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Mineralogy in a sentence

1. Shepard on a notice of his Mineralogy, xlviii, 179.
2. A new Species in Mineralogy, discovered by the late Dr.
3. In the account of the Mineralogy and Geology of Deerfield, by Mr.
4. Bruce's mind, was a love of natural science, and especially of mineralogy.
5. The Gallery of Mineralogy is so long, von Rumpel can hardly see the end of it.
6. The mineralogy of this section of the country has been but imperfectly explored.
7. The colouring corresponds to that on the geological map in Cleaveland's Mineralogy.

8. The mineralogy and geology of the West-India islands has been, as yet, but little explored.
9. Webster, some months since, commenced a course of Lectures in the town of Boston, on Geology and Mineralogy.
10. This discovery gave a new and interesting species to mineralogy; it is now admitted in the systematical works on mineralogy.
11. Her studies included economics, chemistry, physics, geology, botany, astronomy, mineralogy, logic, law, history, meteorology and calculus.
12. It is mentioned in the Review of Cleaveland's Mineralogy, and is here cited again for the purpose of pointing out its locality more exactly.
13. I crossed the mountain in two places, distant from each other one hundred miles, but observed nothing essentially different in their mineralogy.
14. The country above and below Natchez, so far as it has come under my observation, presents no difference of appearance in its geology, or mineralogy.
15. A few remarks and facts respecting the geology and mineralogy of Staten-Island, may, perhaps, give some additional interest to the specimens presented.
16. Discovery of Native Crystallized Carbonate of Magnesia on Staten-Island, with a Notice of the Geology and Mineralogy of that Island, by James Pierce, Esq.
17. In the geological map attached to Professor Cleaveland's Mineralogy, the alluvial country bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, is represented as terminating at Natchez.
18. Returned to his own country, after being so long familiar with the fine collections in natural history, and especially in mineralogy, in various countries in Europe, Dr.
19. Morcerf had expected he should be the guide; on the contrary, it was he who, under the count's guidance, followed a course of archaeology, mineralogy, and natural history.
20. And, if at any time I should be able to furnish you with any information relative to the mineralogy or geology of this part of the country, I hope you will let me know it.
21. We are persuaded that he will do much towards promoting the cultivation of American mineralogy and geology, and especially in the enlightened community in which he resides.
22. Greville, of Paddington Green, near London, a descendant of the noble house of Warwick, the possessor of one of the finest private cabinets in Europe, and a zealous cultivator of mineralogy.
23. Heat, considered as one of the most important agents, especially in relation to chemistry, and even to mineralogy, has also been the subject of numerous labours, both with regard to the means of augmenting and of diminishing its effects.
24. We have now to add, (and the fact is, indeed, mentioned in Cleaveland's Mineralogy,) that another piece has been recently found half a mile west of the Hartford turnpike road, opposite the town of Wallingford, and twelve miles from New-Haven.
25. The collection and examination of minerals, a pursuit not then at all attended to in this country, was his particular relief from other studies; for even during his recreation, he was ever on the look-out for something new or instructing in mineralogy.
26. It was a significant specimen in Robert Hesse’s fine collection, and it was sold by Paul Desautels, who was best known as the curator of mineralogy at the Smithsonian Institution, to Robert Matuzas, who kept it for many years before he sold it to me.
27. From the view we have taken of this county, its geology, mineralogy, and botany, the reader will probably be prepared with us to conclude, that no part of the union, of equal extent, contains within it greater natural resources, or can support a more dense population.
28. In this new institution, as professor of the materia medica, and of his favourite pursuit, mineralogy, he exhibited the fruits of arduous study, with a dignity of character, and urbanity of manner, which commanded the respect of the profession, and the regard of the students.
29. Perkins in Europe, and imported by him into this country, was also placed in New-York, and both cabinets (for both were freely shown to the curious, by their liberal and courteous proprietors) contributed more than any causes had ever done before, to excite in the public mind an active interest in the science of mineralogy.
30. In relation to mineralogy he conversed, he corresponded extensively, both with Europe and America; he performed mineralogical tours; he kindly sought out and encouraged the young mineralogists of his own country, and often expressed a wish to see a journal of American mineralogy upon the plan of that of the School of Mines at Paris.
31. After commending the condensed and honest manner in which the work is printed, (for they say, that the same matter which here fills one volume would in England have been spread over three,) the reviewer adds, We should be glad to see it reprinted exactly upon the plan of the original; and we have no doubt that it would be found the most useful work on mineralogy in our language.
32. We trust that all cultivators of mineralogy and geology in this country, will willingly aid Professor Cleaveland in enlarging his list of American localities for a second edition; and we hope that he will repay them, at a future day, by giving us a distinct treatise on geology, with as particular a delineation as possible of the geological relations of the great North American formations.
33. Having now finished his medical studies, he was prepared to visit the continent of Europe with peculiar advantage; for his continued attachment to mineralogy, a liberal distribution of American specimens then comparatively new in Europe, and his social habits and dispositions, which were very conciliating, secured him the best introductions from Edinburgh, and laid the foundation of permanent friendships.
34. Near New-Haven immense beds of green marble were discovered in 1811, during a mineralogical excursion: this beautiful material, closely resembling the verd antique, is now, on the spot, wrought into tables, fireplaces, and many other ornamental forms; and although the farmers had made fences of it for 150 years, no one suspected what it was till the study of mineralogy, in Yale College, brought it to light.
35. Webster, having spent two or three years in Europe, in professional studies, during which time he devoted much attention to mineralogy and geology, with the ample aids afforded by the cabinets and distinguished teachers in Scotland, France, and England, has recently returned to his own country, and has brought with him a very select and considerably extensive cabinet of minerals, with which, and with American specimens, he illustrates his lectures.

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