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    1. The old boys loved the pantomime in there, the highlight of their week

    2. To dream that you are a pantomime indicates that your voice is not being heard

    3. ' He mimed a pantomime witch, wringing his hands together

    4. bright toys and their green branches? The pantomime is crowded with

    5. The man continued his pantomime of smoking a cigar, thumb and forefinger and lips pulled forward in an exaggerated oval

    6. We waited, with bated breath, sure there was some joke, some punch line to all this mysterious pantomime

    7. Lots of pantomime ensued

    8. He did not pantomime or shout or point

    9. This is the uncomfortable truth that democracy reveals about the limits of non-egalitarian socio-political systems: voting is a charade in which the wealthy disguise their power in the pantomime of elected representatives

    10. But who am I to tell you The Code? I'm just another schizoid-non who was apparently having a psychotic fugue in the middle of watching some hap-angry hipsters pantomime a Saint Valentine's Day erasure

    11. ” she fully extended her hand and dropped it limply to her side to pantomime her interpretation of the visitor's acts

    12. ” Eric opens his hands wide to his sides with a pantomime motion

    13. It is like being present at a pantomime that doesn't leave off, and watching the good fairy touching one gray dull unhappy thing after another into radiance and smiles

    14. He waved his hands in the air, trying frantically to figure out some way to pantomime that he was alive

    15. pantomime, she let him know that there was no way she could place those bags way up

    16. Where did the Greeks get their pantomime plays with masks, dirges, tragedies, and grotesque masks hiding the faces of the actors? From the Persian royalty and three hundred years of Persian politics and connivers hiding their faces behind go-betweens every time they dealt with the more honest, more forthright Greeks of their day

    17. And so, swallowing hard, he turned and began to edge slowly forward, walking on tiptoe with pantomime stealth

    18. He was then bound and fastened to the body of the sapling, on whose branches Magua had acted the pantomime of the falling Huron

    19. "I understand," said Monte Cristo, well acquainted with Ali's pantomime; "you mean to tell me that three female attendants await their new mistress in her sleeping-chamber

    20. Freddy Malins said there was a Negro chieftain singing in the second part of the Gaiety pantomime who had one of the finest tenor voices he had ever heard

    21. The second piece was the last new grand comic Christmas pantomime, in the first scene of which, it pained me to suspect that I detected Mr

    22. He was going to have to think up an elaborate story to account for this pantomime

    23. It was like a pantomime, to come suddenly out of beggardom into this orderly comfort

    24. It is thus I like to remember Sebastian, as he was that summer, when we wandered alone together through that enchanted palace; Sebastian in his wheel chair spinning down the box-edged walks of the kitchen gardens in search of alpine strawberries and warm figs, propelling himself through the succession of hothouses, from scent to scent and climate to climate, to cut the muscat grapes and choose orchids for our button-holes; Sebastian hobbling with a pantomime of difficulty to the old nurseries, sitting beside me on the threadbare, flowered carpet with the toy-cupboard empty about us and Nanny Hawkins stitching complacently in the comer, saying, 'You're one as bad as the other; a pair of children the two of you

    25. Wilcox had brought out for the occasion the gold plate, which I had not before seen in use; that, the gilt mirrors, and the lacquer and the drapery of the great bed and Julia's mandarin coat gave the scene an air of pantomime, of Aladdin's cave

    26. The audience absolutely hated them and started almost comical booing and catcalls the way people would hiss at a pantomime villain or wrestler

    27. He tapped his forehead with a distressful forefinger, to convey his opinion that the widow Jules Giry was most certainly mad, a piece of pantomime which confirmed M

    28. He was, howe’er, too clever a Fellow to be gull’d by my ravish’d maiden Pantomime; for, unlike so many of the others, he was no foolish Aristocrat, no Strutting Player, no Poet besotted with his own Verses, but a plain young Fellow from Smithfield who had grown to Manhood in the Precincts near Bartholomew Fair, and had feasted his Childhood Eyes upon all Manner of Mountebanks, Merry Andrews, Strolling Players, Acrobats, Rope Dancers, Quacks, Jugglers, Puppets, Huxters, Giants, Dwarfs, Drolls, Jilts, Harlots, and Sharpers

    29. I could only put one hand out in a gesture, a begging, an empty pantomime

    30. Gavroche, as he sang, was lavish of his pantomime

    31. It was a pantomime prolonged almost to the time when someone might scream at the silence, as the mother and father and the boys washed and dressed and ate a quiet breakfast of toast and fruit juice and coffee, with no one looking directly at anyone and everyone watching someone in the reflective surfaces of toaster, glassware, or cutlery, where all their faces were melted out of shape and made terribly alien in the early hour

