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Mosquito in a sentence | mosquito example sentences

  1. We have also Mosquito Man.
  2. It's similar to the mosquito.
  3. Great, the mosquito has backup.
  4. He killed another mosquito and cursed.
  5. Promised a dragon, he beheld a mosquito.

  6. The lad kept buzzing in my ear like a mosquito.
  7. The tsetse is much more active than the mosquito.
  8. It itches like mosquito bites, he complained.
  9. He hit another mosquito that had lighted on his neck.
  10. Mosquito bites occurring in featherless parts of the body.
  11. Change it after six washes or wash it in Mosquito repellent.
  12. I don’t blame her, said Nathan, swatting at a mosquito.
  13. He crawled out of the mosquito netting and chased off the cows.
  14. He was the tiny mosquito trying to kill Imperialist capitalism.
  15. Christianity has a hold on the egoic weaknesses, like a mosquito.

  16. She moved out of the mosquito net and got something under the bed.
  17. Prior to bedtime, we dropped the mosquito netting around our beds.
  18. High in anti-oxidants, garlic is also a natural mosquito repellant.
  19. It was now so thin that it could enter it through the mosquito net.
  20. The mosquito flew away and landed on his sweaty back away from his.
  21. It was the merest mosquito dance in the air, not heard, no, not there.
  22. In his right ear he heard a mosquito buzzing and swung at the insect.
  23. For example, as I’m writing this, a mosquito just landed on my balls.
  24. A mosquito bite or a bee sting is not considered dangerous in most cases.
  25. Deal with the demands of reality and ignore the peripheral mosquito bites.

