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    1. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    2. early to decide if the medication

    3. ROBERT: In your opinion, there was no need for any other medication?

    4. The medication was still making me drool a little, even though I tried to be serious with her

    5. It was already accepted that I would be on medication the rest of my life and that was ok, just as long as I got better

    6. I realized partially that what had happened was only because of medication and rest

    7. Some people with Bipolar Disorder choose not to take their medication because of the 'high' they get from the disorder; it becomes like any high, and becomes an addiction

    8. The fact that people fall again and again by not consistently taking the medication is an indication that a change has to be made

    9. From my perspective, mental illness is defined as any abnormal or imbalanced brain activity that leads to inappropriate actions, this being enough for diagnosis and sometimes too soon a course for medication

    10. Scientologists will tell that you I went crazy because of a few anti-depressants or because I am a lost cause, even though I have been taking medication ever since and I am fine now

    11. Psychiatrists will say I'm bipolar type 1 and I have to trust this because under their care I became better under supervision and medication and my symptoms matched the book to a tee

    12. There are some bipolar people that can get by without medication, many do and not all cases are as black and white as mine

    13. Despite all of this, they are still saying that they can get me off medication, even after seeing how well I'm doing

    14. Scientology does state that medication is not needed

    15. Maybe disease cannot live in a healthy mind, but how many minds are born flawless? Until everyone is free of disease, (which even most Scientologists can't verify of themselves), there will always be medication

    16. Medication is here to make money and it works

    17. Scientology isn't just dangerous for someone who needs medication; its direct purpose is something other than what the members are aware of

    18. If we have pain, we may need pain medication to be

    19. was on medication for their problem for years, and as

    20. soon as they went off the medication, their problem

    21. medication they gave her

    22. was able to stop taking all her pain medication

    23. God and the Devil: the only two without need of medication

    24. is GOD and they are telling HIM he needs HIS medication?

    25. months without my schizophrenic medication

    26. Its first level was an herbal shop -- supposedly medicinal herbs though their primary medication was chopa -- while the second level was housing space, strictly rented to addicts in order for the dealers to keep their customers in arms reach

    27. In many instances, medication may be required as part of the solution offered by Nature

    28. Medication is not a devil’s invention

    29. They cannot prescribe a medication that will solve all your problems within two days because it simply doesn’t exist

    30. therapy and prescription medication

    31. But at least they could go comfortably in unconsciousness when the air finally runs out, courtesy of Doctor Lichman and his medication

    32. ‘Deanna, your medication will prevent the hallucinations

    33. She wanted her medication, even though it disgusted her to have become dependent on the chemical cosh

    34. “The pain medication we are giving you must be working well otherwise you would be screaming like a lot of these other poor men

    35. “He can’t answer you because the pain medication he is on makes him sleep a lot he needs quite and rest

    36. If it hadn’t have been for the morphine and other pain medication we received we would have been gibbering wrecks for the pain was never far away and men like Elijah needed it badly

    37. Helen came back into the room with a covered tray she told me she would administer Rosie’s pain medication now and that it should see her through until tonight and that she would see me later

    38. She is very serious love but she is holding her own and Dr Durkin has upped her pain medication so that should help ease her a little

    39. “ I got no response to this so I thought the pain medication must be doing its job

    40. However, the kitten would need frequent medication, administered

    41. Adem suspected it was also the fact that he had not had his medication in over three months

    42. He decided his medication must have been keeping him sedated in that regard also, though he knew he would have to continue to take it when he returned home

    43. “It is the closest thing to medication you will get in this world

    44. Perhaps it was just the result of being without his actual medication for so long

    45. “Grind up the medication in her food,” he said, “or put the pill inside a piece of cheese

    46. Each time, Jazzy ate the glob with the hidden medication once and never again

    47. With new habits and positive social interactions, our cat might even be able to discontinue taking the medication

    48. For the next few years Dad would live on heavy medication, sleep fitfully, and spend most of his time in the old recliner, while Prinz grew into a young adult, watched the changes, sensed the need to slow down, and remained a solid friend and willing lap companion for hours at a time

    49. “Veterinary science would say the medication kicked in,” he said, smiling

    50. Finally Violet the nurse came in and gave me my medication she told me a fresh uniform had been laid out on the chair for me and that she would help me get dressed when the time came

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    medication medicament medicinal drug medicine drug remedy pill powder

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    (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease

    the act of treating with medicines or remedies