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Obstructs in a sentence

His body obstructs the alley.
The difficulty of obtaining settlements obstructs even that of.
Damp-pathogen is defined as a yin pathogen, it obstructs the flow of qi and.
Since cold is the prevalent climate in winter, it often obstructs defensive.
It will not be well if you approach this negatively, for fear obstructs the.
Actually that which obstructs the path of self-realization and diverts to disorders.
It obstructs a trade from one port to another of the same enemy—France for example.

Whatever either promotes or obstructs the one, necessarily promotes or obstructs the other.
It is our social education and training that has gripped our free judgment and obstructs the true understanding of life situations.
It obstructs the direct trade of neutrals from their own country to any part of the coast from the Elbe to Brest—a coast not less than a thousand miles.
But as it obstructs the natural increase of capital, it tends rather to diminish than to increase the sum total of the revenue which the inhabitants of the country derive from the profits of stock ; a small profit upon a great capital generally affording a greater revenue than a great profit upon a small one.
The operation commences, by opening the cock nearest the boiler, the steam drives the air out of the pipe through the water into the reservoir; shut the cock, and the water rises from the reservoir to fill it; shut the second cock, and open the first, the water discharges from the chamber into the boiler; repeated by a movement from the engine, when in motion, the supply continues with more certainty than by a pump, because it is difficult to pump hot water, on account of the elasticity of the steam arising from it, which obstructs the operation of the valves.
You’re obstructing the footpath.
The harem pants were obstructing my view.
There is a barrier obstructing your progress.
You are obstructing the footpath and causing a public nuisance.
They would have moved anything obstructing their line of retreat.
It cannot be by shutting up the pores of the leaf, and thus obstructing its perspiration.
Thirdly, the policy of Europe, by obstructing the free circulation of labour and stock, both.
The only thing that is veiling and obstructing our encounter with this knowledge is thinking.
When they looked on the monitor, the door to the chapel was closed, obstructing the cameras view.
On the contrary, you'll have to answer, gentlemen, for violently obstructing the course of justice.
If business arrangements cannot be made they call in the jackals to kill the obstructing leader.
As I strolled in the darkness, I looked up at the full moon obstructing the stars view of the planet tonight.
One of the most notable examples is arthritis, which damages the joints and causes severe pain while obstructing movement.
I’D BEEN INSIDE the pool house for only a couple of minutes, and in another two or three, I was going to be obstructing justice.
It is just our idea about our body that is obstructing us to conceive the fact that dress is an imposition and not a part of our body.
Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be removed in any way, even by death, and we fly back to first principles of hope and enjoyment.
Or would they believe the Russians are the enemy again? I mean, the public is already skeptical with the Russians obstructing sanctions on Iran.
There are times when we feel the spirit getting in the way, obstructing our fleshly progress in the world, and we are tempted to cast aside the spiritual.
Jane Dee Hull flatly blamed ―greenies‖ for obstructing work to clean up national forests which led to burning half a million acres of Arizona forests.
It was hard to get a good view of the figure at first because of all the plantlife obstructing his view, but as he moved closer he became certain of who it was.
The big man with the black beard, obstructing the busy exit, while the mob streaming from the door struggled for a way around him and his bag, was a sight to see.
Clearly, he was enroute to tear out the throat of the obstructing colonel to get at his tormentor with the flash camera whose own face started to get a bit white.
His strong mouth, covered with a shadow cast by a palm leaf obstructing the sconce above the sofa, was poised steadily in preparation for the rest of his explanation.
Our displeasure with the Drongs in this case is not for having been responsible for bringing the items to the maze, but for obstructing us in our duty to care for them.
Strictly speaking, he was the one who was obstructing the path of my foot, but he could obviously see from the look in my eye that I was simply not prepared to walk away.
He then walked onto the beach in the hope of seeing a jetty where the Caroline might be tied, but the land came to a point and there were rock outcroppings obstructing sight.
This can cause the fluid in the eyes to be acidic to where eye matter is eaten away by the acid and then small swirls and fragments seem to float into the fluid obstructing vision.
In a voice that is surprisingly clinical Loki says, You’re going to feel my hand on your thigh; it’s the best place for me to touch you without obstructing your ability to drive.
Terkoz had a dozen knife wounds on head and breast, and Tarzan was torn and bleeding—his scalp in one place half torn from his head so that a great piece hung down over one eye, obstructing his vision.
Cheney also devoted an enormous amount of time to pushing for a pardon for Scooter Libby, a staff member convicted of perjury and obstructing the investigation of a leak exposing the identity of a CIA agent.
