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Owing in a sentence | owing example sentences

  1. In the fol owing sam-.
  2. The fol owing statue is.
  3. The fol owing is what H.
  4. Indeed, owing to his long.
  5. The fol owing are examples of.

  6. Owing to a brick received in the.
  7. In the fol owing chapters, I’m.
  8. The fol owing notes are recorded on.
  9. But you’re wrong about my owing you.
  10. It was owing to his people’s situation.
  11. Libby blinked, swal owing past the aching.
  12. How did this happen? It was owing, said Mr.
  13. The fol owing are some affirmations you can.
  14. Have you been fol owing the news lately?
  15. Fol owing close behind her was a smal elderly.

  17. Ricky stepped through, the rest fol owing behind.
  18. The Chinese army invaded Tibet in the fol owing.
  19. That’s why I will give you the fol owing tips:.
  20. Owing to the actions of the midwives, the Jewish.
  21. They are absorbed in the fol owing manner: After.
  22. His father had no enemies, owing no one any favors.
  23. Owing your own house is a dream of every household.
  24. Owing to the exceeding fineness of the vibrations.
  25. Th e last ones can be il ustrated by the fol owing.

  26. I borrowed of Prince Sergay, from what was owing you.
  27. He’d been fol owing a vampire when she came along.
  28. One punch grazed his head, al owing him to grab his.
  29. Fol owing her now would be admitting that this woman.
  30. The fol owing ten objectives show what a B2B CFO can.
  31. He could hardly breathe, owing to the sharp suffering.
  32. This is, of course, owing to its geographical position.
  33. What has the pyramid been called owing to its splendid.
  34. Th is theory is wel proved by the fol owing observations.
  35. His eyes have been fol owing the words, but he has not.
  36. The aftermath of the referendum was felt the fol owing day.
  37. It is our resistance to opening up and al owing.
  38. Upon further thought, I had the fol owing considerations:.
  39. Th e same is to be done in consideration of the fol owing.
  40. When the mining boom ends, those blokes will be owing money.
  41. She’s tel ing them that fol owing you is a death sentence.
  42. Determined to see this out, owing it to Nole, he owed it to.
  43. These are sensible behaviours owing nothing to imaginary gods.
  44. You will find yourself homeless and still owing money to boot.
  45. He also blew out the tyres of the truck, al owing the monk.
  46. They have numbers of them, chiefly owing to their incontinence.
  47. He had no fear of the Sphere fol owing him as the entrance was.
  48. In the years immediately before and fol owing the death of the.
  49. In the years fol owing this expulsion of the Chinese, the Dalai.
  50. Owing to his hearing impairment, he stumbled through the course.
  51. Tibet, and started shouting, This Lama is bad, he is fol owing.
  52. Fol owing totemism, animism came as the next signifi cant step in.
  53. Keep in mind that gathering this item wil require the fol owing:.
  54. Not fol owing the lead that the map had unearthed was not an option.
  55. Zerr: As a general comment on this and several verses fol owing.
  56. Even the bravest were depressed, owing to the length of the streets.
  57. I wondered if that were true, or if Apophis was al owing me to come.
  58. A copy of the fol owing document was distributed to all crew members.
  59. For instance here comes the fol owing wel -known ritual: hundred days.
  60. Chunt breathed heavily and tried not to vomit, swal owing hard as the.
  61. Their citizens were free men, owing allegiance to no one but the king.
  62. On the fol owing pages there are more detailed discussions of various.
  63. Her leaving him must have been owing to some trifling misunderstanding.
  64. The Earth was relatively quakes proof owing to its solid configuration.
  65. Owing to the potential terrorist financing threat posed by small wire.
  66. It is owing to this that performance of the ordained worship, benevol-.
  67. In case coffee is ordered, waiter ensures that he brings the fol owing:.
  68. The fol owing is a very simple description of the Creative Mind and its.
  69. The sequence of events fol owing his change in mental pictures makes an.
  70. On the fol owing day it is now easy to remove the layer of grease that.
  71. This put the snipers, who were fol owing in a series of white vans with.
  72. This high price, indeed, seems to have been principally owing to the dye.
  73. Its long-term survival is owing entirely to chance or custodial designs.
  74. For the two days fol owing the discovery al of the networks on Earth did.
