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Overall in a sentence

But the overall.
Overall, it has 1.
to the overall plan.
44 Our life overall.
The current overall.
with the overall plan.
Overall market is weak.

The overall effect was.
part of the overall plan.
• the overall outcome.
overall cost of the tour.
affect his overall being.
42 for the overall sector.
room an overall warm glow.
Overall the land mass on.
(overall pose or the pose.
overall facility with the.
Overall it was a nice talk.
The overall plot can help.
Overall, he looked relaxed.
Overall, good job being gutsy.
But overall, Massie was safe.
Overall cost without heaps:.
have been an overall loser.
Overall, results do not show.
overall tax advantages of debt.
You’ll be in overall charge.
It is the overall experience.
Overall, she is ideal overall.
your overall health and mission.
The overall rule is therefore:.

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