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Lover in a sentence

your lover.
Not her lover.
I was his lover.
I was a lover,.
Her lover held.
to see her lover.
And then my lover.

of a real lover,.
lover, he is gone.
A lover of words.
of an animal lover.
and love the lover.
lover in this house.
friend than a lover.
The lover of my soul.
around for his lover.
Confessor and lover.
The mother’s lover.
Do not worry lover.
the lover is a veil,.
We both did, lover.
She was his lover.
his lover could speak.
his wife, her lover,.
Lover Boy, over there.
A lover in the night.
My lover was a woman.
The Lover Is Crushed.
The Lover of your soul.
lover walk in the door.

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Synonyms for lover

lover buff devotee fan