    32. The car tediously hauled, repaired, Phoenix reached, Harris found himself in such an unholy state of mind that the business transaction was a numb pantomime

    33. And right now it was a gift of pictures twitched in pantomime, as Mr Dark made his illustrious jerk cold-skinned over his warm-pulsed wrist as the stars came out above and, Jim stared and Will could not see and a long way off the last of the town people went away toward town in their warm cars, and Jim said, faintly, 'Gosh

    34. A ceremony followed, in dumb show, in which it was easy to recognise the pantomime of a marriage

    35. A staid, steadfast man, whose life for the most part was a telling pantomime of action, and not a tame chapter of sounds

    36. Until now the pantomime had gone on capitally; the gestures of the actors being irreproachable

    37. The Brahmin tries to defend himself, and cries out, "Accursed, accursed!"—the only words pronounced throughout the pantomime

    38. The pantomime ended with a ballet, in which there was a burial

    39. And what's the result? He gives the public the best operetta, the very best pantomime, excellent artists

    40. Satisfied that the increasing look of bewilderment was really one of complete enlightenment, he proceeded to go through a pantomime of striking with the "potato masher" and, solemnly pointing in turn to himself, to the Indian, and to his companion, said: "Moi, vous, and 'im—avec Allah

    41. It exploded the fatuous policy that causes the appearance in this city of those senseless, antiquated spectacles—food for neither adult nor juvenile—known as “Drury Lane pantomime,” a form of entertainment that in its native land has begun to languish

    1. “Chloe's waist is this,” she pantomimed with her hands ringing an imaginary waist, “And your waist is this

    2. This meant that she used monosyllables to address him, and if they wouldn’t work, she pantomimed

    3. She pantomimed taking the wallet out of his pocket and running away

    4. The hot and tired monk pantomimed, yelled, overemphasized, and pointed to the type of ice cream he wanted to buy

    5. But that's not the real mindfuck; it's a virtual conversation, a pantomimed intimacy, where I find myself being spoken through and then speaking as if I'm the one having the conversation, but I'm only a conduit for it

    6. ” she stood at the center and pantomimed an exhausted runner

    7. And of course Razz, as expected, gave a brilliant pantomimed performance as great

    8. His mouth must have pantomimed the words

    9. ” He pantomimed as if removing something from his mouth but stopped, for Douglas was on the first step, and then the second, and fi nally at the top, where the old man nodded at another rocker

    1. Evidently, she said to herself, the Conderleylets were brought up to be entirely fearless, for little Audrey, sitting opposite her, asked her father in a loud whisper whether he didn't think the beautiful lady was the beautifullest he had ever seen, and just like pantomimes; and little Joan, on her other side, invited her, with high-spirited irrelevance--at least Fanny, who had kept on her knitted cap, hoped it was irrelevance--to tell her the difference between a young maid and an old one, triumphantly explaining--

    2. It is similar to the theater of shadows, when actors show pantomimes behind a sheet, expressing something and presenting a certain “action”, while the spectators only see their shadows on the white, highlighted sheet and may only guess the meaning which the actors are trying to show

    3. Pinocchio, not being able to answer in words, owing to the money that was in his mouth, made a thousand low bows and a thousand pantomimes

    4. They couldn't play the game with its special secrets and rules, its sounds and pantomimes

    5. “He run up the ‘Cut-Through’ a little ways, and then come about, and back he comes again, never slackin’ speed a mite, and runnin’ close to the shoal as he could shave, and all the time goin’ through the bloodiest kind of pantomimes

    1. Amidst the fluttering curtains Petra flew, whirling her arms and feet, a mid-air mime pantomiming running

    2. The last time I’d been there was in 1970, to see The Incredible String Band singing and pantomiming through a multimedia extravaganza called “U

    3. He opened his mouth, shut it, looked at the girl onstage, who was now pantomiming fucking the floor, and walked out the door

    4. His face was aimed forward, pantomiming intense focus and attention to the road ahead, but his eyes were shifted completely sideways in his skull, wide and unblinking, locked onto my every movement

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    Synonyms for "pantomime"

    dumb show mime pantomime dramatizing performing acting depiction dramatic performance

    "pantomime" definitions

    a performance using gestures and body movements without words

    act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only