  75. That he now breathes, and creeps about on earth, is owing all to me!.
  76. She had, however, owing to this training, left off being shy years before.
  77. A number of sticky notes blew away, owing to the windy weather conditions.
  78. You are al owing a negative veneer with which you have surrounded yourself.
  79. He said it was owing to his confidence in Raja Rao that he turned a realtor.
  80. The decline of great civilizations is not entirely owing to economic reasons.
  81. I would suggest that you reread the fol owing pages a few times so that the.
  82. Most past conditioning is not in alignment with al owing the free.
  83. In a large majority of cases, we are as we are owing to childhood influences.
  84. If you al ow it, but later decide it was a mistake, you can stop al owing it.
  85. The neck had almost disappeared, owing to the swelling of the face and chest.
  86. Treatment fol owing a heart attack wil vary according to the nature of the case.
  87. Knowing that all good, favours and provisions he has, are owing to the prayers.
  88. She hadn't yet, owing to circumstances, ever been on a religious spiritual plane.
  89. Traders may enter a position when the trend fol owing indicators are showing the.
  90. This was perhaps chiefly owing to his reputation as a conqueror of female hearts.
  91. Remember this! Know it to be true, because it is true, as the fol owing story wil.
  92. The fol owing highlights 6 case studies that include backlinks pointing to Wattpad.
  93. It could wisely be said that invigorating health would result from fol owing this.
  94. It first flew in 1968 but, owing to technical problems, never went into production.
  95. Alive about four hundred miles east of here by now, still owing seven months' rent.
  96. Trend fol owing indicators reflect the direction and the strength of a current trend.
  97. It was owing to the quarrels of their leaders that they were surprised by the French.
  98. It was far too late already, owing to their so unfortunately having gone to sleep--.
  99. You wil probably use a mix between the trend fol owing indicators and the oscil ators.
  100. The commission found that correctional officers were poorly trained, mostly owing to.
  1. He owed it to her.
  2. I owed her a date.
  3. As it was he owed.
  4. Yes! I owed him that.
  5. I owed him that much.
  6. I swal owed back a sob.
  7. But he owed Dominic now.
  8. She owed him that much.
  9. She owed her that much.
  10. She owed him an apology.
  11. But I owed it to Bianca.
  12. I felt I owed it to her.
  13. One to whom money is owed.
  14. The nigga owed me money.
  15. He fol owed Punk up the.
  16. He owed her at least that.
  17. The two men fol owed him.
  18. And he owed himself to her.
  19. He owed the boy an apology.
  20. That I owed my soul to you.
  21. Batistuta fol owed them out.
  22. Oswald fol owed in his wake.
  23. Line Alerts that fol owed.
  24. The bul bel owed and pushed.
  25. Teja, who had owed Khem money.
  26. Kazi-Muhammed owed him a debt.
  27. But Madge owed a lot to Caris.
  28. Perhaps he owed that to Gordon.
  29. It is the amount owed by the.
  30. I owed apologies to them both.
  31. Using favours, owed you money.
  32. I fol owed you, she said.
  33. If he owed anyone it was Leand.
  34. Any money that is owed to you.
  35. The Sphere also fol owed you.
  36. The glow of the swal owed sun.
  37. I owed it to Whitehall!.
  38. The landscape has al owed the.
  39. New Union owed its associated.
  40. It fol owed on from countless.
  41. The rest of the pack fol owed.
  42. He fol owed the red carpet on.
  43. Yeah, and Runner owed me money.
  44. Meo quickly fol owed in his wake.
  45. She thought how much she owed him.
  46. I owed her the truth on this one.
  47. It was as if this place owed its.
  48. According to Tee, Puku owed some.
  49. But that didn't matter he owed me.
  50. Bombmaker or not, he was owed tea.
  51. He owed Clark money for the items.
  52. She had him and how much they owed.
  53. I swal owed the lump in my throat.
  54. Don’t you think they’re owed an.
  55. I am owed, oozed out of his mouth.
  56. The remaining pack members fol owed.
  57. More important, he owed Rapp his life.
  58. The sound was closely fol owed by an.
  59. They also owed this chance to see you.
  60. But Sam owed him for what he had done.
  61. Uncle Sam owed me three hits and a cot.
  62. Octavia's friend owed her a couple of.
  63. Frankly, she owed them no explanations.
  64. I owed it to my wife to say that much.
  65. The Ottoman occupation fol owed, which.
  66. He felt he owed nothing to Mikolajczyk.
