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Miniscule in a sentence

are the miniscule angulation.
It was miniscule compared to the Eidolon.
warm water and a small bag of rice with a miniscule.
sucked up all of the miniscule debris on the carpets.
Although there was a very miniscule chance that they were.
room, we could only take in a miniscule percentage of the.
out of place, but settled there, with only miniscule dripping.

ate our miniscule supply of grain, which was lessened to a half.
sprung forth from it as a miniscule component can be seen as the.
fraction of a miniscule second between the sound of the explosion.
in exploring these questions is going to be miniscule in relation to the.
The fluttering of an eye at a certain question, the miniscule pause at a.
how, maybe it was the training, but I managed to put one of those miniscule.
miniscule metallic bikini, when she was standing there in front of him, all.
Miniscule redemption scratches through the sky, fleeting confirmation of the.
company for what is a miniscule amount of money in the grand scheme of things.
In 1985 Intel's operating income was miniscule; in 1986 it was less than zero.
The ground was drying now, but the air was still chilled by miniscule droplets.
have a small, miniscule, minute, tiny amount of time to run this errand for her.
At least with me, they had a miniscule chance of perhaps living beyond tomorrow.
because there was grease left on the floor mat and other miniscule complaints he.
His hands, clutched around her miniscule behind, moved up and down in encourage-.
Tiny, miniscule bins with wheels had been crafted around the perimeters of the area.
He did not like losing even the most miniscule level of control of his normally even temper.
Note that the return of capital was miniscule in this case, but to be proper had to be tracked.
Compare our miniscule 25,920-year precession cycles to the massive wheel of our galaxy and the.
bore the brunt of loads of stupidity before a miniscule portion of it could stand the test of a.
And for that miniscule loss the Southerners brought about the deaths of over a half million people.
classmates and catching up on the miniscule details of each other’s lives that only a best friend.
is true of string theory and the understanding that the seven hidden dimensions are miniscule in size,.

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Synonyms for miniscule

miniscule minuscule