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Luggage in a sentence

1. Raj came with his luggage.
2. It did have a luggage rack.
3. Hrun pointed to the luggage.
4. Where there was no luggage.
5. A luggage train was coming in.
6. He aimed a kick at the Luggage.
7. But what about your luggage?

8. Her luggage was never delayed.
9. I wonder where that luggage is.
10. With the luggage shoved in the.
11. I had a bunch of luggage with me.
12. I will collect the luggage cart.
13. George was left with the luggage.
14. November 2005: THE LUGGAGE STORE.
16. The luggage was coming downstairs.
17. Quinn followed her with the luggage.
18. They take the luggage up the stairs.
19. Flo, it seemed, had the most luggage.
20. A man was waiting to take my luggage.
21. This isn’t even half the luggage.
22. Twoflower called softly to his luggage.
23. Niya’s luggage sat on foot of her bed.
24. At the foot of her bed was the luggage.
25. Do you have much luggage with you?
26. The Luggage had landed on its curved lid.
27. Her luggage was a small valise that she.
28. Presently the luggage is sent after you.
29. The rest of the luggage was soon loaded.
30. Then he was running to seize his luggage.
31. The children were sleeping on the luggage.
32. She had more luggage than the previous guy.
33. They began to walk to the luggage carousel.
34. He picked up the luggage in his cold hands.
35. The overhead cabins fly open and luggage.
36. They had only the luggage they could carry.
37. Perhaps he’s gone to fetch my luggage.
38. They tossed their luggage in the back seat.
39. He decided to go with two pieces of luggage.
40. The tram made it’s way to the luggage area.
41. They loaded the luggage and rolled it inside.
42. His Luggage was missing, and that was annoying.
43. They transferred all their luggage to an old.
44. Mr Smith froze, his hands still on the luggage.
45. It was Hippolyte bringing back Emma's luggage.
46. Insomnia had left heavy luggage under his eyes.
47. A porter hauled the suitcases on a luggage cart.
48. I shall follow with the luggage in the vaporetto.
49. Higher or lower than the no luggage thing?
50. His numb fingers grip the handles of his luggage.
51. Jennifer, you help me load our luggage on the cart.
52. The butler was coming up by train with the luggage.
53. He climbed out into the humidity, left his luggage.
54. Some were loaded with luggage, some with children.
55. James started throwing the clothes into his luggage.
56. Max and Homer were about to unload the two luggage.
57. What's more, she had all the luggage on the floor.
58. The driver left their luggage and exited the train.
59. No one was in the cabin but their luggage was there.
60. Hiss wedged his luggage behind a seat near Locke’s.
61. Why are their luggage in the hallway? Cris asks.
62. It was only a mildly suspicious piece of hand luggage.
63. Enid, the boys and our luggage, and I began directing.
64. Rincewind peered into the dark recesses of the Luggage.
65. Some more of their luggage is suppose to come tomorrow.
66. I unpacked the rest of my luggage and looked around for.
67. Save for Challenger's luggage we had never a difficulty.
68. You're not supposed to carry any of your luggage Robert.
69. I will also have to see if they brought my luggage here.
70. The hotel shuttle van was packed with luggage and people.
71. As extra precaution put some in checked luggage as well.
72. Tidied his rooms and toted the luggage to the entry door.
73. My luggage was snowed under blizzards of travel stickers.
74. He grabs Dana's luggage and lifts it back up on the cart.
75. The only luggage she carried with her was a knapsack that.
76. On the way to France, it had been in their packed luggage.
77. He returned to find the bus’s luggage hold open and a G.
78. He then goes to help the rest of the men with the luggage.
79. The luggage yawned, and moved forward a fraction of an inch.
80. Why did he put a monkey in a bag on the luggage rack?
81. Mickey and the maid turn and carry the luggage to the steps.
82. Helping his son remove the last strap he grabbed his luggage.
83. The Luggage followed faithfully, lid half open and menacing.
84. He carried his luggage up the steps into the house and down.
85. Looks like two women, a man and a child, with minimum luggage.
86. It is strongly advised you take with you one piece of luggage.
87. He stepped over the luggage, a confused expression on his face.
88. They grabbed the luggage and hauled it into the troop carrier.
89. Allcock's luggage (far fewer in number than on his last visit).
90. I’m so exhausted, he says as he brings in their luggage.
91. Do you have any luggage that you would like to check in?
92. When she got back to her room, Sam’s luggage was already there.
93. Diana came with a lot of luggage filled with all sorts of stuff.
94. A bellman came and removed their luggage, which seemed unharmed.
95. Reacher said, I agree having no luggage is statistically rare.
96. Maybe nine times out of ten no luggage means you’re a bad guy.
97. Do not check them with your luggage n Think about where you will.
98. Luggage falls from overhead as people think they are going to die.
99. So far, he and Carla had only carried normal luggage off the ship.
100. Hal loaded their luggage while Stone did the preflight inspection.

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