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Medication in a sentence

1. This type of medication is.
2. I am not on any medication.
3. Is she on any medication?
4. But no chemo medication for me.
5. Side effects of the medication.
6. I stopped taking my medication.
7. Must be given medication by others.

8. I heard they put her on medication.
9. Medication is the process to medicate.
10. Medication is often used to treat ADHD.
11. Even with the medication, she groaned.
12. Medication is not a devil’s invention.
13. He looked at the medication left by the.
14. Can I get you any medication or….
15. Cass hurries to open the cough medication.
16. We’ll supply you with the medication.
17. They also need to know if medication was.
18. I think the first medication he put me on.
19. I collected the medication on the way home.
20. He gave her pain medication, Chevalier.
21. That medication really gave her a bad effect.
22. Also most of the different medication he 63.
23. She is still getting used to that medication.
24. If millions are taking the medication, they.
25. Medication is here to make money and it works.
26. A nurse asked Carol for her medication bottle.
27. Clair had been on a medication for five years.
28. There he was given medication that stopped the.
29. In fact, the medication that she uses is very.
30. There was a slight hiss as the medication was.
31. Your first one is to go back on the medication.
32. The migraineurs is in pain and takes medication.
33. Endless medication masks the pain but the mind.
34. OCD is treated with medication and psychotherapy.
35. Riesman; After all, he had taken that medication.
36. I have medication bottles and labels to order.
37. The other type is a daily medication designed to.
38. She then asked Carol about her medication history.
39. It may interact with several types of medication.
40. Quite a lot of activity for a harmless medication.
41. We should take proper medication to remove illness.
42. If we have pain, we may need pain medication to be.
43. You mean with medication? the prosecutor asked.
44. The common side effects of above medication include.
45. Scientology does state that medication is not needed.
46. Was the medication you had been taking Valipene?
47. Where did the aliens go after I took the medication?
48. She's never been taken completely off the medication.
49. No medication is available for the treatment of the.
50. Some people treat this chemically, through medication.
51. He was now washing down pain medication with caffeine.
52. I hear she’s still on medication to calm her nerves.
53. He was given medication and psychological counselling.
54. Carol, I don’t think I can go off this medication.
55. Eventually he had liquefied the medication completely.
56. You did not have my consent to stop the medication.
57. There can be no medication solution to a life problem.
58. He also got some great pain medication by prescription.
59. I was administered a clot buster medication on the way.
60. She [had been] taking medication, and it was working.
61. Methadone is mainly used as a maintenance medication.
62. He's given her some medication he thinks will help her.
63. As the medication calmed him and soothed his scorched.
64. Here are some medication and some prescriptions for her.
65. The medication was a fairly new invention, but had been.
66. You should go back on the medication, Hopton advised.
67. It was the first time I’d ever forgotten my medication.
68. Is there anything, besides medication, that can help me?
69. Different doctors prescribed different medication for him.
70. They put her on medication while she was up there?
71. A very young student nurse was giving Mia her medication.
72. Please consult a doctor before the use of this medication.
73. When she did, he asked for more pain medication, but the.
74. Pain-killers can be used and anti-inflammatory medication.
75. God and the Devil: the only two without need of medication.
76. Now are you ready for me to give you your medication?
77. In fact, you should never stop taking medication without.
78. She is going to need a lot of bed rest and some medication.
79. A newer treatment, there is only one medication available:.
80. He knew that one type of creosote was used as a medication.
81. The women in the study were given a medication to induce a.
82. The blood thinning medication for my heart was not helping.
83. Nothing appeared to be missing, not even the medication Mrs.
84. However, we searched and found one bottle of the medication.
85. There has been some development in the medication, would you.
86. Some medication used can be effected the reproductive organs.
87. This is from stopping the medication? Carol asked in alarm.
88. He does not know that we use a private medication he has not.
89. Gonzalez, should I be taking any medication for my anxiety?
90. He is now on ADHD medication, he has very much difficulty in.
91. I could not believe the amount of medication I was consuming.
92. There is help out there in the form of medication, and therapy.
93. Many people have been helped with mental illness by medication.
94. We called a doctor who gave her medication to reduce the fever.
95. Scientists have not found a medication that can kill the virus.
96. Medication was all manufactured directly by the Government and.
97. Then, the next day, she would need more medication to function.
98. I have to question you, we need to inject you with a medication.
99. The effects of this medication may be different for each child.
100. Back pain was the main reason why Jackson was taking medication.

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