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Organism in a sentence

A dog is an aware organism.
Just let the organism heal.
So is every other living organism.
A subterranean organism that spans the.
No organism wholly soft can be preserved.
The Universe is a single living organism.
This would no doubt kill the host organism.

When an organism has been fully formed, the.
This refers to biological death of an organism.
She said ―your body is an intelligent organism.
Every independent organism treats time differently.
On the other hand, the society is a living organism.
Now it was a shell for another organism to inhabit.
This meta-organization is Institution qua Organism, i.
They had found a new type organism they named the exeon.
Stage three is the most volatile stage of the organism.
This nervous system coordinates the sides of the organism.
And the level of 400 Bq is quite healthy for the organism.
You are the highest form organism containing consciousness.
In organism there are equally Yin and Yan, Matter and Spirit.
Every organism (organization) is a variation of communication.
He could feel the moist motion of the intricate organism he held.
On this ground we may consider as an organism everything we choose.
The addition of garlic failed to inhibit the growth of the organism.
Yes, they will say, you may consider the forest, too, as an organism.
At root, that’s not a weakness of the human organism; that’s a.
Not the elements, not shortages, and not some big, hungry organism.
We‘re learning an incredible amount about this organism as a result.
Errors that led to death of an organism are actions, behavior, human.
He was the stool, the scat, the dung squeezed from the lowest organism.
Scientists are quite right when they say that our organism can protect.
Should explain what happens at this time in the organism, in thin shells.
It was like a living organism, and the Veiled had been an invading virus.
As a consequence, each living organism has individual terms of existence.
And now this, a hostile organism that could put an end to any hope they.
Yes, they say; and the forest may also be regarded as an organism.
The notion that there is a single organism called human isn’t new;.
The stimuli from inside and outside of our organism switch on the A-neurons.
As with any organism, its primal existential ethic is survival at all costs.
When an organism has more life than can be expressed in the functions of its.

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