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Mumble in a sentence

1. This is it, I mumble.
2. There was a low mumble of assent.
3. Fuck, they heard him mumble.
4. He seemed to mumble to himself:.
5. Others mutter or mumble to themselves.
6. Then he would mumble about the author.
7. He tried to speak but could only mumble.
8. I think it came out as a strangled mumble.
9. What the …? I mumble, rushing over.
10. Some of the crew began to nod and mumble in.
11. He’s insane, Simone continued to mumble.
12. Nearby, he heard the hostage mumble some words.
13. Sorry about that, was all she could mumble.
14. Another soft mumble escaped the injured girls lips.
15. Buddy couldn’t help but mumble, Sons of bitches.
16. He tried; nothing came out but an incoherent mumble.
17. But I still managed to nod my head and mumble, Yes.
18. I could only stare before managing to mumble the words needed.
19. Finally he was able to mumble something, again unintelligible.
20. I mumble a goodnight, but I stay awake way later than I should.
21. He began to mumble a bit and shake like he was having a seizure.
22. She continued to mumble her name several times without a response.
23. There was a mumble and a low groan then slowly the head tilted back.
24. A silly grin spreads across his bloodied face and he begins to mumble.
25. Michael could only mumble his thanks and gratitude, he was absolutely.
26. As the night passed into morning, Emily began to stir and mumble in her.
27. I was amazed that he even spoke to me, but managed to mumble that I did.
28. She began to mumble about all the pain she saw, and how a war was coming.
29. There’s more where that came from, punk, she’d mumble in my ear.
30. He trailed off into a mumble, his eyes dropping away from hers, his lids.
31. I think I got on the wrong train, he heard himself mumble, untruthfully.
32. They could hear the front door open downstairs and his parents mumble something.
33. When warned to make the most of things they mumble impatiently, ‘Yeah, yeah,’.
34. As Youssaf stumbled along, he continued to mumble, in apparent despair as they moved.
35. Fuck a nigger, will ‘ya? I’ll show ‘ya, ‘ya bitch! she heard him mumble.
36. As I left, I heard him mumble that I shouldn’t worry---my check would be in the mail.
37. I’d said it once or twice, a spitty mumble against her neck, homesick for something.
38. The words tumbled out of him when they came, but quietly, in nothing more than a mumble.
39. The show kicks off in half an hour and regular attendees know this period as The Mumble.
40. Father Michael was not a charismatic preacher, and he went through the mass in a mumble.
41. Definitely artificial, Wethers said, his words almost a mumble as he continued to.
42. She would smile and even mumble at the familiar faces flashing before her slumbering eyes.
43. Some of the soldiers began to mumble, and others began to question Jane's and Samantha's leadership.
44. He has his own plane, I mumble, embarrassed, and it’s only two and a half thousand miles, Mom.
45. Kris tried to mumble something and remember the words that he was just memorizing but no words came out.
46. Much of the drawn haggard look had gone from his features, and his voice was not the mumble of delirium.
47. Anna chuckled, reminding herself not to mumble under her breath around vampires with super-sharp hearing.
48. I avoid her eyes and mumble something about how I agree that her gifts have been really inadequate so far.
49. He turned back to the bar to shout up another round and I heard him mumble, But I hate fucking gratitude.
50. Then he would mumble something like, ‘And how’s my little whore today?’ – sounding almost affectionate.
51. But while he wanted to listen in on their conversation, he couldn’t hear more than a mumble from where he was standing.
52. He spoke almost softly and those near him had to strain to hear what he was saying, and those further away only heard a mumble.
53. It’s a… I heard Jack mumble something to himself, stopping in mid-sentence, as though trying to make sense of his own thoughts.
54. Worse still, lacking an iron-grip control on even the basics of their lives, they mumble the incantations of success, expecting magical results.
55. Who have you been hanging with in college that has succeeded in plastering your tongue with such profanity? I mumble, marveling at the estate.
56. And as he stared into it, somewhere beyond that carven door he heard the sound of another door opening and shutting, and then a low mumble of voices.
57. In four or five moves he would be beaten and so he saw no alternative but to knock over his king with his index finger and mumble congratulations.
58. He heard Andrew mumble something to Connor just before the blue-white Light poured out of every uncovered hole, stitched seam, and rip in the old tent.
59. She was dismayed at the sadness Shelagh suddenly displayed as if it was buried in the past, but could think of no comfort to offer except to mumble, 'I'm sorry.
