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Misfire in a sentence | misfire example sentences

  1. It would misfire on occasion, giving the worker visions.
  2. She turned and smiled sweetly, Yes, thats it, it was a misfire.
  3. Now we know it for what it is: just a random brain misfire, screwing with you.
  4. Why does it slip by? Because this difference has been considered a matter of opinion and not a brain misfire.
  5. At one point I personally witnessed her cause a man to grow a new arm that he had lost in a blaster misfire many years before.

  6. For my part, I made no allusion to his escape plans because I didn't want to push him into an attempt that was certain to misfire.
  7. Once again, this is a mode of decision making that has great utility in many situations, but it can misfire in the context of trading and markets.
  1. When my eyes stopped misfiring sparks, I saw that the other tar man was still there.
  2. My body was wracked by the misfiring of endorphin responses, of endomorphic confusion, and I could not think quickly enough or with sufficient clarity to risk answering the man.
  3. This last attempt ultimately misfiring, the two strangers exchanged a few words in their incomprehensible language and withdrew, not even favoring us with one of those encouraging gestures that are used in every country in the world.
  4. Have you ever seen faces in clouds, or shapes in the wood grain of finished furniture? Ever heard voices murmuring, just out of the range of perception, when you hold a seashell up to your ear? These are universal experiences, and they most likely come from a slight misfiring of some powerful cognitive machinery.
  1. She then turned the gun on herself, but it misfired.
  2. Almost all of their machine guns jammed or misfired after a few.
  3. Their cash spent the same as anyone else’s, but sometimes their weapons misfired.
  4. It was gamble, which could have dramatically misfired, and yet, as if by some miracle, Catherine had agreed.
  1. The major listing of brain misfires.
  2. T here is a general division between misfires.
  3. Listing and examining the misfires of the brain is a little better.
  4. These misfires are often enough and alike enough that we can attempt to define them.
  5. As a result, Coach has a direct line to the pulse of its customers and is able to avoid numerous market misfires.
  6. The IQ definition of Dumb and Bright: One way to define misfires is to rate the ability to memorize and logically apply the memory.
  7. Although she had used it about 2 weeks ago and had cleaned it then, as she always did, it never hurt to check again and to be sure of no misfires at a crucial time.

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