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    1. ‘After all we have shown you, you see us as the malign power

    2. The malign influence of Brandi Bowles is at an end

    3. But as my daughter grew older, I found that sometimes when kids inevitably hurt and malign each other as only children can I quietly root for retaliation by the victim

    4. At the thought her legs refused to support her, and she collapsed in a shuddering heap, clasping Conan's knees and mingling incoherent pleas for mercy and protection with piteous protestations of her innocence of any malign intention

    5. Yes, five bullets,’ he said with a note of pure wonderment, as if he had helped to exorcize a malign spirit, ‘and that was the end of Third

    6. questioned by the masses In Letters from the Earth Mark Twain asserted that the Bible, in describing God, is perhaps the most damnatory biography that exists in print anywhere, and that God is a malign thug

    7. mean that our shadow is in any way “evil”; it consists not of malign

    8. This is where each of us must begin again to learn to love, because if we can’t love inanimate things, which have no malign intent, there’s no hope of our ever learning to love something as bewilderingly complex as a human being

    9. ‘It is a well-planned conspiracy to malign me,’ Joshi told me at the time

    10. In his eyes, the English-language journalistic club along with civil society NGOs were determined to malign his reputation

    11. Whether they were ‘paid’ volunteers is unclear (a Cobrapost sting operation had shown how IT companies could be used to artificially hype up a politician’s image or malign his opponents)

    12. His enemies will malign Arjun and utter words about him that should

    13. and malign each other as only children can I quietly root for retaliation by the

    14. Lecky, demand of us,—do you not know that the belief in evil spirits has been one of the commonest, one of the most vulgar and malignant, types of the superstition which has darkened earth and sky, and degraded human life in every climate where it takes possession of the soul? Do you not know that heathenism has always dwelt largely on this gloomy dogma; that it forms half the so-called religions of India, Japan, and China; and has lain at the root of all the worst corruptions of Christianity during the last eighteen centuries? Do you not know that it has been the custom of every ignorant age to attribute to malign spiritual agency, to evil genii, half the phenomena of nature, and half the events in Providence; and that the progress of science has been a hard fought battle with this old enemy of knowledge and truth, which has been dislodged from its position only after ages of inquiry, of observation, and careful study of nature and man? Do you not know that the unreformed tendency of humanity is always to believe in evil more than in good, even in a God who is no better than a devil, and to attribute to the Supreme Eternal Power thoughts and passions which are absolutely contrary to the laws of justice and truth?

    15. Not only are we taught that the reduction of man to the rank of creatures doomed to die was the work of such an agency, but we are urgently warned that that malign agency continues to dominate over mankind, to poison the world by its influence, to deceive the nations, and industriously to tempt individual souls to their eternal destruction

    16. This we shall now take as sufficiently proved by the emphatic declaration of Christ, and of His Apostles—that the case of humanity in sin and death is involved in the malign action of a Satanas, an 'ancient serpent,’ a mighty 'destroyer,’ more fell than any fiery dragon of preceding ages; and that the result has been to poison humanity with the virus of his own rebellion against the Infinite; the dread issue being sentence of return for man to the outer world and lower plane of animals, in penal conformity to the law of extinction for all earth-born lives incognisant of God; the finite eventually falling out of being by necessity when not in union with the Eternal

    17. Then it was he wished for the sword of Amadis, against which no enchantment whatever had any power; then he cursed his ill fortune; then he magnified the loss the world would sustain by his absence while he remained there enchanted, for that he believed he was beyond all doubt; then he once more took to thinking of his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso; then he called to his worthy squire Sancho Panza, who, buried in sleep and stretched upon the pack-saddle of his ass, was oblivious, at that moment, of the mother that bore him; then he called upon the sages Lirgandeo and Alquife to come to his aid; then he invoked his good friend Urganda to succour him; and then, at last, morning found him in such a state of desperation and perplexity that he was bellowing like a bull, for he had no hope that day would bring any relief to his suffering, which he believed would last for ever, inasmuch as he was enchanted; and of this he was convinced by seeing that Rocinante never stirred, much or little, and he felt persuaded that he and his horse were to remain in this state, without eating or drinking or sleeping, until the malign influence of the stars was overpast, or until some other more sage enchanter should disenchant him

