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Magnet in a sentence | magnet example sentences

  1. She ran a magnet down my.
  2. A vampire is like a magnet.
  3. The table was a giant magnet.
  4. I’m a magnet for the absurd.
  5. She did seem to be a Bob magnet.

  6. When you pass a magnet over the.
  7. He then said, Get a magnet.
  8. The place was a magnet for those.
  9. And those eyes held his like a magnet.
  10. She was, simply, a magnet for the eyes.
  11. I’d become a magnet, drawing it all in.
  12. Magnet is found in the earth with iron ore.
  13. Chapter 1 – Releasing the Magnet Within!.
  14. AND THAT! SNAP, for finding the magnet.
  15. Repeat the three steps with the second magnet.

  16. This lead magnet will allow you to create MORE.
  17. There is a powerful magnet in this neighborhood.
  18. Will was drawn like a magnet towards the small dock.
  19. Leaning across the table as if I had a magnet on me.
  20. She agreed, and we chatted while I rolled the magnet.
  21. However, resistance can be likened to a simple magnet.
  22. MagBoy magnet in the mail I found a patient that.
  23. Einstein felt when he was first shown a magnet as a child.
  24. I dropped a magnet accidentally and this is what happened.
  25. Here’s a quick exercise to help you create a lead magnet.

  26. Energy Enhancement is a babe magnet, but that’s not what.
  27. By now, the whole concept of Majorca drew her like a magnet.
  28. They are removed with a magnet and disposed of separately.
  29. All mental motions have oceans purposeful with a magnet like.
  30. Each spirit has its own field of attraction, like a magnet.
  31. Shampoo which promised that its use would make me a babe magnet.
  32. He could feel himself being drawn to her like steel to a magnet.
  33. So I thought I would try a magnet and see what I could find out.
  34. Since then that rock has been known, and has been called Magnet.
  35. When the magnet was not known, people did not sail far out to sea.
  36. It will act as a magnet that will keep you anchored to the earth.
  37. Child, is the magnet that has drawncountless pilgrims to Saragossa.
  38. Where there is magnet in the ore, the iron is of the best quality.
  39. Sword’s magnet tighter against his back, his thoughts a whir as.
  40. As you begin to sense your Self, it should begin to act as a magnet.
  41. It's as if they are a magnet attracting both danger and opportunity.
  42. He moved a magnet inside a copper coil, and electricity was produced.
  43. The confident, fearless, expectant, "I Can and I Will" man is a mighty magnet.
  44. He's all a magnet! How long since thou saw'st him last? Which way heading?
  45. When he moved, I unconsciously followed as if he was a magnet drawing me to him.
  46. The soft blanket, nestled in its bed of leaves, proved too strong a magnet for her.
  47. They could not have missed me, for I was to them what a magnet is to iron filings.
  48. Choose what you’ll give away as a lead magnet to complement the product for sale.
  49. He could feel the loss in her, a terrible bleak emptiness that pulled like a magnet.
  50. Next take from your kit the disk-shaped magnet, a wire, a screw, and your battery.
  51. The packet sealed with red wax seemed to attract everyone, as though it were a magnet.
  52. Since a magnet and a piece of metal are both parts of this unification, the former can.
  53. Silas went to the far wall, the one with the refrigerator magnet letters under the riddle.
  54. Former Confederate areas close to Union borders would continue to be a magnet for runaways.
  55. She went into the kitchen and read out loud from the notice stuck to the fridge by a magnet.
  56. It is analogous to comparing the negative and positive poles of a magnet: equal but opposite.
  57. Sparky took a magnet from his hip pocket and threw it up into the air over the five white sheets.
  58. The more she realized she’d lost control over her actions, the more powerful the magnet became.
  59. The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like attracts like.
  60. The result was: the discovery of the New World drew the filthiest scum like a magnet to the Americas.
  61. But it's a very light gas and in huge quantities, what is called gravity holds it down like a magnet.
  62. To his dismay, he was losing his boyish charm and was no longer the chick magnet he used to be.
  63. And as iron files are attracted to a magnet, so were my thoughts drawn straight to Justin O’Carroll.
  64. If the magnet is powerful, it will influence the iron fillings even when they are placed at a distance.
  65. She sat once more in the chair and slow erections of hair rose as if a magnet were passed over her neck.
