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Outwards in a sentence

They watched outwards, not in.
The upper body expands outwards.
Without warning the web exploded outwards.
Argyl faced outwards, but Jade faced him.
A red colour was rapidly spreading outwards.
Then ordering them to face outwards he shouted.
All hate is fear-pain-hurt projected outwards.

However, the wind was strong and blew outwards.
Each window had a latch that pushed it outwards.
Facing outwards, the others prepared for the worst.
Rotating the shoulder outwards while holding a cup.
Jake raised his shoulders and stretched his outwards.
The dots move both outwards and away from each other.
But the ones pointing outwards are much different?
Rotate the shoulder outwards without holding onto the cup.
The Adept' s power is flowing outwards always and in all.
The nails on his fingers sprouted outwards making him wince.
Love starts with self and extends outwards to include others.
Their stubby knees bent outwards with the effort of bearing.
The raven swooped over his shoulder, talons stretched outwards.
Furnbecker standing next to his car looking outwards towards.
Luckily it opened outwards, and towards the front of the ship.
As if the drink itself was cutting outwards through his flesh.
The deep pitted wrinkles above his eyes had softened outwards.
Search starts in the last known location (x) and works outwards.
His shoes popped open and massive clawed feet expanded outwards.
By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
Next press on the mouth with the thumbs, pushing down and outwards.
This made sufficient room for matter and energy to expand outwards.
Johan raises his head from his hands and gazes outwards over the sea.
Wham! The doors of the van exploded outwards as I leapt out, trying.
It will naturally slope outwards below the water line, restricting.
Stage 2 of the Child’s pose is with the arms fully extended outwards.
The outer fall was indeed no longer sheer, but sloped outwards a little.
Combine with a pronator stretch by rotating the stretch board outwards.
Practice rotating your hand outwards to empty the beans onto the table.
At once, blood pulsates outwards from where the dagger has pierced skin.
Another kick, and a four foot long segment of the wall crumbled outwards.
Darius speeded up as his shoulders started to bunch upwards and outwards.
Only the move outwards, back to his own body and to whatever lay in store.

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