  26. He had an allergy to mosquito bites that brought back memories that he hated.
  27. Bringing the hand to his mouth he tasted the bitter mosquito repellant he had.
  28. A distant mosquito drone on the hunt becomes noise with intent of causing nail.
  29. I was plagued by a vicious mosquito and finally slept, only to wake again at 5 a.
  30. Credit helped her into the mosquito netting and then climbed the cliff above them.
  31. Mosquito Man stealthily sucks the brains out before passing it to the next person.
  32. Transmitted through the saliva of the female mosquito, it produces recurrent fever.
  33. With that, you should bring a mosquito repellent, so that you can prevent them from biting you.
  34. For each mosquito he killed, his blood sprang forth from its body and three would take its place.
  35. He was sleeping on his bed with a mosquito net; I was sleeping on a small couch without mosquito net.
  36. He didn’t even use the mosquito net that was available to him, but then, he really didn’t need it.
  37. It was a great idea, not that I’d be trading in my mosquito repellant for squashed bugs anytime soon.
  38. Probably an early-season mosquito, the hard-working lawn-care man reckoned, not paying it another thought.
  39. Ludwig raised his brow and nodded, right before instinctively slapping his arm, failing to kill a mosquito.
  40. This makes camphor one of the best home remedies for mosquito bites, but you have to buy some ahead of time.
  41. Bugs that had survived the chemical warfare, that were chemically altered and resisted our mosquito repellent.
  42. Sleep under a mosquito net which you buy in West Africa – they have smaller holes than the ones in Southern Africa.
  43. The best home remedies for mosquito bites, of course, are those that stop the little critters biting in the first place.
  44. I concur with Air Chief Marshal Harris that the MOSQUITO would be a good type of plane to adapt to Wild Weasel missions.
  45. However, make sure that you bring your bug or mosquito spray when you do so, so that you can prevent getting bitten by them.
  46. The clear and present danger of her predictions led eventually to the banning of DDT, the most effective mosquito killer known.
  47. And all of the activities a mosquito engages in is orchestrated by a brain about the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
  48. And then a slump of the top half onto the bed, and with the knees bent, KK’s legs up went up into the air, his feet in the mosquito net.
  49. It could occur anywhere the anopheles mosquito is found, and was once prevalent in swampy areas of southern Italy and other parts of Europe.
  50. They were still buzzing as they disappeared into her bare back, and Hal could hear a curious high-pitched whine that sounded like a mosquito.
  51. The boat that had brought him to this secret location had left, and he would have to travel by foot from here over muddy mosquito infested swamp land.
  52. A whinchat, with his tufted crest, makes a pit stop to refuel; snaffling a mosquito who naively considered she was safe tucked in a new stem of bananas.
  53. Found myself alone in a vast room furnished with antique pieces, on a hard bed of large columns with a filmy white mosquito net descending from the top.
  54. Slower to kill than yellow fever or malaria, borne by the anopheles mosquito which would yield to DDT, the tsetse fly could only be combated by evacuation.
  55. Later that afternoon, Manda sprayed herself with mosquito repellant, put on her broad sunhat and a pair of boots, and strapped her big red bag across her body.
  56. The air was calm, full of the eternal hum of insects, a tropical chorus of many octaves, from the deep drone of the bee to the high, keen pipe of the mosquito.
  57. A bee flies directly to the flower that it wants to reach; a worm crawls to its leaf; a bedbug, a flea, a mosquito scents a man a hundred thousand of its steps away.
  58. Now alone face to face, Ingrid and Villamor looked at each other in silence for a moment before the Filipino pointed a camp cot in a corner that was surrounded by a mosquito net.
  59. Thirty passengers had to be rescued from the Virginia V, one of the last of the city’s historic Mosquito Fleet, when she smashed into a wharf and her superstructure was crushed.
  60. Returning to his place, Pierre let her finish her supper, then escorted her to the guest room of his house, showing her the bed covered by a mosquito net and the chest of drawers.
  61. Suddenly they saw in the distance a small light moving and they heard a noise of talking, and the sound of a trumpet, but so small and feeble that it resembled the hum of a mosquito.
  62. A few minutes later, Ingrid was putting down her things besides a bed in a small ward, with the nurse pulling a curtain around the bed, which also had a mosquito netting and was near a window.
  63. Every animal, whether mosquito, rat, dog or horse, is a potential carrier, and I am not even going to mention all the dirty toilets and the streets full of rubbish where micro-organisms flourish.
  64. No one knows exactly how long Pony had been used as a prostitute, but at the time of her rescue she was 12 years-old, suffering from numerous mosquito bites and couldn’t stop scratching herself.
  65. Mosquito infestation is relative to what area of the world you are visiting; however, the measures are best adhered to regardless especially if you are visiting within foreign sub-tropical regions.
  66. Through the very little that was visible from my vaguely opened eyes I saw Adi plug an injection and then there was a feeling of infinitesimal sting like a mosquito bite on my arm, folowed by a blackout.
  67. Who that once bends from the line of his march in a fog can tell when or how to find it again! The mists of Horican are not like the curls from a peace-pipe, or the smoke which settles above a mosquito fire.
  68. It was the Chinese doll face of my childhood, the face peering above fanned-out playing cards all those winter days, the face behind the mosquito net when we slept on the roof of my father's house in the summer.
