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Messiah in a sentence

1. In Union With The Messiah.
2. The Messiah stood among them.
3. God's plan to have a Messiah.
4. Juda and the expected Messiah.
5. The Messiah stared at the Pope.
6. We went through the Messiah.
7. He came as the promised Messiah.

8. Tribe of Juda, hence the Messiah.
9. My new best friend, the messiah.
10. He cannot be the Messiah; He’s.
11. NOTE: "Messiah" is a Biblical name.
13. Messias: Messiah; the anointed One.
14. That messiah of Earth appeared to.
15. Israel had rejected Him as Messiah.
16. Jesus was not the Messiah expected.
17. The advent of the Messiah would be.
18. That’s when the Messiah will come.
19. The Scriptures say the Messiah will.
20. Yet the messiah here will be exposed.
21. That this Messiah was none other than.
22. The Messiah is to be the one who rules.
23. Notability of the Messiah Master (pth).
24. And they call Jesus, 'Isa,' the Messiah.
25. The very word Messiah means anointed king.
26. The Messiah was not ready yet to be seen.
27. It proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah.
28. The absolute messiah could be a revelation.
29. Israel, as a whole, accepted Him as Messiah.
30. Dwelling in union with The Messiah, forever.
31. In his DUD, "God, And His Messiah" Eddie K.
32. They all knew that a Messiah was coming to.
33. Gospels of the traditional Christ or Messiah.
34. This one new man is the Bride of the Messiah.
35. Let us remain aloof from this false Messiah.
36. The work of the messiah was to destroy Satan.
37. The idea of the Messiah is not simply a savior.
38. Because Jesus is the Messiah? Abner asked.
39. The young virgin will give birth to the Messiah.
40. But the prophets of old never said a Messiah.

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