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Marooned in a sentence

1. I had been marooned on an island.
2. Instead, marooned with the riff raff.
3. I asked her about being marooned on the stairs, she was.
4. He wondered what a reporter would do if marooned in an alien culture.
5. I walked over to Willows intending to offer some solace, but when I got there I was marooned in the living room.
6. Marooned at the bottom of the pool was a pink-and-white two-seater boat with a canopy over the top and little hearts painted all over it.
7. She didn’t wait for my response but continued with, You marooned us on this island? You’re a fool! She screamed out as tears started to fall.

8. My friends and me are from the Time Patrol and are here to rescue you and eight other unfortunate ones kidnapped and marooned in the past by that woman.
9. That left Miss Laplante alone and marooned in the past, with no way for her to return to her original time or even to know how she got to 1940 in the first place.
10. He had a rope dropped also, so that he could descend, but it missed, and he was marooned up there for six cold days before being rescued by some mountain climbers.
11. The appearance and intervention of Nancy had however put a stop to the irresponsible projects of the World Council, but not before Herakles had found himself marooned in time in 5th Century B.
12. And yet, they did feel quite worried about their current predicament and were finding it very hard to count their blessings, as were nine other aliens, marooned in the middle of the desert at this very moment.
13. Having conducted his audience in fancy to the summit, and marooned them there by reason of the fall of their bridge, the Professor proceeded to describe both the horrors and the attractions of that remarkable land.
14. However, you must understand one basic thing about the world you, the admiral and all of you live in: it was involuntarily created by my actions in September of 1940, when I was marooned in the past against my will.
15. Meanwhile, in a small forest clearing, Matt and Andrew were chilling out with Eve, the Hesean alien they had rescued some time ago, and who was effectively marooned here on planet earth, her own space ship having been completely destroyed.
16. The landing was normal, but the delay unscheduled as the giant of the sky was marooned on the runway for fifty minutes awaiting clearance before ground engineers hitched it to a tractor and positioned it at gate 24 to allow disembarkation.
17. Each time future price action approaches these regions, because of the dense population of buyers and sellers marooned in these zones, we can expect the market to at least pause and 'test' these areas in the manner I will be covering shortly.
18. Nancy’s own actions after finding herself marooned in 1940 England without knowing how she had ended there had been enough to split the timeline and create timeline ‘B’, from which most of the people around the lounge’s table were from.
19. This timeline where you and I are presently is timeline ‘B’ and was created from timeline ‘A’ in September of 1940, when a certain woman was kidnapped and brought back in time against her will as part of an illegal time travel experiment, then found herself marooned.
20. She was jailed, her party split, she was written off, and yet, quite remarkably, she made a comeback in three years, her fighting spirit best exemplified by the enduring image of her on an elephant striding across the floodwaters of Belchi in Bihar to meet marooned Dalit villagers who had been brutally attacked.
21. When those who could had recovered, the entire story had been told to the French commander; but the men were too ignorant to be able to tell him at just what point on the coast the professor and his party had been marooned, so the cruiser had steamed slowly along within sight of land, firing occasional signal guns and scanning every inch of the beach with glasses.
22. While the two men helped themselves to some more of the green wine, he told them about the Circumfence, the great effort that had been made to build it, and the ancient and wise Kingdom of Krull which had constructed it several centuries before, and the seven navies that patrolled it constantly to keep it in repair and bring its salvage back to Krull, and the manner in which Krull had become a land of leisure ruled by the most learned seekers after knowledge, and the way in which they sought constantly to understand in every possible particular the wondrous complexity of the universe, and the way in which sailors marooned on the Circumfence were turned into slaves, and usually had their tongues cut out.
23. Not all that far from her, Jutta Pfennig sleeps in the ultramarine shadows of the girls’ dormitory and dreams of light thickening and settling across a field like snow; and not all that far from Jutta, the führer raises a glass of warm (but never boiled) milk to his lips, a slice of Oldenburg black bread on his plate and a whole apple beside it, his daily breakfast; while in a ravine outside Kiev, two inmates rub their hands in sand because they have become slippery, and then they take up the stretcher again while a sonderkommando stirs the fire below them with a steel pole; a wagtail flits from flagstone to flagstone in a courtyard in Berlin, searching for snails to eat; and at the Napola school at Schulpforta, one hundred and nineteen twelve- and thirteen-year-olds wait in a queue behind a truck to be handed thirty-pound antitank land mines, boys who, in almost exactly one year, marooned amid the Russian advance, the entire school cut off like an island, will be given a box of the Reich’s last bitter chocolate and Wehrmacht helmets salvaged from dead soldiers, and then this final harvest of the nation’s youth will rush out with the chocolate melting in their guts and overlarge helmets bobbing on their shorn heads and sixty Panzerfaust rocket launchers in their hands in a last spasm of futility to defend a bridge that no longer requires defending, while T-34 tanks from the White Russian army come clicking and rumbling toward them to destroy them all, every last child; dawn in Saint-Malo, and there is a twitch on the other side of the wardrobe—Werner hears Marie-Laure inhale, Marie-Laure hears Werner scrape three fingernails across the wood, a sound not unlike the sound of a record coursing beneath the surface of a needle, their faces an arm’s reach apart.

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