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Mitigation in a sentence | mitigation example sentences

  1. It was about mitigation, not alleviation.
  2. You know that a mitigation has come?
  3. Mitigation involves taking action to reduce.
  4. With a mitigation sigh I slackened the tension of my joints.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Take actions to reduce the impact or probability of risk.

  6. This is termed loss mitigation and is a better option by far than bankruptcy.
  7. That's just what I feared, that you wouldn't care about the mitigation of sentence.
  8. Moreover, I could now see how the mitigation Mark was pitching had real-world consequences.
  9. On the way he again began wondering how Katusha would receive the news of the mitigation of her sentence.
  10. The protection that the mortgaged property offers him can constitute at best a mitigation of his mistake.
  11. Before she could offer a more equivocating response, in hopes of preemptive mitigation, her friend shot back.
  12. Risk Acceptance: When the risk mitigation cost is more than the impact created by risk we may accept the risk.
  13. I managed to assist at the examination of the case, and I enclose herewith the copy of the mitigation of the sentence.
  14. When the risk mitigation fails to reduce the impact or probability, then risk contingency plan should be there to treat the risk.
  15. We proposed the way to master this problem and described the methods allowing mitigation of the effect of indicators’ variability.

  16. Oh yes just one minute have you anything to say in mitigation Corporal Lamb? Again before I could answer Lt Howarth leapt in saying.
  17. Frau Dremmel arrived in a black bonnet with a mauve flower in its front to mark that ten years had been at work upon the mitigation of her grief.
  18. To claim merit for the mitigation of evil which the party either had not the power, or found it inconvenient to inflict, would be a new mode of encroaching on neutral rights.
  19. The only things he agreed to do were to communicate to Maslova that a mitigation had arrived for her, and to promise that he would not detain her an hour after the order from his chief to liberate her would arrive.
  20. Beatrice exhaled a mitigation sigh, it is not that she had no faith in the renowned powers of the big Supreme Magician but she thought he was too old and had no chance of winning in a confrontation against that robust boy.
  21. The indelible mitigation sensation that flooded me the moment in which I supported the valuable book between my hands, was only comparable to that of the reprobate, which is condoned of the death penalty in the last moment.
  22. It may be answered at once that at least it is more consistent with intelligible ideas of divine justice and goodness than the orthodox doctrine that they are to be raised to suffer without amendment, and without mitigation, through eternity.
  23. Last Friday (May 22, 2009) the mitigation lawyer informed me that just her part of the trial would require 2000 hours but she was willing to work at the greatly reduced rate of $100 per hour or $200,000! I nearly had a stroke! Her role has nothing to do with proving my guilt or innocence.
  24. Here I will note that two months later, Lyamshin admitted that he had exonerated Stavrogin on purpose, hoping that he would protect him and would obtain for him a mitigation in the second degree of his sentence, and that he would provide him with money and letters of introduction in Siberia.
  25. I apologise profusely for the frequency with which Takina and Pussy lost their clothes, but in mitigation I would point out that Takina’s virtue remained very much intact at the end of the book (even if Pussy’s virtue had been slaughtered and buried in an unmarked grave many years before).

  26. The General asked Nekhludoff what he had been doing since he left that morning, and Nekhludoff told him he had been to the post-office and received the news of the mitigation of that person’s sentence that he had spoken of in the morning, and again asked for a permission to visit the prison.

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