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Paries in a sentence

The alveoles or cells of a layer, are arranged in lines of different degrees of curvature, obscurely radiating from different centres; these lines are placed side by side, the alveoles alternating with each other throughout the layer in a quincunx manner; the thickness of the paries is somewhat equal to one half of the conjugate diameter of the alveole, the length of which, or thickness of the layer, is scarcely more considerable; but these proportions vary.
The tubes or alveoles, vary in the same coral, being 5 or 6, rarely seven sided, but the hexagonal form is most common; the interior of a tube is divided into a great number of apartments or cells, by approximate transverse septæ, each of the cells appears to be connected with the corresponding cells of the surrounding tubes, by lateral orifices in the dividing paries; these orifices are minute, inequidistant, orbicular, their margins slightly prominent, and forming from one to three longitudinal series on each side of the tube; each row is separated from the adjoining one by an impressed line.

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