  67. Where's the problem? That's owed to us.
  68. He fol owed the medibots to a wal just.
  69. The three millions which my father owed.
  70. They should be al owed to do the things.
  71. Due: Things that are owed to other people.
  72. And, whatever my sister said, I owed him.
  73. The crowd duly fol owed this, as did the.
  74. He'd saved my life and I owed him for that.
  75. He owed her everything, including his life.
  76. When had he been al owed to wash himself?
  77. He owed his life to her several times over.
  78. Empire, fol owed by the fal into barbarity.
  79. I swal owed hard trying not to throw up my.
  80. They owed Big Jim big on a lost wager held.
  81. All must stop trying to collect moneys owed.
  82. So he was paying me back everything he owed.
  83. I called my Dad and told him he owed me $28K.
  84. He fol owed Hal into his office and took a.
  85. He even al owed writers (directors?) to use.
  86. I fol owed Carter and Zia to the fiery throne.
  87. But he owed her more than that -- a lot more.
  88. She felt she owed him a personal explanation.
  89. Maybe he owed the man some respect after all.
  90. He owed them all more than he could ever give.
  91. He said he owed Trey Teepano money and—.
  92. My heart sank at the thought and I swal owed.
  93. It was the Party to which she owed everything.
  94. Jermaine fol owed him out of the Enterprises.
  95. Fantine owed them one hundred and twenty francs.
  96. And as I remembered it, the guy owed me a favor.
  97. And certainly none of them owed him any favors.
  98. He owed me seven, so that makes t wen t}'^-five.
  99. Maya waited with the gang, and I knew I owed her.
  100. She at least owed it to him to be a little nice.
  1. He owes me lots of money.
  2. I’m the one who owes.
  3. Still owes me a favor though.
  4. Mortimer Boggs still owes me one.
  5. This is because the banker owes.
  6. Valerius here owes me five lunas.
  7. The Order owes the Triplet family.
  8. He still owes me for our last wager.
  9. The stock, after all, owes us.
  10. It’s the least Keller can owes us.
  11. Our food owes its origins more to Dr.
  12. She owes a great deal to your father.
  13. Do you see? I believe that he owes you.
  14. World owes you a debt of thanks, Miss.
  15. A sworn sword owes his lord the truth.
  16. Truth that to thy hard heart its vigour owes.
  17. Evolution owes an absolute morality of nature.
  18. And don’t think your child owes you a thing.
  19. She owes me an apology too, said Chinedu.
  20. An entity that owes a debt; one who owes a debt.
  21. He has not forgotten you or what he owes to you.
  22. Perkins owes me five dollars from a wager on it.
  23. Christianity owes much, very much, to the Greeks.
  24. Walker, the State of New York owes you an apology.
  25. Then he owes you a kinsman’s duty to be civil.
  26. Really, you‘re the one who owes me something.
  27. The money he owes you doesn’t have to come from.
  28. He owes this girl more respect than he’s given her.
  29. And say you are still upset because a friend owes you.
  30. My client owes the county about $200 in fines and fees.
  31. It is only to be understood; ignorance owes fear a lot.
  32. The popular explanation is that he owes money, and has.
  33. It may feel to us that the erring activist owes a sorry.
  34. For Zuma to state that he owes no one a cent is laughable.
  35. I borrowed from what Prince Sergay owes Andrey Petrovitch.
  36. A child owes his future to the love of his natural parents.
  37. The city is located in an arid region and owes its existence.
  38. It is a misfortune, and government owes nothing to his family.
  39. Every subsequent hip-hop song owes something to it in some way.
  40. The world owes me a living, and society should provide jobs for.
  41. He used to go to the same school I did and he still owes me ten bucks.
  42. Looking at the statements of the money that your father still owes.
  43. Anyway, Frank still owes him money from betting on last year’s game.
  44. Th is world owes to passion, and passion comes as its deliverance.
  45. Cape of Good Hope, that hope owes much to the spirit of that legion of.
  46. Then when the prince marries her, he'll repay me all the money he owes.
  47. The stock now owes us more money so we keep trading and lose more money.
  48. Geezer, or whatever it is, heap of chips, owes me close on fifty grand.
  49. We are angry and anxious to make back our money the market owes us.
  50. I have sat at this computer for 9 hours, and now the market owes me my pay.
  51. Butler shook his hand and shook his head, No it is me who owes you thanks.
