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    1. There are still societies at YingolNeerie where everyone commutes to a career in an enclosed outdoor motorcar

    2. "He would drive the motorcar to the log picker or the lon barge and then he would drive that for a shift

    3. I grunted as the old lady, my guarantee for the safe return of one very expensive motorcar, prodded me in the stomach with a bony finger

    4. Clive sank into the green boigno leather of the motorcar

    5. Maintenon gritted his teeth as a horse-cab full of citizens loomed in front of the motorcar

    6. “Leduc! Fire up the motorcar! Fouquet! Get in here!” shouted Levain, and then all was insanity for the next little while

    7. Krazinsky where he might conceal his motorcar, and then show him to one of the bedrooms

    8. The design had been created and developed by an independent designer, who had originally been trained by and worked under, the famous motorcar designer, Ian Callum - and as with the magnificent all-new XJ Jaguar, no expense had been spared to create the ultimate

    9. They were kept in “line-of-sight” by the driver of a i20 Hyundai motorcar, which followed them doggedly………

    10. The miniature bell that was connected to an alarm at the “Circle” was gone!…however the motorcar “tracking” charm was still there! She immediately turned the charm around on its connecting pin and was relieved to note that the tiny windows of the mini-vehicle became suffused with a red glow! – thank goodness…it still worked!…she would leave it activated and hope that James would notice and come for her!…she had no idea what sort of range the tracking device had…

    11. He had needed all his concentration to steer his precious motorcar through the heavy traffic on roads that were tricky to drive on due to the patches of snow that were still lying

    12. Coyotes were singing their tune in the background of the full moon as headlights from a motorcar turned around the corner up ahead of her

    13. After an hour of nervous pacing, she nearly jumped out of her skin when headlights filled the front yard as a motorcar pulled into the gravel driveway in front of the house

    14. He tells Georgie: And what will you do with the big, big, big, money?" Have you not everything you need? If you need a motorcar, you pluck it from the

    15. —She lies laid out in stark stiffness in that secondbest bed, the mobled queen, even though you prove that a bed in those days was as rare as a motorcar is now and that its carvings were the wonder of seven parishes

    16. possessed him he would arrange bedroom chairs in rude resemblance of a motorcar and would crouch on the foremost of them, bent forward and staring fixedly ahead, making uncouth and ghastly noises, till the climax was reached, when, turning a complete somersault, he would lie prostrate amidst the ruins of the chairs, apparently completely satisfied for the moment

    17. 'I only borrowed a motorcar while the owners were at lunch; they had no need of it at the time

    18. There, gleaming in the drive, was a handsome new motorcar, brass fittings shining in the sun

    19. I heard the rhythmic clang of iron from the blacksmith shop, and the pop-pop report of a motorcar doing a circuit around the courthouse square

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    auto automobile car machine motorcar

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    a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine