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Molt in a sentence | molt example sentences

  1. Invertebrates use it to molt.
  2. But it’ll probably molt in his stomach.
  3. Are their cases present anywhere? Mayflies molt after they hatch.
  4. Never breed a budgie with French molt, because the disease may be passed on to the young.
  5. Baby budgies have their first full molt when they are about four months out of the nest (five to six months after hatching).

  6. French molt is a strange disease that sometimes attacks clutches of young budgies at the age when they should be leaving the nest.
  7. You are unlikely to ever see a budgie with French molt for sale at a pet store, but it could occur spontaneously if you breed your budgies.
  8. Although unsightly, budgies with French molt don't live shorter lives than normal budgies do; they just can't fly and can't use their wings correctly.
  9. Caged budgies in the United States generally molt in the late spring, but the process can happen at almost any time of the year, depending on light, temperature, diet, general health, and age.
  10. George Molt, managing to evade the vigilant Chilkoot sentries, over 3000 of them, became the first white man to cross the then unexplored Chilkoot Pass, later to become part of the Alaskan/Canadian border.
  1. Forced molting can last up to 2.
  2. Forced molting is the process of starving chickens in order.
  3. Tires screech behind you, Jane on two wheels in hot pursuit to catch the molting.
  4. The first thing he noticed was that the gull's head was molting and turning white, though a dark.
  5. I'd be careful to poop off in the corner … I hated it when that or my molting covered parts of the paper, and I couldn't reach a wing between the bars and move it….
  6. It so happened that Bluebell was the first through into the Honeycomb; and for many days afterward he was still improving upon his imitation of Captain Fiver at the head of his crowd of Efrafan prisoners -- "like a tomtit rounding up a bunch of molting jackdaws," as he put it.
  7. He was inclined to be surly and short, and once, when Bluebell remarked that he thought Meester Pigvig's fur cap was molting in sympathy for absent friends, he showed a flash of his old sergeant-major spirit and cuffed and abused him twice round the Honeycomb, until Holly intervened to save his faithful jester from further trouble.
  1. Don't worry, they have just molted.
  2. Molted chickens are given high doses of antibiotics.
  3. Up to 7 million chickens are molted each year in the.
  4. By the time they are five months old and have molted into their adult plumage, male budgies are easily recognized by their blue ceres.
  5. It came by the pound and the ton, it hacked at the jungle and cut the trees like scissors and shaved the grass and tunneled the soil and molted the bushes.
  6. Grandma Fontaine, withered, wrinkled and yellow as an old molted bird, was leaning on her cane, and behind her were Sally Munroe Fontaine and Young Miss Fontaine.
  7. Remember that all the feathers of the body are molted at some point during the year, which explains the constant presence of one or two little body feathers on the cage floor.
  1. The periods between molts are called.
  2. The condition usually doesn't improve with later molts.

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