from Paris extends to fifty leagues around the Louvre, taken as the hub of this pestilential wheel.
  24. Accessible windows should be fitted with net curtains, venetian blinds or louvre shutters – anything which prevents an easy view of the contents of the room.
  25. From the window of their room they had a good view of the Louvre Palace and of its main entrance and could thus watch who came to visit Queen Henriette-Marie.

  26. The Louvre alone, accounted for hours of interest; and the newly installed Winged Victory of Samothrace invited even further study on the part of Kaitlyn and Chloe.
  27. Margaret and I have spent the best part of today visiting visited the great Louvre Museum, although the place is far too big to be properly appreciated in just one visit.
  28. He then did as Nancy had hoped for and retraced his steps at a normal walking pace, either to resume his surveillance of the palace of Le Louvre or to go report to someone else.
  29. Go to the Ufizzi in Florence, the Louvre in Paris, and you are so crushed with the numbers, once the might of greatness, that you go away distressed, with a feeling like constipation.
  30. When he reached the wicket of the Louvre, he turned to the left, galloped across the Carrousel, passed through the Rue SaintRoch, and, issuing from the Rue de la Michodiere, he arrived at M.
  31. Nancy exited the mostly empty palace of Le Louvre from its western side and started walking slowly through the large royal gardens called ‘Jardin des Tuileries’, apparently admiring the gardens.
  32. To give an idea of the amount of water that was pumped up, I can tell the reader that it represented the area of the courtyard of the Louvre and a height half as deep again as the towers of Notre Dame.
  33. Although I am more than conscious of the urgency of my task there and feel I have little time to sightsee, I have again spent some time in the Louvre Museum, as well as much time in the nearest café, sitting and thinking.
  34. The culminating point, which is the point of separation of the currents, is in the Sainte-Avoye sewer, beyond the Rue Michelle-Comte, in the sewer of the Louvre, near the boulevards, and in the Montmartre sewer, near the Halles.
  35. I have also taken advantage of the time at my disposal to return to the Louvre art gallery and visit the Montmartre area, a delightful village seemingly popular with artists and sculptors, and located some way outside the city proper.
  36. It is interesting to note how Giorgione in his "Fête Champêtre" of the Louvre (see illustration, page 151 [Transcribers Note: Plate XXXIII]), went out of his way to get a straight line to steady his picture and contrast with the curves.
  37. Are you one of those decorated by July? Have you taken the Louvre at all, sir? Quite near here, in the Rue SaintAntoine, opposite the Rue des Nonamdieres, there is a cannonball incrusted in the wall of the third story of a house with this inscription: 'July 28th, 1830.
  38. It was grandiose, yes, but we knew that once finished, I could be toured through the Art Institute in Chicago, the Kress Collection in Washington, the Tate Gallery in London, the Louvre, the Uffizi, the Vatican Museum! For the rest of our lives we would travel with the sun!.
  39. There he conducted tours of these odd portals for such antique fools as were ravished by the sight of the curiously overdone, the undersimplified, the rococo, or some First Empire cast aside by Napoleon's nephews or seized from Hermann Goering, who had in turn ransacked the Louvre.
  40. If it’s alright to Piss Christ or spread dung over the Virgin Mary, why not throw a little over Mona Lisa or splatter the Sistine Chapel? How about some explicit graffiti scratched into the marble of the Winged Victory at the head of the grand staircase in the Louvre? A new post-post modern Art of Defacement might come to be recognized.
  41. Sorbonne to meet the professors in charge of the Literature department and Paul would walk aimlessly around the city, enjoying the charm and liveliness of Paris, the well dressed, attractive young people busily going about their business, the beautiful old buildings and shops with their tasteful, luxurious merchandise, the Seine and its bridges, the Louvre and the Luxembourg art galleries and all the other tourist attractions.

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