The Archduke and his family were not guilt free of evil… however what is NOT mentioned is the fact that the evil which they were guilty of was ONE BILLIONTH the amount ot evil THEY WERE ACTUALLY OBSTRUCTING.
The next call was at the Taxation Department where a junior clerk tried to give Michael a hard time until it was pointed out that he was obstructing a murder investigation and could himself be charged if necessary.
But what is there to prevent those doors to be fitted so as to move upwards, or horizontally, or slantwise? In which case they would go through the obstructing layer of coal as easily as a knife goes through butter.
The white troops were respectfully standing in a line behind the officers to witness the proceedings, but the native carriers, with less deference, clustered round the Staff, obstructing the view of the soldiers behind.
In killing Archduke Ferdinand and his loving wife and their love-baby growing happily inside his mothers healthy womb: that sick, diseased boy did away with the most powerful force for GOOD in Europe that was OBSTRUCTING EVIL.
How can this spirit draw nearer to the Almighty Al'lah while its yearning has become very influential with and fully controlled over it till it (its yearning) stood as an obstructing block and a veiling screen between this spirit and its Creator?
His extended hand enters her obstructed view.
Not that the headphones really obstructed much.
The truck obstructed and protected our entrance.
Surely love obstructed mainly everything in the mind, but.
First, to say that the reason is obstructed or hidden is not true.
The few cars that passed went swiftly on their way, their view obstructed.
First, to say that the reason for these acts is obstructed or hidden is not true.
Here in the paper, I want to elaborate some of the key issues that have obstructed.
The road was so obstructed with carts that it was impossible to get by in a carriage.
If he were to reach another outlet, he would find it obstructed by a plug or a grating.
When something is obstructed or goes wrong, then subtle desires manifest and cause anger.
Similarly, the soul has infinite powers and qualities, but they are obstructed by this karma.
If you had listened to my question, you’d know I asked you how I obstructed you in the least.
After crossing through a moderately dense thicket, we again found some plains obstructed by bushes.
It is the interest of every society, that things of this kind should never either he forced or obstructed.
At the moment when the soldier was sighting Marius, a hand was laid on the muzzle of the gun and obstructed it.
Nothing in this garden obstructed the sacred effort of things towards life; venerable growth reigned there among them.
Lying on my bed across from her, against the other window, a short length of wall obstructed my view of the sleeping lady.
The entrance is partly obstructed by piles of fallen rocks, which appear to have been dislodged by some great convulsion.
The infantry passing before him came to a halt without any command being given, apparently obstructed by something in front.
He was carried off through the door just as if this was some routine procedure: unencumbered or obstructed by anyone at the base.
Several times I had to stop walking to search for the trail, obstructed as it was by fallen branches and clumps of turned-up soil.
It must have been a faulty maneuver because this underwater tunnel was obstructed by such blocks and didn't make for easy navigating.
Noisy breathing, froth around the nose or lips and blueness around the lips and ears are all signs of difficult or obstructed breathing.
The view looking out is as obstructed as looking in, but he chooses not to tear them down since they mask his activities inside as well.
To Emily's right, the forest exploded as a massive buck burst from the woods, his rack of horns smashing aside anything that obstructed his path.
Tussie tried to make amends for having obstructed her plans by exerting himself to the utmost to entertain the children as far as decorum allowed.
I was like a wild beast that had broken the toils, destroying the objects that obstructed me and ranging through the wood with a stag-like swiftness.
I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate commerce.
Their upper lips burned and cracked, ballooning so dramatically that they obstructed their nostrils, while their lower lips bulged against their chins.
As a further precaution, most of the entrances to the Nile had been obstructed with hulks and debris to hamper any vessels attempting to use the waterways.
Since our Master Adam had no thought, he forget God's Command and ate so that his spirit got to inside and his approaching towards Al'lah became obstructed.
I consider trade may in some measure be compared to water; if the channel it has been used to run in becomes obstructed, it will find new channels to vent itself in.
His subjects as inevitably get that commerce which you abandon as the water will certainly run into the only channel which remains after all the others are obstructed.
The intercepting city, ancient Melchester, they were obliged to pass through in order to take advantage of the town bridge for crossing a large river that obstructed them.
It then became necessary to say something about the beneficial effects of foreign trade, and the manner in which those effects were obstructed by the laws as they then stood.
The camp-bedsteads were arranged all along the wall, and not in the middle of the room as in all the others, so that it was the only one in which the middle was not obstructed.
It obstructed not only that division in the employment of stock which is so advantageous to every society, but it obstructed likewise the improvement and cultivation of the land.
