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Motionless in a sentence | motionless example sentences

  1. It was cold and motionless.
  2. She stood motionless for a.
  3. The man sat there, motionless.
  4. A perfect being is motionless.
  5. He lay there motionless, for.

  6. His body lay there motionless.
  7. The other side sat motionless.
  8. Frodo sat silent and motionless.
  9. Motionless, Nole sat and waited.
  10. He was motionless where he lay.
  11. His legs alone were motionless.
  12. She sat motionless and listened.
  13. Kila stood motionless and silent.
  14. He lies motionless on the floor.
  15. Drake sat motionless in his chair.

  16. When it ended, he was motionless.
  17. They faced each other motionless.
  18. He was on the ground, motionless.
  19. Gania was motionless with horror.
  20. Rose stood motionless for a moment.
  21. Jason was motionless for a moment.
  22. She was motionless against a rock.
  23. A heap lay motionless in the corner.
  24. The Illustrated Man lay motionless.
  25. A form lying motionless on the sand.

  26. She remained motionless in his arms.
  27. They stood motionless in the shower.
  28. Homer fell and then lay motionless.
  29. I stood motionless for a long time.
  30. And they stood motionless, listening.
  31. The crystal lustres hung motionless.
  32. For a while this floated motionless.
  33. It lay there on the bed, motionless.
  34. She is motionless and without breath.
  35. Here sat the Terrible; we motionless.
  36. In the Wax Museum, Will sat motionless.
  37. Motes of birds hung motionless, white.
  38. She remained motionless where she was.
  39. The desk clerk lay motionless on the.
  40. He ran across to the motionless figure.
  41. Motionless, like a lifeless wax statue.
  42. I stared at him, motionless, and with.
  43. She lays motionless on the sandy floor.
  44. Nolan was motionless in a pool of blood.
  45. He remained motionless, his back to me.
  46. She saw a man lying motionless on a bed.
  47. Tommy sat motionless, his head spinning.
  48. Motionless, she held her breath as she.
  49. Boat and crew sat motionless on the sea.
  50. He stood motionless for what seemed ages.
  51. He remained open-mouthed and motionless.
  52. Our soul stands motionless at our center.
  53. He halted, and sat motionless, listening.
  54. She stood motionless as the scaly beast.
  55. He was motionless, pale, and corpse-like.
  56. The room was silent and motionless again.
  57. Jack stood motionless gazing down at her.
  58. They see William on the floor motionless.
  59. Motionless she sat with her work in hand.
  60. The city was gray and high and motionless.
  61. Van Thorn remained motionless in his chair.
  62. He was silent and motionless for some time.
  63. The man was lying at its feet, motionless.
  64. I sat motionless in the truck; there was.
  65. She sat silent and motionless in the chair.
  66. Standing motionless in the dark he tested.
  67. Van Thorn’s other men remained motionless.
  68. The water has now become almost motionless.
  69. Gania was struck motionless with amazement.
  70. He held her all night as she lie motionless.
  71. Mitya remained standing, staring motionless.
  72. She lay absolutely motionless, not a budge.
  73. Sage stood motionless, not uttering a word.
  74. But he remained standing there, motionless.
  75. He stood for a minute motionless beneath it.
  76. Charlie stood motionless in a state of shock.
  77. She stood motionless, hit rigid with terror.
  78. The Chinese man’s face remained motionless.
  79. I sat motionless while he placed the phone.
  80. A few moments later he was motionless again.
  81. Shamen’s stomach, they remained motionless.
  82. He will keep his face completely motionless.
  83. Jean Valjean lay there pallid and motionless.
  84. At the end of the kata, Eric stood motionless.
  85. Joseph fell to the ground and lay motionless.
  86. Chase laid in a motionless heap on the floor.
  87. The rest of her was almost wholly motionless.
  88. He stood motionless, paralyzed by her beauty.
  89. He was still hard inside her, but motionless.
  90. I just stood there, speechless and motionless.
  91. A man was facedown on the ground, motionless.
  92. Almost… said the fisherman, motionless.
  93. The field before him was empty and motionless.
  94. She then looks back at the two motionless men.
  95. The officers stood motionless as she went out.
  96. He then looked at the still motionless robots.
  97. She remained sitting motionless on the ground.
  98. The Lead Arrow counselors remained motionless.
  99. Mia was lying motionless on the pale linoleum.
  100. For half a minute our hero remained motionless.

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