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Marine in a sentence

She looked up at the marine.
They really need a Marine.
When Marine Corps Staff Sgt.
The Marine suppressed a grin.
A true beauty in the marine.
The marine chuckled to himself.
Marine Corps had the largest.

Marine Corps, for God’s sake.
A marine biologist is the one.
He was a Swordsman Marine, sir.
It is usually sold by marine LFS.
The delegation included Marine Lt.
I was in the merchant marine, once.
The twin marine batteries below it.
Hobbs (late 1st Royal Marine Battn.
The marine, however, was less happy.
And Oorah was the Marine battle cry.
A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan.
Marine based in Japan was arrested.
Sunny reached the deck of marine star.
During the Eocene, plants and marine.
America has lots of marine scientists.
Do you know who the Marine was?
The Marine standing guard admitted her.
Revenue Marine and the Civil War, pp.
Each group included at least one Marine.
This is the Charleston Marine operator.
I’ve never seen a more grateful Marine.
Then she held out her hand to the marine.
Rod's marine omnivore foods are good and.
A Marine buddy of mine is stationed there.
He shook his head and looked at the marine.
With the demise of marine reptiles at the.
Suwanee Baxter-Abrams and the Marine detail.
She looked at the dying Marine in his chair.
The marine pointed at the ordnance survey map.
They were in complete control of marine Star.
Louie heard the marine whisper, Oh my God.
The Marine Safety and Environmental Programs.

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