60. She pressed her cold nose into my forearm and I heard her mumble out, How I have been blessed to have been given to a man that worries so much about my comfort.
61. He began to mumble obscure words as he looked around with his bulging, magical eyes, that dislocated the hearts of those present because of their horrible appearance.
62. And whenever I spoke, I could only mumble my words…Howell’s men, they were totally surrounded by Saxons, he took the brunt of that attack, he did not hear me when I called retreat.
63. Three doors faced up upon the second floor, and it was from the central of these that the sinister sounds were issuing, sinking sometimes into a dull mumble and rising again into a shrill whine.
64. There is nothing worse than the armchair warriors who spout and mumble about how wonderful the war is, these vacuous idiots who have no kids over there, who make comments with nothing at stake.
65. Lisa was crying and in a breathless mumble of emotion she asked, What’s going to happen to my babies? Her eyes were fear itself, as she pulled her two older children against her sides tightly.
66. He tried, as he took her extended hand, to mumble something unintelligible enough to pass for her name, looking at her with an admiration purposely open in the hope of distracting her attention, but the ruse was of no avail.
67. Carreen and Suellen, emaciated and white, slept brokenly and awoke to mumble with wide, staring eyes in the tall four-poster bed where they had whispered together in Empire bed with curling head and foot, a bed which Ellen had brought from Savannah.
68. As the conversation in the background became nothing more than a mumble of incoherent words, she thought back to the beginning, just after her childhood had ended, and remembered how it was that eight of the nine of the Inner Circle of the Twelfth Padigm had chosen her for this mission.
69. The old familiar mumble of prayers reached Esther’s ears as the Rabbi said a prayer in Hebrew from the ancient tomes of Judaism while he opened the holy book and uncovered the scrolls handing the magnificent velvet scroll covers to Esther so she could lay them carefully on the nearby table.
70. Simple! I’ll say it was simple! It was nothing more than a trumped up mumble of words in an excuse of a shotgun wedding in front of a bunch of strangers one of which shot me! I wouldn’t have even had a ring, if some old widow hadn’t taken pity on me! Asia exclaimed red in the face with the indignation that she felt.
