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Parkland in a sentence

An old country mansion surrounded by trees and parkland.
Perhaps, the land was considered on their zoning maps as parkland.
The wide and broken road bordered by the remains of the parkland swallowed him up.
They set off across the parkland, the elder listening intently as his companion talked.
It skirted the perimeter fence that stated it was Parkland and not open to hunting or trapping.
The verdant unspoiled parkland protects a host of mammals, reptiles and birds, though few larger animals.
They lived near Mitcham Common, large parkland where he would often walk and it became his open space in suburbia.

A few Parkland doctors changed their stories under threat, one presumes, to better support the government’s case.
Shot 6, then was the throat shot from the front as witnessed by doctors at Parkland that did a tracheotomy over the.
The gardens and parkland cover more than 800 ha (1,976 acres), of which the famous formal garden covers 100 ha (247 acres).
A swarm of orange-overalled State emergency personnel crowded the stretch of parkland that lay adjacent to the Penrith Lakes.
These must be that people though Ralph does not recognise the field they are in, not a field but more like a parkland of sorts.
This is the fact of the scene captured in Parkland doctor testimony on the wound, morgue photos, and Zapruder frames showing the driver.
The property the rancher was on was protected parkland but most of the lagoon and swamp was on his property and was in extremely isolated.
Also true was the fact that this place was unfamiliar to the Indian, was on Federal parkland and may be a continuing source of alligators.
Half an hour later we pulled up at the Crown and Garter, a red-brick hotel set in two acres of parkland, about twenty minutes south of Oxford.
It is my opinion that the body was removed and possibly altered at Parkland during the 10 minutes that Kellerman and Greer had alone with it.
The scribe saw where he twisted round and scrabbled at the soldier’s loose armour and then the two of them were rolling over and over together across the parkland.
As the Gathandrian parkland exploded round him into men and weapons, shouting and terror, he saw the green fire from Ralph’s emeralds surround the mind-executioner.
At the same time, on the far edge of the battle arena, at the place where the parkland and trees give way to shattered buildings and rubble, a vast group of women appears.
This medical staff at Parkland would not have attempted resuscitation of the president if his body had arrived at Parkland without a brain and the gaping whole shown above.
When I stopped by a window and commented on how big the property looked, Gwen said it was over a thousand acres and had been parkland until Cordus took it over in the 1970s.
The next two hours passed quickly as they strolled about the parkland, watching the events, enjoying casual and interesting conversation, and meeting some of the contestants and rulers of nations.
It was a landscape without figures, a summer scene of white cloud and blue distances, with an ivy-clad ruin in the foreground, rocks and a waterfall affording a rugged introduction to the receding parkland behind.
Accordingly, by slow but not easy stages, I travelled through Mexico and Central America in a world which had all I needed, and the change from parkland and hall should have quickened me and set me right with myself.
Three months had passed and the sun cast its glow over the sprawling Victorian façade of the Karen Phillimore Centre, a large mental health institute that dominated the surrounding parkland on the borders of Epping Forest.
So he rolled over for the Oswald predestined conviction by the FBI and the press, which abruptly shifted stories away from Parkland doctors (shot from the front) to make Oswald the lone assassin (three shots from the rear).
The simple conclusion is that the body was altered between being put into the bronze coffin wrapped with a sheet in Parkland and it having arrived at Bethesda and taken out of a shipping coffin and body bag by Paul O’Connor, the first to see JFK’s body at Bethesda.
A loose crowd of those whom Mark was beginning to consider their devoted fans were enjoying the day in the parkland outside the wall, and they smiled and waved as they stopped what they were doing to come along, and Talia called greetings with the closer ones she knew.
No one removed the brain from his trauma team at Parkland, and no one removed the brain from his autopsy team (that was O’Connor’s job, which he didn’t have to do) in Bethesda, so his brain was removed by conspirators trying to change the body evidence somewhere in between.
Concealed lights, mirrors, luxurious and understated furnishings, chrome standard lamps, statues in niches, Persian carpets glowing richly on polished parquetry, and a grand piano looking perfectly at home in the centre of the wall opposite long windows that would have gazed over parkland during the day.

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