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Managers in a sentence

She is one of the managers.
It was directed by managers.
The managers took it from her.
They have agents and managers.
Are they managers or promoters?
Ah, she's one of those managers.
Pang waved at one of the managers.

List managers should be able to.
And now where are the managers?
What did the managers say?
The best managers know this already.
I’m one of the managers of the hotel.
The managers thought they were saving a.
The next two managers worked at the same.
This is what all marketing managers want.
For most managers, it is a negative number.
Be Wary of Managers Who Hold Stock Options.
Suddenly she was discovered by the managers.
District managers fire lower level managers.
Account Managers are selected in part by a.
Yes it is; they all have different managers.
Story telling equips managers with foresight.
The two managers turned the pocket inside out.
Learn about the Background of Senior Managers.
These managers generally have a long-term view.
Coaches and managers are not absolved from the.
This helps them be better managers and leaders.
You want to determine what managers care about.
A lot of rental-shop managers are worried about.
Staying in touch with your previous managers is.
Our Account Managers and Agents are employees of.
Now read the chapter on Evil Managers of Men and.
Interestingly, so-called growth managers in the U.
Great managers matter in commodity-type businesses.
Many managers have procrastinated in doing their.
For the managers Sylvan retained, the natural.
Who said a company will fold up because managers.
As near as possible, the sixteen managers of the St.

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