1. He was mumbling to himself.
2. Still mumbling, he carried on.
3. He keeps mumbling Penny, Penny.
4. When he was mumbling to himself.
5. My mother kept mumbling to herself.
6. Oh, nothing … I was just mumbling.
7. Jennifer mumbling from the other room.
8. She was crying and mumbling under her.
9. The bully straightened himself, mumbling.
10. You were mumbling something incoherent.
11. Still mumbling to himself, he stumbled back.
12. It was like mumbling then they said it was.
13. He shook his head vigorously, mumbling what.
14. She mumbling keeps her hands in front of her.
15. He was mumbling before some sort of low table.
16. He heard a mumbling sound trying to penetrate.
17. Annette was mumbling, I can’t believe this.
18. No police! Then mumbling: Think straight.
19. She tried to move away mumbling, `Nothing's wrong.
20. Mash‘al began pacing the floor, mumbling angrily.
21. Voice came at last, mumbling and half intelligible.
22. He was mumbling something she could not understand.
23. He had begun mumbling saying anything intelligible.
24. He started mumbling in a sort mock wordless whine.
25. A man’s mumbling, angry voice carrying in the wind.
26. Detroit was mumbling in annoyance, his words incoherent.
27. As they passed, the beggar groaned, hoarsely mumbling.
28. The wind brushed through his fur, mumbling its warnings.
29. They said he was mumbling, It’s only a smoke bomb.
30. She was mumbling about something about not being worthy.
31. Kelly did as he was instructed, but not without mumbling.
32. An old goodman of a priest, who passes along mumbling his.
33. The men hesitated a moment, mumbling incoherent complaints.
34. Professor Hojo’s mumbling could be heard from the flights.
35. I was sure I heard her mumbling, Doctor, the nurse said.
36. He could hear Drayben was mumbling something under his breath.
37. Hal shook his head continuously, mumbling that he didn’t care.
38. She went through the service distractedly, mumbling the psalms.
39. She lapsed into a stream of mumbling that Hal couldn’t make out.
40. By the time she hung up, he was mumbling incoherently to himself.
41. Some of it’s hard to understand because he’s mumbling at them.
42. Mumbling something about the lateness of the hour, he took his leave.
43. Even Calras’ words now turned to a mumbling and soon they died too.
44. She turned and started through the bushes, still mumbling about Alric.
45. I reminded him of the realty as he scurried off to the shower mumbling.
46. She rolled over, mumbling incoherently, her face only inches from his.
47. She was again standoffish, mumbling I was going in the wrong direction.
48. For a mother, nothing can be sweeter than to hear her child's mumbling.
49. Emily turned on her heels and headed into the palace mumbling, Don't.
50. I have heard them mumbling in their own language but it’s all strange.
51. Tears of fright were streaming down Samantha's face and she was mumbling.
52. She was back to mumbling now, and I tossed the stone towards the cauldron.
53. He then started hobbling onward toward the sanctuary mumbling as he went.
54. She felt Henry tossing in his sleep and mumbling, grumbling incoherently.
55. The old man’s mumbling didn’t seem to form any clearly defined sounds.
56. The crowed was still mumbling in anger, when a man spoke out of the crowd;.
57. He was an ex-beadle of seventy-five, who was constantly mumbling his prayers.
58. After all these years of mumbling and insouciance she had finally come to him.
59. In haste, he dashes out of the car, mumbling something that sounds like curses.
60. I could hear them mumbling in shock, as we did not even show on their scanners.
61. He was pointing at the sky and mumbling something about how they couldn’t see.
62. He was mumbling something in silly-speak that she really didn't pay attention to.
63. The lady with the pillowcases turned and walked away mumbling to herself in Welsh.
64. My parents, too, had started mumbling that it was time I settled down and I teased.
65. As I sat back down into my seat, I could hear Uncle Hobart mumbling away to himself.
66. He also overhears the natives mumbling something about how the village was destroyed.
67. Mumbling something about being back by noon, he turned his head and fell back asleep.
68. Everybody stood again, gawking, astounded looks, the same wild gazes, and loud mumbling.
69. He made a mumbling sound in confirmation of this, took her hand, and began pressing it.
70. In the car he was mumbling something about a hobo with a flame thrower or a flare-gun.
71. Frank, in line with them, started mumbling that he had something to tell Mike Ditka himself.
72. The room is filled with people mumbling to themselves and flashing photos at Michael Morris.
73. Murray paid for the whistles and left the mechanic alone still mumbling about his calamities.
74. At home he sat down, with his head in his hands, mumbling incoherently in some strange tongue.
75. But standing in front of a tombstone mumbling words of remembrance was hardly the same thing.
76. Darcy was mumbling something over and over, while Emily’s reaction was quite a bit noisier.
77. With a couple brushes of his long blonde hair, he was ready, mumbling his best pick-up lines.
78. His best friend writhed on the floor mumbling something about not being able to feel his legs.
79. Morgan quickly ran in the opposite direction, mumbling to himself, Uhhhooohhhh, uhhhhohhhh.
80. Eric is surprised at the tone of his voice and looks up at him in confusion mumbling a 'Hello'.
81. Alec was engrossed in a deep sleep on the ground, mumbling incoherently to no one in particular.
82. When I came to—when I came to—I—well, I heard some mumbling and what seemed like growling.
83. The Drongs slowed and gathered in a corner where they huddled moaning and mumbling incoherently.
84. Hearing that didn’t seem to comfort Garcia any, as he started mumbling about butchers and the.
85. Paramita put on her makeup then dressed in a tan pantsuit while mumbling to herself, five fifteen A.
86. Her mumbling had not set well in him, neither had the fact that her breathing had started to hitch.
87. Pharaoh was staring in the distance and he went on mumbling to himself as if Abram was not in the room.
88. Shuffling, the homeless figure jostled the squeaky cart out of the alley, all alone, mumbling to herself.
89. Clara tried to get Sam Carrot-Top to drink some water, but he was too busy mumbling in his unconsciousness.
90. I didn't hear any more for Matthew had moved off, still mumbling, into the crowd that stood about the wharf.
91. Apparently college girls didn't like flustered, mumbling, awkward, shy-but-wild-eyed-with-passion come-ons.
92. She was mumbling something about repopulating the old island and the joys and rich rewards of duck hunting.
93. A minute later he had her pinned to the bed once more clawing at her clothing, mumbling with a thick tongue.
94. A loud mumbling drowned out everything else, wild gazes at Elior on whose shoulder Calras had placed his hand.
95. He went on lisping and mumbling, without giving a thought to the audience, so that every one began to wonder.
96. And how the devil did you come to fasten me out, you toothless hound? Don't stand muttering and mumbling there.
97. And how the devil did you come to fasten me out, you toothless hound? Don’t stand muttering and mumbling there.
98. The vacant, troubled look in his eyes, the uncertain gait, the mumbling talk to a badger who was not there to hear.
99. She went reluctantly, still sure Bino had told her to let the guy take the car and mumbling about how sorry she was.
100. The image of the young Israeli soldier mumbling a prayer before her mouth was taped shut continued to haunt his dreams.
