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Lover in a sentence

The lover of my soul.
A lover in the night.
My lover was a woman.
Some lover, or a wife.
The Lover of your soul.
He was to be her lover.
The lover has no talent.

God is the lover alone.
I have a lover already.
Call what it is lover.
Bael smiled at his lover.
Every lover is a mother.
Of the lover she needed.
Tahira was an avid lover.
Is the song a lover sings.
Be a friend to your lover.
James sat beside his lover.
The body of a lover lies;.
No, not a lover, the lover.
My lover… He was a baker.
The voice of your lover.
Borka is my lover, you know.
Bernard was that good a lover.
The creator and lover of life.
The lover that you never knew.
The old lady is a plant lover.
You always were a great lover.
Last comes the lover of gain?
You lover, she is a tree?
The lover becomes the beloved.
Her heart ached for her lover.
If you must have a lover, fine.
The youthful lover once again.
He courted her now like a lover.
My lover, she had sent me away.
I guess she wasn't a cat lover.
What a thoughtful lover I have.
I, my lover is of the forest.
Did you miss me, lover?
Tell me what’s wrong lover.

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