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Maori in a sentence

1. Some people have got mindsets about Maori.
2. What’s the hurry? asked the Maori cabbie.
3. The exhausted animal rolled over and the Maori lad.
4. This Maori word means a place of rest for the canoes.
5. We found the Maori history very interesting and never got sick of.
6. At the end of the 14th century, a Maori, Ihenga, explored the region.
7. He coined the name to the bay because he found in it very friendly and prosperous Maori.

8. As related in history books, Tauranga was the enclave where the first Maori worked their way into New.
9. Most taboo of all, particularly for those of Maori descent who hold a reverence for the art of tattoo, is the skin-trade.
10. It is an Anglican mission founded in 1838 by Reverend Alfred Nesbit Brown to convert the Maori population to Christianity.
11. So my activities at the hospital involved a great deal of interaction with the Maori women for their deliveries and gynecologic problems.
12. As history goes, Maori explorer, Kupe, landed in the region of Auckland and considered the place sunny, beautiful and of incredible potential.
13. Ten minutes passed and when their cabbie arrived, it was none other than their large Maori driver who dropped them off at the motel only hours before.
14. The bus driver looked like he might have been of Maori heritage and said helpfully, Where are you going? I’m heading in to the city in five minutes.
15. Early Maori history of Dunedin was particularly bloody between three rival tribes that occupied the Otago Peninsula at the beginning of the 19th century.
16. The comparison is unavoidable: the English built that mission to convert Maori people to Christianity as the Spaniards constructed theirs to convert Indians.
17. Cape Reinga has an important significance for the Maori people, as it is here they believe the spirits of the dead leap off the cliff to enter the underworld.
18. Tawa Ngahere Pa, in Rotorua, visitors can live the ancient Maori culture, hear songs, decipher stories with its dances and experience moving tales and legends of the hearts of the old and the lives of the young.
19. Later on, after the fishing of seals and whales started in their coasts, illness devastated and ruined the Maori population, so that the village Otakau Pa, considerably inhabited in earlier times, could only count about one hundred people by 1848.

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