The Torres Strait is about thirty–four leagues wide, but it's obstructed by an incalculable number of islands, islets, breakers, and rocks that make it nearly impossible to navigate.
The improvement, might, perhaps, have been greater if the price had been better; but the lowness of price, though it may have obstructed, yet certainly it has not altogether prevented that improvement.

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They obstruct the.
Int J Chron Obstruct.
Hate cannot obstruct love.
Instead of helping, they obstruct.
The conservative-minded would obstruct progress.
They obstruct the seeker of truth by launching a.
We will neither obstruct you nor will we help you.
He did not want to obstruct her flow of thoughts by.
Such calcification does not necessarily obstruct the.
The exclusive privileges of corporations obstruct it from one.
Maynwaring, just as you tried to obstruct her brother, the councilman.
Dalip and Aman tried to obstruct the other officers from shooting at the car.
He says, if things in the outside world obstruct you, you should learn to ignore them.
All he could do was watch the zombie vampires crowd around and obstruct his view of the room.
He stepped aside so that he wouldn’t obstruct the sight line between his client and the jurors.
Voice synthesized as if to convey menace, he said, ‘You know why I'm here; do not try to obstruct me.
Sand dance with the rushing and whirling waters of river but it does not obstruct or stop the flow of river.
This causes the shield to rotate and obstruct the beams reflected by 13 so they cannot fall on the cylinder 8.
It was high in the sky without a single cloud to obstruct the rays and the Dead Place was once more shimmering.
The ball floated level with his right shoulder, within eyesight but constantly moving so as not to obstruct his vision.
She hauled them, threw them on the back seat and told me to sit on her side where the steering wheel would not obstruct us.
The gravest offenders in this respect are lust, wrath, avarice, and inordinate attachment which obstruct one’s realization of the Self.
What Princep actually said what that he was doing away with those who obstruct evil … plus, he was also doing away with those who do evil.
They parked the car at the large entrance, covered the car with petrol and set the car on fire to obstruct the Police entry and ran to the ship.
It does not obstruct the industry of the people; it subjects the landlord to no other inconveniency besides the unavoidable one of paying the tax.
They probably will not try to obstruct what you do either, and I think that house and barn mice may even accept bribes and could be useful that way.
It is designed to ignore all bodies around it and under it, and travel in only one direction: regardless of the obstacles that may obstruct its path.
To do away with those who obstruct and do evil, who stand in the way of unification… I never thought that after the assassination there would be a war.
Secondly, it may obstruct the industry of the people, and discourage them from applying to certain branches of business which might give maintenance and employment to great multitudes.
So you find that through the Bible it tells us very clearly, demons try to obstruct things on the way, but you and I have been given authority to deal with it, so demons are not a problem.
Avarice and injustice are always short-sighted, and they did not foresee how much this regulation must obstruct improvement, and thereby hurt, in the long-run, the real interest of the landlord.
Over the years, courts have broadly interpreted the Twenty-fourth Amendment to preclude the use of unusual residency requirements, literacy tests, and other arbitrary barriers to obstruct voting.
With their assistance, it was enabled, though not without great difficulty, and much bloodshed, either to suppress altogether, or to obstruct very much, the progress of the reformation in their dominions.
As it would very much facilitate the operations of that army against a foreign invader; so it would obstruct them as much, if unfortunately they should ever be directed against the constitution of the state.
He left in order not to obstruct the commander in chief’s undivided control of the army, and hoping that more decisive action would then be taken, but the command of the armies became still more confused and enfeebled.
France has her relapses into materialism, and, at certain instants, the ideas which obstruct that sublime brain have no longer anything which recalls French greatness and are of the dimensions of a Missouri or a South Carolina.
Critical turning-points in history are reached when a form of life and its institutions cramp and obstruct the most vigorous productive forces alive in a society - economic, social, artistic, intellectual - and it is worn out in resisting them.
The lawn was gently manicured and a weeping willow graced the front yard; healthy green ivy clung to the walls of the house but were kept trimmed back so as not to interfere with the natural wood stained shutters or obstruct the spotlessly clean windows.
When such duties are imposed, not according to the bulk or weight, but according to the supposed value of the goods, they become properly a sort of inland customs or excise, which obstruct very much the most important of all branches of commerce, the interior commerce of the country.
But this water which has flowed, and which still flows unceasingly, and nourishes all mankind, not only is not the result of the activity of the men who, standing at its source, turn it aside, but this water flows and gushes out, in spite of the efforts of these men to obstruct its flow.

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