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Paso in a sentence

NNS, she would still be in El Paso.
This song finds some of the clans at the northern paso.
Why El Paso? The last time he crossed was through Arizona.
El Paso is almost one mile high, and it cooled down substantially.
And I thought that El Paso was an American city south of Cruces in TX.
I was passing through El Paso and saw a grocery store with the lights on.
He is in charge of anti-narcotics operations at the Paso Canoas border crossing.

Unlike Missoula, Las Cruces was a filthy dusty Mexican town too close to El Paso.
The El Paso, Texas City Council approved $112,000 to retain a private security firm.
On their way to Miami, they stopped at El Paso, Texas, where one of Josie’s aunts lived.
The DiMaggios honeymooned in the small seaside town of Paso Robles—not much of a honeymoon.
Buses are leavening from El Paso, Boston, Albuquerque, Jacksonville and many other affiliated cities.
I asked Stan Wright why the El Paso office of the Defense Contract Management Agency did not administer PSL’s contracts.
It was five o’clock in the gray of the morning when the wrecking train from El Paso came through; and Billy Gaines was aboard it.
Three days later as I entered the El Paso city limits, I said, to no one in particular, Holy shit, this is the middle of nowhere.
An express freight from LA to El Paso hit the caboose which had been left on main line doing about 90 mph, killing the conductor and two brakemen.
In the weeks that followed my visit to the Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, I learned that the body of Theodore Graves was found at the foot of the iron crib.
She had taken out seventeen potential shooters with shots to the head, as Tyre had enacted his own version of the paso doble on the central dance floor Rambo style.
First thing the next morning, I bought a six pack of Coors and took off doing 90 mph towards El Paso hoping to get there in time to attend the Sun Bowl football game.
You do live in a void, don’t you? So, I suppose you haven’t heard this either, but another truck got busted coming in from Panama at Paso Canoas a couple of days ago.
Yet, I had shipped four TVs via North American Van lines and could have put two black and white 12 sets with rabbit ears in my room and at least gotten all the El Paso channels.
I dare you to come to El Paso, to prove once and for all, that this is only a place for the dead, to show these idiots that there are no ghosts here, only the bones of those we loved and lost.
Allayah realized she can make a fire burn stronger, Kaan made the rain drops feel heavy, Hirana could make smog, Ario and Paso could build the illusion that there are more of them so to confuse their attacker.
In the holiday spirit, seeing that there was only one empty on the floor board, he gave me a warning and told me to leave the other five unopened, that I could reach El Paso doing 70 in time for the game.
I followed the PCT along its rocky, ascendant course in the hot morning sun, catching views of the mountains in all directions, distant and close—the Scodies to the near south, the El Paso Mountains far off to the east, the Dome Land Wilderness to the northwest, which I’d reach in a few days.

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