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Olivia in a sentence

1. Go hookup with Olivia now.
2. He had to speak to Olivia.
3. Massie just smiled at Olivia.
4. Olivia begged, Let me stay.
5. Olivia s eyes filled with anger.
6. Olivia knows the Great Physician.
7. Olivia and Oliver are very naughty.
8. The Pastor held out a hand to Olivia.
9. Olivia stood in front of the orchids.
10. I dated Olivia for almost a year.
11. No, Olivia said, shaking her head.
12. God heard, she whispered to Olivia.
13. Oh, now, don’t you worry about Olivia.
14. Olivia produced a voice over for the film.
15. Mercifully Olivia was not among the girls.
16. She relied on Olivia for TRUE information.
17. Olivia was fixated on this radio cassette.
18. The one where Olivia Newton John visited us.
19. Less than a year later, they’d had Olivia.
20. Olivia cried out at the fury of that stroke.
21. Olivia will be taken care of by a specialist.
22. Doctor Haynes says Olivia has thyroid cancer.
23. Olivia asked me and I said it was fine by me.
24. Haynes ordered new scans and tests for Olivia.
25. Rueben: She was brought by Theo's wife, Olivia.
26. He already knew, I saw him and Olivia at lunch.
27. Olivia spun across the floor in a blur of motion.
28. Olivia Allcock was entertaining her friend, Mrs.
29. Olivia pointed to the southern tip of the island.
30. Heck, she didn't even know that Olivia was back.
31. Of all this Olivia was but mechanically cognizant.
32. Olivia crouched against him, shaking like a leaf.
33. If Olivia wanted her to pray with them, she would.
34. Olivia came around the bed to touch Jesse’s hand.
35. Thank you for saving my daughter, Olivia said.
36. Olivia retraced her steps to the main corridor and.
37. Olivia had gotten her blood pressure up for nothing.
38. And what about Olivia? He had a daughter to consider.
39. When the Pastor fell silent, Olivia touched his hand.
40. She looked across the room at the Pastor and Olivia.
41. The double doors opened and Olivia floated into the.
42. Olivia used the words of Cumbric that we’d cobbled.
43. How’s Olivia? Did she have to go to theater?
44. Stepping ashore, he reached out a hand to help Olivia.
45. Up among the rocks, Olivia lay stunned by the disaster.
46. The groundskeeper said, Miss Olivia, they’re the.
47. The sun was hanging low when Olivia regained her senses.
48. Rhontin and Lady Olivia, you will fly patrol at sunset.
49. Olivia led us behind the fountain and through the trees.
50. Watching Olivia, tears pricked at the backs of her eyes.
51. Olivia then asked, What kind of car did he drive?
52. Olivia cocked her head to the side and stared at Massie.
53. I asked everywhere I could but no one had seen Olivia.
54. Olivia has convinced me that we weren’t supposed to go.
55. Call me Olivia and my husband you may refer to as Samuel.
56. He found her grandmother and asked her to sit with Olivia.
57. Someone tapped her shoulder, it was none other than Olivia.
58. According to Olivia, Every generation of the Radcliffes.
59. Just then the rest of the friends walked up without Olivia.
60. One of the crew members that stopped him was Olivia Johnson.
61. They’d volunteered to spend a few hours helping Olivia in.
62. Joshua would have sent the helicopter for you, Olivia.
63. Wrapping Olivia in her arms, Jesse felt an inexplicable bond.
64. Olivia Ryan is a slut (not that she already didn't know that).
65. The room fell silent before Olivia touched her husband’s hand.
66. Olivia looked at her crew and they signalled that it was a wrap.
67. Olivia sighed; at least she knew that the Cimmerian still lived.
68. This wasn’t Olivia but a young junkie waiting for her next fix.
69. Over here we have Jerry, rider of Lady Olivia, mate to Rhontin.
70. Derrick and Josh stared in awe at Olivia Ryan, who sat there alone.
71. Once within, Conan grunted in surprize, and Olivia stifled a scream.
72. Olivia would be going to bed soon and he still hadn’t called her.
73. When Olivia reached the bottom she gave herself a internal applause.
74. He resisted a strong urge to walk inside and see if Olivia was there.
75. Olivia asked her about Tafferel and the farm and the discovery of oil.
76. Your mind drifted to the next logical question about Jonas and Olivia.
77. After the Pastor led Olivia from the room, Jesse went to rinse her face.
78. Clayton left Olivia sleeping peacefully and sporting a fresh, white cast.
79. She could feel Alex buzzing with anger watching Olivia flirt with Damion.
80. Olivia found herself listening intently for something, she knew not what.
81. Olivia lay on a bed fast asleep and looking like the child he had raised.
82. Olivia smiled and grabbed her bag and her Latte, leaving them in the shop.
83. Olivia Ryan was wading through the sea of people, over to the soccer team.
84. Jesse, he repeated slowly, please go wake up Florence and Olivia.
85. The Pastor cast an amused look at Olivia before saying, Oh, very lovely.
86. All that was plain, was that Olivia Allcock seemed to lead the discussion.
87. Olivia Allcock walked at her side, perhaps in moral support of the mission.
88. Well, my curious wife, the story of Jonas and Olivia starts in Virginia.
89. Olivia turned to Antonio and asked, What can you tell me about Gomes?
90. Olivia paused for a moment and half smiled at the camera before she continued.
91. Since Charles isn’t available, maybe Olivia will be kind enough to help.
92. Kaitlyn held her arms in front of her and teetered in the direction of Olivia.
93. Seconds later, Morgan, Olivia, and Seth came rushing through the sitting room.
94. Olivia rearranged the food on her plate, but very little made it to her mouth.
95. Massie gasped, looked at her newly ruined shirt looked up at Olivia and said.
96. Olivia introduced herself then began to interview each one of the waiting group.
97. Olivia hesitated—then was galvanized by a distant glow rising through the trees.
98. This is, Josh, Kemp, Dylan, Alicia, Olivia, Claire, and the twins Cam and Kristen.
99. Niya, Oliver and Olivia went to play in that giant foamy structure with bals in it.
100. Olivia looked over at the rest of the girls and said sheepishly, Thanks for coming.

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