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Oppressions in a sentence

1. So they institute even worse oppressions upon the masses.
2. With oppressions others could hardly believe Are you a go getter?
3. They know that they themselves will perish, the moment they stop or even weaken in their oppressions.
4. No mortal who knows God and seeks to do the divine will can stoop to engage in the oppressions of wealth.
5. When the cultural gravity attempts a revival of ancestral oppressions, it functions as an ideological black hole, i.
6. The peculiar custom in England of impressing seamen on every appearance of war will occasionally expose our seamen to peculiar oppressions and vexations.
7. When oppressions and cruelties increase to a certain limit then the oppressed get enough courage to settle the scores and to give back what they have received.

8. But the real interest of the servants is by no means the same with that of the country, and the most perfect information would not necessarily put an end to their oppressions.
9. Were I in your place, I would frame high notions of my birth; and the thoughts of what I was should give me courage and dignity to support the oppressions of a little farmer!.
10. It has been in consequence of their representations, accordingly, that the agriculture of France has been delivered from several of the oppressions which it before laboured under.
11. And these are the features of the policy which they recommend: it is proposed to grant particular and individual relief from anticipated oppressions of the commercial restrictive system.
12. Such a man of our time lives, doing his work or enjoying himself, employing the fruits of his own labour or those of others for his own sake or for the sake of those who are near to him, like any other man, despising all kinds of oppressions and privations, hostility, and sufferings.
13. The people on the other side of the water are afraid lest their distance from the seat of government might expose them to many oppressions ; but their representatives in parliament, of which the number ought from the first to be considerable, would easily be able to protect them from all oppression.
14. Speaker, that it is in the nature of tyrannical or despotical Governments to take arbitrary strides; yet, sir, I do believe that the impositions and oppressions heaped upon the American Government; the evils under which we at this time labor, are measurably, if not entirely, attributable to the party hostility arrayed against the Administration.
15. Until they live their lives mostly in a state of continual abject fear, hopelessness, passivity, resignation, ignorance, illiteracy, humbleness… with their self-esteem so destroyed, their psyches so damaged and so brutalized; that they become easy victims for even worse oppressions and degradations and suffering… as the quality of their lives disintegrate into even worse squalor, filth, and Ignorance.
16. All the struggles of dynasties and of the various parties, all the executions, which are connected with these disturbances, all the suppressions of revolts, all the employment of military force for the dispersion of popular crowds, the suppression of strikes, all the extortions of taxes, all the injustice of the distribution of the ownership of land, all the oppressions of labour,—all this is produced, if not directly by the armies, at least by the police, which is supported by the armies.
17. She would have been greatly astonished, had any one said to her: "You do not sleep? But that is forbidden! You do not eat? Why, that is very bad! You have oppressions and palpitations of the heart? That must not be! You blush and turn pale, when a certain being clad in black appears at the end of a certain green walk? But that is abominable!" She would not have understood, and she would have replied: "What fault is there of mine in a matter in which I have no power and of which I know nothing?".
18. These men assert that the amelioration of human life does not take place in consequence of the internal efforts of the consciousness of individual men and the elucidation and profession of the truth, but in consequence of the gradual change of the common external conditions of life, and that the profession by every individual man of the truth which is not in conformity with the existing order is not only useless, but even harmful, because on the part of the power it provokes oppressions, which keep these individuals from continuing their useful activity in the service of society.
19. There may be oppressions, assaults, prisons, executions, which have not for their purpose the preservation of the prerogatives of the wealthy classes (though this is very rare), but we may boldly say that in our society, for each well-to-do, comfortably living man, there are ten who are exhausted by labour, who are envious and greedy, and who frequently suffer with their whole families,—all the prerogatives of the rich, all their luxury, all that superfluity which the rich enjoy above the average labourer, all that is acquired and supported only by tortures, incarcerations, and executions.

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