    18. And thou, highest perfection of excellence that can be desired, utmost limit of grace in human shape, sole relief of this afflicted heart that adores thee, though the malign enchanter that persecutes me has brought clouds and cataracts on my eyes, and to them, and them only, transformed thy unparagoned beauty and changed thy features into those of a poor peasant girl, if so be he has not at the same time changed mine into those of some monster to render them loathsome in thy sight, refuse not to look upon me with tenderness and love; seeing in this submission that I make on my knees to thy transformed beauty the humility with which my soul adores thee

    19. While the less refined monsters of the band prepared, before the eyes of those who were to suffer, these well-known and vulgar means of torture, he approached Cora, and pointed out, with the most malign expression of countenance, the speedy fate that awaited her:

    20. Duncan, in turning his eyes from the malign expression of Magua, suffered them to rest with pleasure on the smiling and polished features, and the noble military air, of the French general

    21. The picture seems to have a malign influence, for my mother rarely comes here without looking at it, and still more rarely does she look at it without weeping

    22. What? Malign such an one, the amiable Miss Callan, who is the lustre of her own sex and the astonishment of ours? And at an instant the most momentous that can befall a

    23. Godwyn’s influence was malign, but all the same his power never ceased to grow

    24. The week, as if in response to some unheard malign dog whistle, actually managed to go downhill from there

    25. This familiar that I called out of my own soul, and sent forth alone to do his good pleasure, was a being inherently malign and villainous; his every act and thought centered on self; drinking pleasure with bestial avidity from any degree of torture to another; relentless like a man of stone

    26. humiliating confessions—how much more by hearing in hard distinct syllables from the lips of a near observer, those confused murmurs which we try to call morbid, and strive against as if they were the oncoming of numbness! And this cruel outward accuser was there in the shape of a wife—nay, of a young bride, who, instead of observing his abundant penscratches and amplitude of paper with the uncritical awe of an elegantminded canary-bird, seemed to present herself as a spy watching everything with a malign power of inference

    27. 22 Does that align his interests with those of Apple’s shareholders—or malign the trust that Apple’s shareholders have placed in the board of directors?

    28. Can it be that there is a malign influence of the sun at periods which affects certain natures, as at times the moon does others? We shall see

    29. Before dinner the old prince, of whom she was always afraid, came into her room with a peculiarly restless and malign expression and went out Mary, then sat thinking for a while with that expression of attention to something within her that is only seen in pregnant women, and suddenly began to cry

    30. With roses, caps and looks malign;

    31. Of course that love is irreproachable—innocent—you will languish for one another—you will meet frequently; of course others will malign and vilify you both, and call your love by baser names—but your love is innocent, as I have purposely said; I am her mother—it is not for me to teach you evil, but good

    32. Its most malign activity is that which is devoted to deceiving the children—those little ones of whom Jesus has said, "Woe be unto him who tempts the least of these

    33. Before dinner the old prince, of whom she was always afraid, came into her room with a peculiarly restless and malign expression and went out again without saying a word

    34. Abandoned she to fates malign!

    35. The minister of public instruction, who must be as silly as the London censor, objected to the piece because it was supposed to malign the priesthood, and to hold it up as something to be ousted from the domestic hearth

    36. It might have preserved its enviable condition, but it labored and groaned under the weight of national blessings; it submitted to regard the sinister views and malign influence of foreign powers; it listened—fatally listened—to a serpent more fell than the serpent of old

    37. When did the colored man have a better and more faithful friend than he? Who was more completely and absolutely identified with his interests than he? Burn down the colored man's school house through the malign influence of caste feeling, and you had kindled in his soul the fires of an indignation which quite eclipsed the original conflagration

    1. He was thus placed under house arrest (so he wouldn’t be running off at the mouth again in the future with all that nonsense of his), and remained as a vilified, maligned, in-home prisoner for the last eight years of his life until his death

    2. 18 Strangers conspired together against him, and maligned him in the wilderness, even the men that were of Dathan's and Abiron's

