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Outwards in a sentence

1. They watched outwards, not in.
2. The upper body expands outwards.
3. Without warning the web exploded outwards.
4. Argyl faced outwards, but Jade faced him.
5. A red colour was rapidly spreading outwards.
6. Then ordering them to face outwards he shouted.
7. All hate is fear-pain-hurt projected outwards.

8. However, the wind was strong and blew outwards.
9. Each window had a latch that pushed it outwards.
10. Facing outwards, the others prepared for the worst.
11. Rotating the shoulder outwards while holding a cup.
12. Jake raised his shoulders and stretched his outwards.
13. The dots move both outwards and away from each other.
14. But the ones pointing outwards are much different?
15. Rotate the shoulder outwards without holding onto the cup.
16. The Adept' s power is flowing outwards always and in all.
17. The nails on his fingers sprouted outwards making him wince.
18. Love starts with self and extends outwards to include others.
19. Their stubby knees bent outwards with the effort of bearing.
20. The raven swooped over his shoulder, talons stretched outwards.
21. As if the drink itself was cutting outwards through his flesh.
22. Furnbecker standing next to his car looking outwards towards.
23. The deep pitted wrinkles above his eyes had softened outwards.
24. Luckily it opened outwards, and towards the front of the ship.
25. By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
26. Search starts in the last known location (x) and works outwards.
27. His shoes popped open and massive clawed feet expanded outwards.
28. This made sufficient room for matter and energy to expand outwards.
29. Next press on the mouth with the thumbs, pushing down and outwards.
30. Johan raises his head from his hands and gazes outwards over the sea.
31. It will naturally slope outwards below the water line, restricting.
32. Wham! The doors of the van exploded outwards as I leapt out, trying.
33. Stage 2 of the Child’s pose is with the arms fully extended outwards.
34. The outer fall was indeed no longer sheer, but sloped outwards a little.
35. Practice rotating your hand outwards to empty the beans onto the table.
36. Combine with a pronator stretch by rotating the stretch board outwards.
37. At once, blood pulsates outwards from where the dagger has pierced skin.
38. Darius speeded up as his shoulders started to bunch upwards and outwards.
39. Another kick, and a four foot long segment of the wall crumbled outwards.
40. Only the move outwards, back to his own body and to whatever lay in store.
41. Hadaen sent a calming energy outwards, reaching into the mind of the leader.
42. It opened outwards as he reached it and a uniformed police constable entered.
43. Halfshaft held up his hands, palms outwards, to prove that all the rocks had.
44. The flash of light whited out the sky and sent a rush of heated air outwards.
45. But we had half a dozen species expanding outwards from their home systems.
46. On loose rock always test holds gently and never pull outwards on a loose hold.
47. Lorry opened his hands, and extended them outwards with an argumentative smile.
48. He wobbled closer to them, extending his arms outwards as though keeping balance.
49. Stones flew outwards, sparking with fire, and the shelves tumbled down around her.
50. The rest faced outwards, forming a semi-circle around the cave and patch of trees.
51. His body embraced the energy, and projected a strong beam outwards from each palm.
52. Jake unclenched his hands and pushed them outwards as if to question Keta's comment.
53. If your naval does pop outwards, it is caused by the size and position of your baby.
54. In the deep the deep gaze that seemed to look not outwards but inwards there was an.
55. Outer social standing part of the brain that is reflectively conscious outwards: not.
56. He paused for a moment, hovering above her with his hands pushing her knees outwards.
57. Stick inserted the pipe under one of the wires near a Tungan bar, and pulled outwards.
58. Instruct the patient to move the cup outwards to the table without spilling the water.
59. They wanted to encourage the races to look outwards and seek the secrets of the cosmos.
60. At his touch the likeness disintegrated, expanding outwards into ever widening ripples.
61. He gasped as the memory came spinning outwards, the one he held inside his blood always.
62. But they had time to look outwards once in a while, and gossip was rampant in this town.
63. When one is the victim of circumstance, there is little point in searching outwards for.
64. Ariella could see tiny spots of pink, expanding outwards where the blood had hit the water.
65. Kneeling on the near edge of the bed facing outwards was the white-clad figure of his wife.
66. Practice opening your fingers and thumb outwards against the resistance of the elastic band.
67. Practice moving your hand to touch the targets by rotating your shoulder inwards and outwards.
68. He could see nothing so perhaps he had been wrong and he should have hurried to look outwards.
69. As he released it from the wedge, he cautiously started for the surface, knife poised outwards.
70. Cursing, she scrabbled with the opening and pulled the door outwards to reveal a small cupboard.
71. Human entities should be always visible, always shining, always radiating outwards, always loving.
72. At once, the note split, ravaged into a thousand, thousand pieces, the fragments spinning outwards.
73. The 7° comes about by the concentration of the atmosphere and this bounces the spaceship outwards.
74. The mysterious alien’s upper arms and hands have two swords in them; and point straight outwards.
75. Simon could feel the further shattering of the Lammas Lord’s thoughts as they splintered outwards.
76. He replied thoughtfully, Sterling needs to fit more pontoons around the edges and expand outwards.
77. Their direction of flight is usually outwards from land before noon and return in the late afternoon.
78. A brilliant light pulsed outwards from the stone as a newly formed transport portal lit the night sky.
79. During the kiss chase, Gulab opened her bedroom door that opened outwards and smacked Suraj in the face.
80. He watched her small arms lying outstretched while her fingers curved inwards and outwards contentedly.
81. Instruct the patient to open their fingers and thumb outwards against the resistance of the elastic band.
82. The zero gravity wake quickly spreads outwards and pulls hundreds of animals into the ship’s direction.
83. Ignoring the exchange taking place below, the essence that was Skelda directed his consciousness outwards.
84. Slowly it divided in the middle and swung outwards inch by inch, until both doors lay back against the wall.
85. The corner turrets on the top of the square tower faced diagonally outwards, easing the eye as it progressed.
86. Integrate mind and spirit is to look outwards and inwards, they are sides of the same coin, of the same Being.
87. She even thought that she could feel the crossbow bolt still protruding from her chest move slightly outwards.
88. Hal heard himself whimper as the paper-thin translucent appendages spread outwards, buzzing with a vibrant energy.
89. It is probably too late now, but Sterling must either shut down production slowly, or continue to expand outwards.
90. The figure stooped down, stretching out both hands and stroking the water making small ripples that flowed outwards.
91. His long dark hair fell forward as he leaned across the table, sliding his hands outwards as if inviting someone in.
92. A silent explosion of light then burst out of her, traveling outwards through walls and objects at incredible speed.
93. In the centre was a massive gold-plated statue of four flying lions facing outwards in each of the main wind directions.
94. Move the arm and leg on one side of the body outwards to stop the patient lying flat, elbow and knee should both be bent.
95. The compressed air flow running out of a nozzle and expanding outwards exerts reactive pressure on the nozzle’s bottom.
96. The crags above us were not merely perpendicular, but curved outwards at the top, so that ascent was out of the question.
97. That strange incompleteness that had haunted him since he had been found in the burnt forest yawned outwards to envelop him.
98. He felt the scarlet shape of her name engraving itself in his skin even as the poison inside him plunged outwards to meet it.
99. How is this possible? Easy: infinity has been expanding outwards at infinitely variable velocities since the dawn of Creation.
100. The front door had been bashed outwards and they saw a quick glimpse of Raven scurrying down the porch steps and into the yard.

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