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Lowness in a sentence

Thus shall the oppressors be rewarded, means that ignominy and lowness will be the result.
It was so surprising how his appearance changed from bulkiness and superiority to lowness and relaxation.
As with the sudden discovery of the lowness of his peg, Will noticed now how old and vulnerable Tom looked.
But this inferiority of quality is, perhaps, rather the effect of this lowness of price, than the cause of it.
For that man rides like a skiff; in his troughs he wallows in his lowness and at his peaks he soars as high as the gulls.
Think: are your deeds good and logical? "And your dwellings": which you live in, and what lowness and evilness your spirits abide in too.
What are the things that absorb human thought causing him to shun God’s path, consequently they lead him to distress, degeneration and lowness?.

He will be reduced to be the lowest of the low and will keep living in such state of lowness until he be driven to the fire to be treated and cured.
They will be reduced to the lowest of the low, and will live on in such a state of lowness until they are driven into the Fire to be treated and cured.
Bollinger Bands and the related indicators %b and bandwidth can be used to measure the “highness” or “lowness” of the price relative to previous trades.
The improvement, might, perhaps, have been greater if the price had been better; but the lowness of price, though it may have obstructed, yet certainly it has not altogether prevented that improvement.
It is necessary for the one who wishes to enter the world of lowness and debauchery, ‘the devils’ world’, to have the means to enter therein and the harlot is the guide and provides the means , and her services are the devil’s traps.
It is mentioned in this story that, the Magician looks were so strange and surprised coupled with fear, as if he were afraid of something…! How did his appearance change from greatness and superiority to lowness and laxity?! After his long silence, his Face becomes darkened with enmity looks toward Mr.
And Priscilla explained how and why she had come by them; and though Lady Shuttleworth, remembering the order till now prevailing in the village and the lowness of the wages, could not help thinking that here was a girl more potent for mischief than any girl she had ever met, yet a feeble gleam of amusement did, as she listened, slant across the inky blackness of her soul.
I am rather of a jealous temper too by nature, and from our different situations in life, from his being so much more in the world than me, and our continual separation, I was enough inclined for suspicion, to have found out the truth in an instant, if there had been the slightest alteration in his behaviour to me when we met, or any lowness of spirits that I could not account for, or if he had talked more of one lady than another, or seemed in any respect less happy at Longstaple than he used to be.

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Synonyms for lowness

lowness dispiritedness lowliness