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Offered in a sentence

1. He offered her a nod.
2. He offered us $ 125.
3. He offered it to her.
4. He offered me a piece.
5. D and offered it to me.
6. He offered me a drink.
7. He offered me his arm.

8. I offered to show her.
9. He was also offered a.
10. Afan offered me his hand.
11. She offered some to Tam.
12. Prayer is offered to him.
13. Henrik offered me a job.
14. They offered me a full.
15. I offered her a whisky.
16. He offered no help, no.
17. She offered no last name.
18. Norah offered a wry smile.
19. He offered his arm to me.
20. Alex offered his arm to.
21. Why had I offered that?
22. I offered him a choice.
23. He offered it in a toast.
24. She offered it to Lovern.
25. He–he offered me a job.
26. She offered me some water.
27. Z number is offered below.
28. She offered herself to me.
29. They offered me huge ones.
30. He has offered to help us.
31. And then offered our hand.
32. The owner offered her $20.
33. He offered the toast again.
34. Walt took an offered cup.
35. And then I offered prayer.
36. He had offered Ritter the.
37. Sir Richard offered his arm.
38. Some are offered maps and.
39. They offered me copies of.
40. Andrew offered me a hit.
1. I was offering to hold his.
2. He is offering us new bodies.
3. I’m offering you a position.
4. Initial public offering : IPO.
5. After offering me a chair, St.
6. To consume the offering below.
7. This offering is called Zakah.
8. Actual offering to the spirits.
9. That sudden way of offering you.
10. And offering the victory to them.
11. He became the offering for, and.
12. He is offering that to us as well.
13. Cain brought his offering to God.
14. Pinocchio, then offering his arm.
15. Oblation: An offering; a sacrifice.
16. O goddess, accept our offering.
17. A typical offering of Vineland, N.
18. Katelyn was the first offering.
19. Offering of the Sick for Vocations.
20. The required offering was one oxen.
21. The didact is there, offering his.
22. He wasn't sure if he was offering.
23. The offering plates were passed out.
24. She reached out to open her offering.
25. She spared him by offering her hand.
26. It was the smallest offering as well.
27. He stood in front of her, offering.
28. Build your credibility by offering.
29. Now it was time for a peace offering.
30. Again, offering an incentive always.
31. The tsog offering starts on page 373.
32. They suspected me of offering bribes.
33. This leads to another offering called.
34. He held out his hand offering it to me.
35. As we write, an offering appears of 7.
36. Hi, I said, offering her my hand.
37. The choir sings and takes an offering.
39. You will make a fine offering for Syn.
40. Though the offering we present to you.
1. He offers it to me.
2. A book only offers a.
3. He offers me his hand.
4. He offers out his hand.
5. She offers me a refill.
6. This, a gift she offers.
7. She offers him her hand.
8. He offers her a blanket.
9. She offers up only moans.
10. Our shop now offers both.
11. Here is what God offers:.
12. He refused all offers of.
13. He offers the tablet to me.
14. He offers him hot tea and.
15. In fact, this book offers.
16. The officer offers his hand.
17. He offers to go and ask her.
18. Claire offers up her purse.
19. And it offers something else.
20. Give out special offers and.
22. Fernando offers me the stunner.
23. I'm sure he got offers later.
24. It offers a systematized ap-.
25. Almost all of our offers have.
26. Currently, the program offers.
27. Wheelock offers a good example.
28. Huge Selection of Paid Offers.
29. These offers amounted to half.
30. This world offers them nothing.
31. Her website offers information.
32. The capital dynamic offers the.
33. This position offers to me the.
34. The best offers are usually an.
35. Want some coffee? he offers.
36. Membership in the Chamber offers.
37. McGarvery offers an apology for.
38. Martin offers her the food he has.

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It is a great offer.
I took up the offer.
Offer it to the lady.
I can only offer sex.
Offer more if you can.
What have I to offer?
They have much to offer.
Now that was some offer.
Helga to offer her body.
That is all I can offer.
I have an offer for you.
Iraq may offer deal to U.
Thank you for the offer.
She will offer you a hug.
The Best Mind Power Offer.
And for that, I offer a.
This is a unique offer.
We have an offer for you.
I decided to offer four.
And my offer for warp.
I can’t offer you a job.
But I can offer you this.
Could time offer us that?
Offer to buy a couple of.
They began to offer more.
I offer the pen to Cherrie.
You want your offer to be.
All Byron could offer was:.
I have come to offer your.
Offer this e-book for free.
Was the offer genuine …?
How can we offer this?
We'll offer the bonus pay.
Now it would offer another.
When you offer up the beast.
Wow, thanks for the offer.
Did she offer to pay?
I have nothing to offer you.

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