    3. maligned, people have always and still continue to see fault even in the best of my intentions

    4. Still, human nature, maligned concept though it is, may yet speak out from beneath the falling structures of the West

    5. Roger felt, at times, overwhelmed and discouraged by the severity of the problems that were besetting his life, disillusioned and betrayed by women he once respected and admired, invaded and maligned by homosexuals who seemed to flaunt public responsibility in pursuit of private individual rights

    6. At the end of the speech, with his knees shaking, Roger stood up and took the speaker to task, pointing out for everyone to hear that the Anglo priests he had maligned were in fact the ones that planned the meeting two years earlier in Miami… There was much commotion, but Roger persisted and made the speaker acquiesce to the truth

    7. Von Blum tried to sue me for slander/libel, wrote THE AG he had never been so maligned in his professional career, and he demanded I be fired! My job, of course, was saved, but the AG used it as pretext to deny me the first of four or five step raises due in ordinary course every six months

    8. The McCarthy hearings in the 1950s were doggedly misrepresented and maligned by the

    9. Today, anti-Arab propaganda has been so successful it’s difficult to convince others of the inherent kindness and generosity of those much maligned people, which I'm sure continues despite the religious extremism that has arisen as a counter to western hegemony

    10. Most of the schools were single-sex grammar schools, with a sprinkling of the new co-educational Secondary Moderns – those much maligned institutions of social, intellectual and cultural deprivation

    11. “Now you can read a book that sets the record straight on these much maligned birds

    12. maligned caricature documented date saves it for the staged life born to fate a slave robed

    13. owners of the Blue Waters Hotel, the much maligned Jiran Family, reacted to this

    14. Having it maligned like this…she had to be losing her mind

    15. I thought I heard voices calling Bethanie’s name, but my father had sent her away to stay with friends for a few days, stating in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want her delicate mind tainted by my latest exploits nor did he want the family name maligned by slanderous gossip

    16. As a result; he became the most universally maligned and hated politician in the colonies by the rich and powerful planters

    17. In turn, this personal action of forgiveness to Self and others will allow Self to move on with Self’s life, without the repercussions of becoming psychologically disempowered, disenfranchised and maligned, with the possibility of carrying the acquired and compounding painful experiences into new relationships, events and situations

    18. If Satan actually existed as some eternal and infinite evil supreme super natural spiritual being, it is inconceivable that the extremely influential Christ would have labelled, branded, maligned and aligned Peter by associating and stigmatising him with such a dire and horrendous entity

    19. But I could not see my gender so maligned and said, “Oh, now, now, Mrs Houston, women may be immoral too

    20. He had never been suspected of stealing a silver tea-pot; he had been maligned respecting a mustard-pot, but it turned out to be only a plated one

    21. Ralph Greenson has been much maligned in books about Marilyn over the years, and for many reasons, some of which are valid

    22. Ralph Greenson replaced the other Ralph in Marilyn’s life—Roberts—with perhaps the strangest character who had ever come into the picture—another reason he is so maligned by historians

    1. suddenly aware that she was maligning the woman, and

    2. The trap of black identity politics is squeezed tight by maligning any black who dares to reject identity requirements, and succeed on his own, as a betrayer of his people

    3. Their point of view is propagated through our federalized school system in teaching distorted history and maligning the

    4. In a word, when Socialism’s worth is propagated through aspersions of individuals and Capitalism, as socialists do by maligning and trying to discredit the system of Capitalism, then Socialism’s weaknesses are masked and are harder to detect, but the results are still negative

    5. If that wasn’t bad enough, her very own uncle turned her own family against her by maligning her character, they disowned her without listening to her version of events

    6. But though no other opportunity ever did occur of maligning the schoolmistress, yet the very thought alone that if such an opportunity were to occur he would inevitably seize it was almost fatal to him at times

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    Synonyms for "malign"

    badmouth drag through the mud malign traduce evil malefic malevolent libel slander vilify disparage defame insult calumniate injurious pernicious baneful malicious baleful malignant

    "malign" definitions

    speak unfavorably about

    evil or harmful in nature or influence

    having or exerting a malignant influence