  69. Our rooms were on the floor above, reached by a precipitous marble staircase; they were shuttered against the afternoon sun; the butler threw them open and we looked out on the grand canal; the beds had mosquito nets.
  70. To man the bite is as unpleasant as that of the mosquito; and that is saying a great deal; for anyone who has been forced to give his body as a prey to these little pests knows how painful are the wounds that they inflict.
  71. Navarrete and Ticknor both incline to the belief that Cervantes knew who he was; but I must say I think the anger he shows suggests an invisible assailant; it is like the irritation of a man stung by a mosquito in the dark.
  72. Most of the life of the building evidently went on in the veranda and the rooms seemed to be little used; in the veranda was Joe's bed and his mosquito net, and several cane easy chairs, and the dining room tables and chairs.
  73. She lay on the bed in the cool, spacious room under the mosquito net, rested and growing sleepy, and what she thought about was Ringer Harman, and the red country he had told her of round Alice Springs, and euros, and wild horses.
  74. And it was clear to him that he was not a Russian nobleman, a member of Moscow society, the friend and relation of so-and-so and so-and-so, but just such a mosquito, or pheasant, or deer, as those that were now living all around him.
  75. After dinner, at five o’clock, the crew distributed folding canvas cots to the passengers, and each person opened his bed wherever he could find room, arranged it with the bedclothes from his petate, and set the mosquito netting over that.
  76. That is my experience of movement as the motion of the woods as I am suddenly the depth of web and mulch from limb to sap and seed and mosquito lost in caw and wind, then rain the cycle, summer the space I plunge into as path intersecting 25.
  77. Although some of them suffered fevers and several of them were infected by mosquito bites, most of them showed an unbreakable resistance as they faced the most troublesome difficulties, and even at the time of the greatest heat they would scamper through the garden.
  78. The Northwest Coast tribes have some gruesome variations where the original monster, Mosquito Man, thrusts his proboscis into a person's head and sucks their brains out, often so surreptitiously that the people around him don't even notice their companion is dead.
  79. The ‘high density of information’ was described by one reporting individual as enabling him to count every nearby mosquito; but equally common is the description of feeling the emotional experience of the other parties, including in one case virtually everyone in a room.
  80. Crouching down and rushing to the back door with her pistol in hand, Sarah peeped quickly through the mosquito screen of the outer door to locate precisely the three men, then stepped out and leveled her weapon as Miniflick was starting to run towards the men, barking at them.
  81. He had left behind his violin, for he identified it too closely with his misfortune, but his mother had obliged him to take his petate, a very popular and practical bedroll, with its pillow, sheet, small pewter chamber pot, and mosquito netting, all of this wrapped in straw matting tied with two hemp ropes for hanging a hammock in an emergency.
  82. In the intervals, over the swarming Plaza brooded a heavy silence, in which the mouth of the orator went on opening and shutting, and detached phrases—"The happiness of the people," "Sons of the country," "The entire world, el mundo entiero"—reached even the packed steps of the cathedral with a feeble clear ring, thin as the buzzing of a mosquito.
  83. Yet, for all that, the rusty, paint-blistered parapet on which she was leaning, the way in which the dark waters of the pond reflected the drooping branch of the overhanging birch tree (it almost seemed to me as though branch and its reflection met), the rising odour of the swamp, the feeling of crushed mosquito on my cheek, and her absorbed look and statuesque pose—many times afterwards did these things recur with unexpected vividness to my recollection.
  84. If only he could speak with her and she to him tonight, how good the night might be, and how easy to breathe and how lax the vessels of blood in her ankles and in her wrists and the under-arms, but there was no speaking and the night was ten thousand tickings and ten thousand twistings of the blankets, and the pillow was like a tiny white warm stove under-cheek, and the blackness of the room was a mosquito netting draped all about so that a turn entangled her in it.
  85. If only he could speak with her and she to him tonight, how good the night might be, and how easy to breathe and how lax the vessels of blood in her ankles and in her wrists and the under-arms, but there was no speaking and the night was ten thousand tickings and ten thousand twistings of the retched blankets, and the pillow was like a tiny white warm stove undercheek, and the blackness of the room was a mosquito netting draped all about so that a turn entangled her in it.
  86. The look of the old birch trees, with the one side of their curling branches showing bright against the moonlit sky, and the other darkening the bushes and carriage-drive with their black shadows; the calm, rich glitter of the pond, ever swelling like a sound; the moonlit sparkle of the dewdrops on the flowers in front of the verandah; the graceful shadows of those flowers where they lay thrown upon the grey stonework; the cry of a quail on the far side of the pond; the voice of some one walking on the high road; the quiet, scarcely audible scrunching of two old birch trees against one another; the humming of a mosquito at my car under the coverlet; the fall of an apple as it caught against a branch and rustled among the dry leaves; the leapings of frogs as they approached almost to the verandah-steps and sat with the moon shining mysteriously on their green backs—all these things took on for me a strange significance—a significance of exceeding beauty and of infinite love.
  87. They have the notion that HIV could be contracted by mosquito bites,.

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