1. The old man mumbled weakly.
2. The earpiece mumbled to itself.
3. What the fuck? I mumbled.
4. The other men mumbled agreement.
5. Oh of course, she mumbled.
6. Elowen mumbled, ‘There is no.
7. Through her tears she mumbled a.
8. I'm not hungry, Tom mumbled.
9. What was that? she mumbled.
10. Dam was groggy and mumbled in Thai.
11. My dad the chef, he mumbled.
12. Um… she mumbled to herself.
13. I’ve gotta go, he mumbled.
14. I mumbled yes, hoping it was true.
15. This is horrible, he mumbled.
16. Ees it bad, Beth? she mumbled.
17. This is too weird, he mumbled.
18. George mumbled incoherently to them.
19. Halloween is over, he mumbled.
20. Without thinking, he mumbled a few.
21. It killed the cat, Nurse mumbled.
22. That’s not funny, he mumbled.
23. Christine mumbled into Laura’s hair.
24. She mumbled something I didn't catch.
25. Remarkable, I mumbled to myself.
26. Forgive me for this, she mumbled.
27. I’m sorry, he quietly mumbled.
28. Windy Point, she mumbled to herself.
29. Never again, he mumbled out loud.
30. What did I do wrong? She mumbled.
31. Not-doings of the self? I mumbled.
32. The lions mumbled in their baked pelts.
33. Sorry, he mumbled, still unmoving.
34. But I can’t fuck, he mumbled.
35. You finally done it, she mumbled.
36. Herbie looked at the ground and mumbled.
37. Thats a happy thought, I mumbled.
38. I’m losing my mind, he mumbled.
39. Then he mumbled good-night and went out.
40. A barely audible, mumbled reply came back.
41. I mumbled, Fuck you too, but smiled.
42. And munched and mumbled a bare old bone;.
43. Oh my God, he mumbled as he ran out.
44. Yes, Greg mumbled, a bit irritated.
45. Is Jer coming with you? he mumbled.
46. Your dad looks bad, Robbie mumbled.
47. I mumbled, 'except in the backyard patio'.
48. That’s not Disney, Therese mumbled.
49. I should have seen that, he mumbled.
50. He smiled weakly and mumbled his agreement.
51. That I’d been with her, he mumbled.
52. Marie stirred with a mumbled protest and.
53. She mumbled something incoherent and fled.
54. Yeah, Henry mumbled under his breath.
55. Oh, man, he mumbled with a full mouth.
56. As he lit it he mumbled through his breath.
57. This is not happening, Grover mumbled.
58. Thank you Dad, she mumbled in his ear.
59. He mumbled almost to himself, Obviously.
60. Water? A still sleepy old man mumbled.
61. Finally she cleared her throat and mumbled.
62. Atlantis! she mumbled, taking offense.
63. Not sure what he should do, Liam mumbled a.
64. Let’s see, where was I? he mumbled.
65. This is where I lost him, she mumbled.
66. He shook his head and mumbled incoherently.
67. He mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear.
68. I’ll just see myself out, he mumbled.
69. He’ll blame us for that mumbled Stu.
70. He mumbled, I was in the car with my dad.
71. Kassim mumbled something that was incoherent.
72. She mumbled something in Chinese, then left.
73. That would do it, he mumbled to himself.
74. Bastard took me by surprise, he mumbled.
75. The Feds went in the house, he mumbled.
76. I… didn’t think of that, he mumbled.
77. I was trying to protect you, I mumbled.
78. Whas this? He mumbled around a mouthful.
79. He mumbled something which Jack didn't catch.
80. The hell you don’t, Marshall almost mumbled.
81. Thank you, Moshe mumbled, barely audibly.
82. They all nodded, and mumbled and murmured back.
83. Allie mumbled something and then left the room.
84. Hey, Paul, what’s going on? I mumbled.
85. I’ve never seen this before, he mumbled.
86. Sure, I mumbled, deep in thought about Mr.
87. See, no one cares what I say, she mumbled.
88. Moses mumbled and rolled over, groping for his.
89. I’m not really with her, Victor mumbled.
90. That guy really poured it on, mumbled Ken.
91. Kevin mumbled, This is really freaking me out.
92. But the revolution continues, Jeff mumbled.
93. Yes, that is what I suspected, he mumbled.
94. She mumbled a yes, I suppose so to herself.
95. Cut through the deck, he mumbled out loud.
96. That’s what I’m afraid of, she mumbled.
97. It sounded like he mumbled the word ‘Amalfi’.
98. She mumbled to herself, Hmph… friend….
99. Melinda mumbled a hello but the girl ignored her.
100. I didn't think twice before I mumbled, Come in.