  52. Geez Carl (it sounded like Curl) that was quick, I owes ya, the man said.
  53. I would hate to actually get the flu, although karma probably owes it to me.
  54. If someone owes him money he doesn’t give a stuff if they’re having troubles.
  55. If her fate hangs suspended by her naval power, she owes her peril to that source.
  56. For him to say he owes us nothing points to a leadership that has lost its compass.
  57. Emotions are the sources of sin, lead to error and owes a little reasoning to truth.
  58. We have become spoiled by government handouts and ideologies that say, Society owes us.
  59. If a company owes a ton of money, you’re shouldering that burden when you buy the stock.
  60. Eventually, all this probably evens out but I think by this time the food business owes me.
  61. It is to the power of His eternal Godhead alone that He owes His resurrection from the dead.
  62. He owes you no loyalty besides what can be bought and who says you have the biggest wallet?
  63. Half the time the subsidiary also owes so much money on the assets that it is useless to sell.
  64. Creditors can sometimes be more difficult with the person that owes them… than a third party.
  65. She owes me for a couple large favors, the details of which I would also prefer to keep private.
  66. Therefore, even the phenomenon of gravity owes its manifestation to the Rune Ánsur, ultimately.
  67. I really hope this is all some kind of bad dream…but I think I'm the one who owes you a drink.
  68. Do you know how much money the ordinary Greek in the street owes the banks? asked Mr Samaras.
  69. Jags one guy is shit scared of you, but at the same time feels that he owes us for saving his life.
  70. It undoubtedly owes its origin to Burger's poem "Leonora," which has found so many English translators.
  71. I may give another instance of a structure which apparently owes its origin exclusively to use or habit.
  72. Is there any way you can work things so that Iain can come across too? Surely Errd owes Joris that much.
  73. America owes it as a debt to them and to Africa that they be furnished with the means for this training.
  74. Miss Jo owes me one, so you are finished, cried Fred excitedly, as they all drew near to see the finish.
  75. It was sweet of him to thank me … after all he has done for me, that he should think he owes me anything!.
  76. That said, becoming fixated on any pattern because we think a pattern owes us is dangerous and unnecessary.
  77. We cannot express the weight of obligation which the country owes to this invention; its extent cannot now be seen.
  78. She has proved that the clout of the rich owes itself to the coveting of the poor, he said, caressing her head.
  79. In the message you left, did you say, ’he now owes me a favour’? asked Jane, staring him square in the eyes.
  80. Unfortunately the Internet owes its success to the world of porn but that’s one success that I don’t want to share.
  81. Reading them will show you the company’s health in terms of what it owns, what it owes, and how much profit it keeps.
  82. The great original genius of Swift owes nothing to Plato; nor is there any trace in the conversation or in the works of Dr.
  83. Realistically, when a nation owes that amount of money, the interest alone on it makes it impossible for it to be cleared.
  84. The first one is based on GAAP accounting and the other is used to calculate the amount of taxes a business owes to the IRS.
  85. It may please some men to idolize intellectual power, and to speak highly of the debt which the world owes to the Greek mind.
  86. The Global Council now realizes how heavy a dept it owes to the Time Patrol and has decided on a few steps to repay that debt.
  87. Succinctly stated, an economically successful man is the man who has a comfortable margin between what he owns and what he owes.
  88. His contribution to the freedom struggle of India is priceless and the country owes its independence, partly, to this great man.
  89. After he pays back what he owes to his family, he plans to re-enter the market, slowly and carefully, and with a lot less money.
  90. This process is used to keep the people who have been harmed from reclaiming what a corporation owes them because of negligence.
  91. We gave him a home, a family, companionship and most importantly our love and understanding and I agree with him he owes us a lot.
  92. One owes some consideration to six hundred thousand francs, and it was evident that she could not do otherwise than leave her fortune.
  93. I will be a god to whom he can pray—and that, at least, he owes me for his treachery and for what I suffered yesterday through him.
