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Mounded in a sentence

All that was left of them was mounded piles of rubble covered in snow.
Gray boulders were mounded to form a wall, topped with a fence of logs.
It mounded up high over the deck and cargo until it ran over the sides in continuous rivulets.
At the base of the slope of the mounded hill that the temple was built on, the road stopped being straight and curved around the slope.
Sometimes, words meant in the utmost respect were misconstrued by overstrung relatives of the dead and scarcely were the last shovels of earth mounded above the coffin before trouble began.
The water mounded up, its forward progress stymied, before falling in a rush, away and down both sides of the first level, creating raging whirlpools as eddy currents spun away against the brick facings.
And then I was in Louisiana, with Lake Charles away to the side in the dark, but my lights glittered on ice and glinted on diamond frost, and those people who forever trudge the roads at night were mounded over with cloth against the cold.

The area closer to the house was densely planted with growing beings rescued from destruction in the previous garden: lithe birch trees graceful as dancers, clumps of fairy-like nandina, stately arum lilies, agapanthus mounding greenly, fine-leafed groundcovers spilling over every surface.
On what? Mounds of snow?
The banks became moss-grown mounds.
Huge termite mounds stuck up all around.
The girl’s flat chest grew soft mounds.
Mounds, Indian, of the West, remarks on, J.
Thousands of dirt mounds had been erected.
They were inspecting two splattered mounds.
As he looked at the well-formed earthen mounds.
Jump over the mounds of snow or have relay races.
Chains hit the ground, falling on mounds of red ash.
A low neckline exposed the upper mounds of swollen.
There are rows of tables with mounds of black on them.
They left the termite mounds and drove onto the beach.
With these words the travellers passed the silent mounds.
The mounds of shit before our eyes must've weighed over.
At the centre of everything were two human-built mounds.
There were many mounds covered with dirt and vegetation.
The mounds were the bodies of Michael and Becky DeGeorge.
There are many other mounds of the same form in Tennessee.
The dishes had mounds of shredded stuff piled quite high.
It’s not over, I said, nodding at the tagged mounds.
A cluster of red orbs flashed to life in the mounds center.
He tossed them aside and began shuffling through mounds of.
Look to the trees on those mounds, hissed Ben Frostberry.
Mining Bees in the lawn: Their mounds can be removed with a rake.
He judged the desert mounds, the hills of bone-silt and silence.
Getting no response, she studied the mounds of sand in trepidation.
They came at last to the mounds of grainy soil of the construction.
The gather'd thousands to their funeral mounds, and thousands never.
And now there were eight mounds on the east-side of the Barrowfield.
We then covered them with bark and buried them under mounds of earth.
The Orcs were piled in great heaps, away from the mounds of Men, not.
Chill, stirring occasionally, until the mixture mounds slightly when.
Drop peanut butter batter in small mounds over chocolate batter in pan.
There were mounds of snow all around and the sky was filled with more.
Ants’ and termites’ nests are often immediately recognizable mounds.
The three of them sat around it on some gravel mounds they'd scooped up.
Three Lena’s entered and decked the table with mounds of heavenly food.
It is like the mounds covered with trees, which grow in it and about it.
The mounds of her breasts rose and fell in the regular pattern of sleep.

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So she charges the mound.
Junior, you take the mound.
The huge mound had served.
Mac patted his mound flatter.
A large mound of earth was.
A mound of faeces welled up.
It is the Mound of Prophecy.
The Acropolis was a jagged mound.
He stood looking up at the mound.
I find a mound of snow and sit down.
He grasped her mound, cupping its.
A mound of boulders caught his eye.
John Lennon walked back to the mound.
I thought however about the mound of.
As he watched the mound of dirt, his.
I called time and ran out to the mound.
Johnny took the mound again in the fifth.
And it was sitting on a large round mound.
Whenever he saw a mound, off he'd gallop.
The animals circled the mound and waited.
I want is to fall on the sacrificial mound.
I began to eat from the mound closer to me.
The two climbed the rubble mound and slid.
Below us, I could see the Mound of Prophecy.
The tallest termite mound was recorded at 12.
The Mound and the Spirit Caves are very old.
Of this last description, is the Etowee mound.
Billow: The swelling of waves; a mound of water.
Bilbo was climbing the great mound of treasure.
He could just see the slight bulge of her mound.
They both sat on a grass mound taking in the day.
They were to us as we are to a mound of termites.
Amigo, don"t worry, I"ll keep an eye on that mound.
The large, terraced mound was at the northern end.
It zoomed in until a large mound filled the screen.
They laughed so much that Horace fell off the mound.
He took the mound every fourth day and annihilated.
The Hoskins Mound was leased from the Texas Company.
They had a lefty on the mound who threw in the mid-.
Her stomach was a gargantuan mound of rippling flesh.

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