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    1. sitting at a table overlooking the sea

    2. There is a stone patio next to the building overlooking the pounding waves and a couple of local men sit drinking a beer at a plastic table and talking

    3. As they top a rise, they’re suddenly overlooking a

    4. They had settled into the plush wicker loveseats overlooking the Caribbean

    5. overlooking his old home would be the best place for him

    6. I’d been told he had a view but … wow! This row of houses is built over halfway up the side of the hill overlooking the village and is considerably higher than I’d anticipated

    7. This was a shady place overlooking gardens

    8. Herndon could still remember the construction of the Presidente Lula in low orbit above the Sao Luis Megalopolis, then a sprawling collection of seventeen million in balconied skyscrapers overlooking yacht basins all around the bay, the whole peninsula nothing but skyscrapers along the reconstituted beaches, or industrial plant in the interior

    9. Ten years after she died, nine years after he fled the village and soused himself in the gutters of the metropolis, he woke one morning and decided that the mountain overlooking his old home would be the best place for him

    10. High above the town on a scrubby hill overlooking the crazy blue Aegean I came across a fallen tree trunk and there I sat, just to sit and listen

    11. Centre stage, overlooking the street sat a huge white ceramic lattice-work basket filled to the brim with plump ceramic fruit - china cherries, apples, pomegranates and pears

    12. He liked the view so much he went there every day and liked to sit at the same table overlooking the sea

    13. "All the tall structures are residential," Luray said, "overlooking the river and the shops behind

    14. Overlooking a stone floor stacked with several bundles of candles, a large framed icon hung on the wall next to the altar

    15. When they'd gone, I found auntie on the balcony overlooking the sea and sat with her for a while

    16. The shop was in a yard overlooking the bay and covering its low walls hung every type of linen designed for every household need

    17. It was decorated as a corporate officer's office back in his days on mortal Earth, high on a tower overlooking a smokey city-scape with huge screens that could be levitated around the room, all driven from his phone display

    18. Whether stood at the bar or on the balcony overlooking the dance floor, he believed that he could classify girls into a number of different types

    19. She shows us into a sunny room overlooking the back garden

    20. There in the distance she could see a figure standing on the hilltop overlooking the Hausa

    21. It was actually two rooms, the outer one a bit smaller, the inner one with a bay window behind him overlooking a scene of Bantu laborers toiling in the fields

    22. home on the California Coast overlooking the ocean

    23. bar or on the balcony overlooking the dance floor, he believed that

    24. “I’ve looked at a small place overlooking the ocean in the Philippines

    25. “I was thinking of you at the rail of my porch on the eleventh floor on Third, overlooking the candles of the yacht basin

    26. He had Athnu bring them breakfast on the turret porch, again overlooking the yacht basin, but this time the boats were brightly lit by the sun of the new week

    27. If it hadn’t been for the bright lights overlooking the field, you could have

    28. On top of that, he provided a delicious breakfast, made by his servant, on a deck overlooking a yacht basin right back of Third Canal

    29. It was a pleasant room, overlooking the well-kept gardens which bordered this side of the building

    30. When he arrived back at Kulai’s he was brought inside to a large room overlooking a major street that ran toward the canal along the yacht basin ten stories below

    31. Her sink overlooked the balcony overlooking her shed

    32. There are about a dozen residents in the restaurant when we get there and, as we seat ourselves at a table near the window overlooking the lawn at the back of the building, several ladies come over – partly to say hello to me and partly to flirt with Dad

    33. He saw Tahlmute at a table near the back window overlooking the dark waters of Thirteenth Canal near where it passed under the bridge to Eleventh

    34. Alan was looking at that when he noticed the row of tree-houses right beside him on the path, all in a row, overlooking this meadow and beach

    35. The end of the path on the four house side was taken up with an ancient vine-covered stone building built onto a slope overlooking the center of the village

    36. from Troyes and reached the last hill overlooking the

    37. It would be small and cozy with a great view overlooking the whole town and out over the valley to the east

    38. On the southern edge of this plateau, overlooking the Karedarzin lowlands and the river itself, far in the distance, there is a series of lofty cliffs stretching irregularly for hundreds of miles

    39. He was in a big hall of some kind, two stories high, ornate, with fancy rails on the floor above overlooking this floor

    40. a spot overlooking the ocean and the Cinqueterre, and ate

    41. Haikon is a very pretty little plaza overlooking Kalipaicha

    42. We had a pleasant picnic on a rise overlooking acres of

    43. He found himself in a dark khume where Central Basin Works has a lot of gates that opened right onto the khume where it is also the balcony overlooking the cavern where Kyovike Hydraulics makes huge turbines, irrigation pumps, lock fittings and such

    44. plateau overlooking the complex), and was inspired by the

    45. They took a quick streetcar to a delicious repast in a tower overlooking East Harbor from the northern rim of the Fastness

    46. There was a wide balcony overlooking the atrium and the rail was thick with vine, heavy with ripening pods

    47. overlooking the isolated and peaceful little monastery of

    48. As he climbed the low hill overlooking San Mancio,

    49. extremity of the monastery overlooking a deep ravine

    50. They were lead by a cherub to a wide shady verandah overlooking the gentle waves of the lagoon, a comfortable squeaky swinging wicker couch with big puffy pillows that never got dirty

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    commanding dominating overlooking

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    used of a height or viewpoint