1. He mumbles, but I hear.
2. He mumbles incoherently.
3. I love you, he mumbles.
4. She mumbles softly, No.
5. He mumbles a lot to himself.
6. The voice turned into mumbles.
7. He mumbles some kind of apology.
8. Throaty mumbles, for her ears only.
9. There were mumbles of affirmation.
10. He mumbles, I know I closed that.
11. Oh, Jenna, he mumbles to himself.
12. All right, he mumbles to himself.
13. Mumbles bent forward and listened eagerly.
14. Murmurs and mumbles echoed around the room.
15. More mumbles and frothing from Jerry but no response.
16. Mumbles of consent emanated from the shadows behind Andy.
17. Hack struggles to move around and mumbles something incoherent.
18. The revelation drew brief mumbles and gasps from among the recruits.
19. Hoenir mumbles something in his sleep, and Loki crumples to the floor.
20. Look, they’re over here, too, he mumbles, pointing at his lips.
21. The Club Secretary mumbles, stumbles, & stutters over his words, Well I, I.
22. All good, he mumbles, returning his attention back to his cigarettes.
23. He sets up a camping table and mumbles something about the Sands of the Nile.
24. I remember you now, he mumbles, or at least that’s what I think he said.
25. Excuse me? he finally mumbles out, chewing on his recovered turkey piece.
26. They settled, though there were mumbles of ‘android upstart’ as they subsided.
27. He then mumbles looking directly at the nurse, I’ll put something up your ass.
28. Mikey jumps back in his seat both perplexed and sad as he mumbles under his breath.
29. Eugene groans, crossing his arms over his chest, and mumbles, Yeah, I know that one.
30. This is crazy, she mumbles, hitting the unlock button on the Subaru’s remote.
31. Brian mumbles something that might have been Yes, Dad, and leads me up the stairs.
32. There were a couple of appreciative mumbles in the room and a half-hearted attempt at applause.
33. Oh, I see, the other mumbles, averting his eyes from those of his interlocutor, I don't.
34. Liz, the other one mumbles, looking at the condescending eyes of the crowd checking her out.
35. I think I was trying to convince myself that’s the case, but you … He breathes in, then mumbles.
36. There was a general, though muted, response to that, in the shape of a few halfhearted murmurs and mumbles.
37. Silently she passes the other plate of pizza to Stef who mumbles a �Thank you� before he takes a huge bite.
38. Oh, that’s okay, Tina mumbles in a terse falsetto voice, I’ll just step in the bathroom and towel it off.
39. He wept into my shirt until his tears dried, until his shaking stopped and his frantic pleas dwindled to indecipherable mumbles.
40. The rain picks up, and they’re just turning into a walkway lined with long hedges when Mimir mumbles through the lantern handle in his mouth.
41. Good one, good one, Jaden says in laughing voice, while he mumbles to himself, ‘Make note, wash hands with commercial bleach when I get back home.
42. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group.
43. With dull mumbles they climbed in to the shower together, slow aching limbs meant they took the opportunity to use each other to wash, backs that would require stretching themselves were proving just too strenuous without the aid of someone else.
44. The whoops of joy and delight coming from Tracey in the garden fill Watkin with pleasure, and Wat promises her ‘Next week I’ll take you to the bouncy castle and we can watch the cricket in the afternoon, then it’s down to Joe's ice cream parlour in the yard of the Oystermouth train station on the Mumbles railway.
45. And then all the way home you root through your purse, desperately looking for something missing, but nothing is and it drives you crazy not knowing what the hell it was you left behind in that trash? And then your husband mumbles that maybe it was your dignity, and he has a point but you explain that you remember it being heavy and substantial so it was obviously not your dignity, and you explain that the only reason you were distracted enough to throw away something that wasn’t keys was that you’d just discovered a mind-blowing universal truth.

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