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Pastors in a sentence

All of them were pastors of.
Pastors house was the penthouse.
True Pastors are those who lead the.
Pastors, botched penises, and bombs?
Therefore, do not allow any pastors or.
As one of pastors said: Th e Bible should.
It doesn't say these signs will follow pastors.

Pastor Schubert copied a lot of other pastors.
Pastors and full-time ministers will not reap the.
Pastors and their associate leaders must recognize.
I have three full-time pastors on staff besides myself.
Pastors' wives didn't give love except to their pastors.
It is not wrong to recognize elders or pastors or teachers.
Some of the Pastors came and visited me including our Head.
I’ll bet that type of blaming happens to a lot of pastors.
Pastors and church leaders, homelessness can happen to any-.
Many pastors and their followers are spending eternity there.
Pastors, businessmen, teachers, mothers, bankers, and every-.
Three churches were represented by their delegates and pastors.
Pastors and teachers both work to lead and guide believers into.
In Ephesus, the Christian pastors, as a body, excluded such teachers.
The pastors noted that the principal's claim there were "comments" to.
I usually submit corporate words to the spiritual leaders such as pastors.
American pastors have insecurities and fears that keep them from training.
The pastors said in a statement: According to students who were forced to.
The spiritual and temporal pastors of the mine flock were very good friends.
Our two thousand ministerial subscribers show what pastors think of the paper.
Ever since Jesus called himself the ‘good shepherd’, pastors have likewise.
Not because my pastors over the years have preached it from various pulpits in.
Some pastors worry that if the Spirit is moving it may chase people out of church.
Pastors are attacked, beaten, imprisoned with false charges laid against them, and.
As shepherds are Pastors, or priests, Spiritual leaders of the congregations of the.
Many pastors and Bible teachers are themselves similarly misinformed about what the.
All cross-cultural workers, Pastors and full time workers for the Lord of today still.
It must be remembered that the twelve disciples of Jesus were the pastors and leaders.
Not curates, not vicars, not mysterious elusivenesses like German pastors, but bishops.
Mention the book of Revelation, and many pastors wave their hand dismissively, silently.
Chinese Pastors lamented that they had failed to prepare their Churches for persecution.
Many Bible teachers and pastors are not familiar with the pinpointed nature of the entire.
Churches; he stealthily invades the hallowed study rooms of our pastors; he joyfully walks.
All the years of pastoring and counseling and being mentored and doing mentoring had not prepared him for this situation.
I have seen many thoughtful, intelligent and well balanced ministers who have faithfully and graciously preached the Gospel and pastored their flocks.
Parents with children suffered without heat in thousands of dilapidated, one-room shacks that decayed on the street adjacent to Melton’s church while he pastored the city.
The presider at the liturgy was also of Italian descent but had spent many years in Asia as a missionary and now pastored this Chinatown New York City church, dealing with some of the same situations he dealt with in mainland China.

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My dad was a Pastor.
I once had a Pastor.
He was the pastor of.
The pastor did his job.
Evans, pastor of the A.
I’m no longer a Pastor.
The Pastor shook his head.
Pastor and Ladies of Cong.
What if the pastor Cassie.
The pastor was still alive.
Pastor Greg and Judy Willis.
I had a pastor that did an.
But Frau Pastor said nothing.
It was clear the pastor did.
He learned this from Pastor.
Ah, but you forget, Pastor.
Steely eyes swung on the Pastor.
The Pastor shook his head sadly.
He told Pastor Schubert about.
If a Life Member or Pastor or S.
The pastor encouraged us that.
Pastor John, the stage is yours.
And the response from the pastor.
It seemed that Pastor James or.
I did it, I killed the pastor.
He had just lost a youth pastor.
The Pastor said he would kill me.
The pastor and others comforted.
What happened to Pastor Taylor?
Pastor Newgate Phillips, I think.
All yours, Pastor, she said.
Would Herr Pastor step across?
Pastor Shubert was the instructor.
Amazed, Jesse stared at the Pastor.
He’d been a pastor and a farmer.
Pastor Schubert signaled to turn.
He’s the pastor of my church.
The Pastor looked across the table.
Holding out his hand, the Pastor.

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