  94. It owes its celebrity to the wonderful natural views and the most famous waterfalls in the whole country, the Pagsanjan Waterfalls.
  95. The yang bears phallus (penis) as a symbol of life powers while the yin owes her life to the clitoris male element contained in her vagina.
  96. The human mind without knowledge owes the animal kingdom a measure in look and dimensions and the monkey holds the standard of comparison.
  97. And you ought to hear them, and then both just and unjust will have received from us a full payment of the debt which the argument owes to them.
  98. China owes its intelligence to piracy, stealing patents from Europe and USA then selling them under made in China to the rest of the world.
  99. Smith, unless received by him as presenting a contrast to his own deportment, in which case he owes his feelings to his own conscious sensibility.
  100. Somewhere within that subject there should be enough humbling evidence of just what each owes to the other, to create a basis for mutual respect!.

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1. I owe him a lot.
2. I owe it to him.
3. You owe it to me.
4. I owe you my life.
5. I owe him so much.
6. I owe you for that.
7. I owe you big, Cal.
8. I owe it all to you.
9. I owe you a dance.
10. I owe you a beer.
11. We owe you this much.
12. I owe iT all to you.
13. You owe her that much.
14. I owe you for this.
15. It’s what you owe me.
16. I owe these guys money.
17. You still owe me money.
18. For that I’d owe her.
19. They owe him a deanery.
20. I owe that to you, Mrs.
21. We owe her a great debt.
22. Come on, you owe me one.
23. We owe you that much.
24. You owe it to yourself.
25. I still owe you a few.
26. Children owe it to them.
27. Thanks, I owe you one.
28. You owe a friend of mine.
29. I owe you a lot for this.
30. So we owe him everything.
31. I don't owe them anything.
32. What do I owe you?
33. I owe you anyway, for.
34. That is all you truly owe.
35. You don't owe me anything.
36. Besides I owe you a meal.
37. And you owe me some money.
38. You owe me an explanation.
39. I now owe nothing in Paris.
40. I owe him all that and more.
41. You owe money, over a week.
42. You owe me another fuck.
43. You owe me, said Trid.
44. I owe you more than that.
45. So I owe the place a sheet.
46. He didn’t owe Ava anything.
47. I didn’t owe Jane anything.
48. The debt of love I owe:.
49. How much do you owe?
50. I have to admit I owe a lot.
51. We owe him a tremendous debt.
52. I owe you an apology, Calvin.
53. To the dead, we owe respect.
54. She tells me, I owe it to him.
55. Do I owe you anything?
56. Just remember that you owe me.
57. I owe you a damn lot for that.
58. Whatever I am, I owe it to you.
59. And we all owe him a huge debt.
60. I owe it all to studying maps.
61. To the living, we owe the truth.
62. You owe it to yourself to do so.
63. But you owe me more than one.
64. I still owe you that by the way.
65. Thank you, I owe you my life.
66. Bill couldn’t owe anyone money.
67. You owe your life to your mother.
68. You owe me something, Stansfield.
69. And… I think I owe you a dance.
70. I owe you for this, after all.
71. Rats don't owe humanity anything.
72. We owe ourselves to our children.
73. You owe Monty a debt of gratitude.
74. Looks like I owe you two, Oz.
75. I owe you, and the Countess, much.
76. To what do I owe this honour?
77. But you owe me one, I told Lee.
78. You guys owe me at least that much.
79. All the power this charm doth owe:.
80. You do owe me, and you will pay up.
81. They owe more than all their assets.
82. I owe him yeah, but not that much.
83. You owe it to yourself, your staff.
84. Naw, you don’t owe me nothin’.
85. You owe me for saving your lives.
86. You don’t owe him a damn thing.
87. We owe ourselves, Lindsey said.
88. But, I owe him, he’s been a good.
89. I owe you an apology, said he.
90. To what do I owe you this visit?
91. You don’t owe me an explanation.
92. I owe you my life, she told him.
93. I owe him all that and more.
94. I owe my life to Silya, he said.
95. We owe it to ourselves, and believe.
96. You do not owe me the duty of a child.
97. Yeah, but I don’t owe him a thing.
98. I guess Piers and I owe you our lives.
99. In a way I owe everything to her!.
100. I owe several amazing years to her.

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