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    on top of

    1. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    2. The rest were on top of him

    3. The water rose so high that one man was forced to climb on top of his roof and sat in the rain

    4. She moved over to stand behind him, the stool was high enough so her breasts were on top of his shoulders

    5. He landed on the ceiling with a groan, just before The Operator landed on top of him and knocked the wind out of his lungs

    6. He ran over and quickly opened his closet, revealing piles of clothes heaped on top of each other in the middle of the floor

    7. He then pushed everything back on top of it, burying the Chip under a mountain of dirty clothes

    8. On top of this place either a pretty rock or a nice clay pot to cover it, or simply mulch over, remembering where it is

    9. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket

    10. ‘Yes, he tripped over and we all ended up in a heap on top of him

    11. We’ve tried to ignore it, but on top of everything else …’

    12. " Crates, boxes and piles were stacked at least eight feet high on top of the crate he pointed to

    13. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    14. Can’t blame him for giving up with me really … I’ve not been an easy client and on top of that, I was pretty foul to him the other night … damn my temper!

    15. ‘Whoever it was, poured some paraffin through the letter box and then chucked a lighted match on top of it

    16. CARPENTERS sing “On Top of the World” quietly in the background

    17. The photos on top of the small, old TV were all of Saya at various ages with no trace of any parents

    18. When she opened her eyes the girl was on top of her, the stain of her bloodied crotch pressing into Melinda's gagging mouth

    19. Normally Ava would be right on top of this situation and Glenelle would be standing by watching

    20. Start the way to the waiting place, which is on top of the hill

    21. ' But out here, it felt like the fire teams riding on top of the two ‘draggers had nothing but flanks

    22. He thought he saw the figures on top of the 4-meter mechs push off and spread out around the knuckledraggers

    23. ‘Andy … we can’t …’ I murmured half heartedly try to stop him, but he kisses me again and all thought of stopping him disappears from my head as he moves over on top of me

    24. The rent and burning alien hull spun down on top of their heads and Tig wanted more than anything else to run, but there was nowhere to go

    25. ‘Yes, and on top of that, she was engaged to the local GP

    26. He was on top of me in an instant

    27. On top of Mount Carmel (up toward the gods), Elijah challenges their entire religion to see if Ba’al can offer his own sacrifice

    28. She was letting Alan set the pace, Nlara was filling on top of the third of a cup they had not consumed

    29. By the time he was on top of the animal the way he was supposed to be, his whole world became the foot

    30. She was so weak that he wouldn’t have heard her had he not been right on top of her

    31. ‘On top of that, the earth tremors were getting stronger

    32. On top of that, the ggs in the stable are not a patch on Sefir or Belvento, more nags than anything else, but, as Wiesse points out, needs must

    33. ‘You were put through some intensive training, Lintze, and that, coming on top of your unusual life, may have caused some memory loss

    34. And on top of it all,

    35. SAMANTHA: Not at first, but when he climbed on top of me, I was scared

    36. Oh! That hit on top of me

    37. SAMANTHA: When he got on top of me

    38. JOYCE: And did she not try to move away from you when you got on top of her?

    39. He was tanned and wore his shades on top of his head

    40. There were framed family photographs on top of the TV

    41. The roof of that cabin was a deck, and there was another small cabin on top of it that reached to the lowest of the great horizontal booms on the middle mast

    42. ’ He replied, placing his dish on top of mine

    43. There is a small garden area out front which my mother uses to grow herbs, a small stable at the back and a larger garden behind, going up towards the woods on top of the hill

    44. Sweating in my vullejakt, I plod up the track, idly wondering why it is that kahthouses are always built on top of hills

    45. Archibald was just about to take a large bite out of his bun when she put her hand on top of his and said, "I was only gonna say

    46. When they stopped rolling she was on top of him

    47. On top of having to deal with her son being a fucking loon now, my mother was still being bombarded by Scientologist's phone calls telling her not to let me take these drugs or those drugs

    48. On top of that, instrumentation had discovered another ship paralleling their course and Alan had to re-check the data on the blanks all that instrumentation was blown into

    49. ‘A certain amount – thieves exist here as well as anywhere – but we are not living on top of each other as appears to be the case on Earth

    50. The two minders then climbed in and sat on top of her, remaining seated upon the squirming woman all the way to their final destination

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