  66. He then reached out with the magnet and allowed its two prongs to attach to the end of the heavy track.
  67. I determined the power of my magnet, as it had been shut up in the dark for a long time, and lying down.
  68. Over the course of this week, the euro has been attracted to this level like a magnet, and this is typical.
  69. Certainly, said Mink’s mother and withdrew, laughing, to dust the hail with an electro-duster magnet.
  70. This card brings happiness and joy and it seems to act like a magnet and draws more good things at this time.
  71. The crew’s girl magnet was Harry Brooks, a good-looking, ebullient radioman and waist gunner from Michigan.
  72. She was ignored as a child then shunned by her girlfriends when she had developed and had become a boy magnet.
  73. Thought is transmuted into character, and character is the magnet which creates the environment of the individual.
  74. He had to be very careful not to pull so hard that the magnet was removed from the track or that the thread broke.
  75. We can't use a gate, since the protective properties of the magnet field would be upset by the anti-gravity units.
  76. And early in the life of the VIX future, really until 2008, that mean magnet seemed to work more often than not.
  77. The other lad was the shyer Mark Mullins from county Carlow, but he had the looks and was the girl magnet of the group.
  78. The power of our sub-conscious mind cannot be overemphasized for it is a highly charged magnet that activates the Law.
  79. It felt like there was a magnet in her chest, one that both pulled her toward and propelled her away from her fail-safe.
  80. There were design faults on the squad cars as the blue light was not fixed permanently but only held in place by a magnet.
  81. I pulled her out into the hall way where we were alone, my heart racing like crazy as my lips, like a magnet, speed to hers.
  82. Like pulling away from a very powerful magnet, William successfully pulled away and fell hard on the ground in front of him.
  83. As Greg listened to the conversation, he wondered if such a seminary would be the magnet that would draw a Swordsman attack.
  84. Noticing that he was slowly pulling Sophia into his magnet of hopes, Jericho took control of their conversation, immediately.
  85. He transmits powerful thoughts to others to heal them of their disease and attracts countless persons like a powerful magnet.
  86. Olin pulled the thread sharply and the magnet came free of the track which he allowed to swing back and forth of it's own accord.
  87. But there’s one memory that’s so powerful it shapes everything in her electronics, warping the circuits around it like a magnet.
  88. My great, great, great grandmother Sabrina was born in 1880, and her true beauty and innocent nature were a magnet to those around her.
  89. In case that didn’t remove all doubt, John had written a note in big black letters and stuck it with a magnet to the refrigerator door.
  90. But without pausing to catch his breath, he exerted all his strength in a mighty wrench that tore the sword from the magnet where it clung.
  91. I said to the lad at the time, it might be a fanny magnet he’s driving, sunshine, but he’s not going to pull a bird with that in the back.
  92. However, this planet has become such a magnet for many of the Space Force’s brightest officers, the Federation has agreed to some exceptions.
  93. Then, when my turn came, I felt as if a magnet was attracting my gaze to the face of the conjurer who was going to call up my friend’s spirit.
  94. You want to trade in between areas where there is no congestion, and the next area of congestion is where the prices will be pulled like a magnet.
  95. In options lingo, a pin is when large OI at a particular strike acts as a magnet to keep the stock price at that strike at expiry or to draw it to it.
  96. Another accident happened, again with no fault of her own and the result was that her belief was formed that this type of car was a magnet for trouble.
  97. Classic examples are the duality of the positive and negative electric charges, the north and south poles of a magnet, and the male and female bio-forms.
  98. Cloud had to admit that the way the sun made all of the various shades of red in the long hair glow like a halo around his head drew him in like a magnet.
  99. Olin was extremely patient because he did not want to snap the thread or pull the magnet free and lose the bet because the swing was not yet a full five feet.
  100. Although one could still do proper science with a magnet and some iron filings, it felt professional to have made something that looked like a mutated windmill.

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