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Patches in a sentence

Patches is a very fat cat.
Loki looks back to Patches.
Patches of a snarling cat.
You earned all those patches.
He has something he patches.
I had used only THREE patches.
Patches of green decorated the.

You'll need the nicotine patches.
Patches had thrown a hissing fit.
Patches for the special price of.
I have several spare valve patches.
Lots of brown and a few patches of.
Clay) has said, of shreds and patches.
Yeah, I heard patches but not enough.
It’s Deputy Patches, the station cat.
What to do with dense patches of weeds.
McSpadden goes over and picks up Patches.
I’ve forgotten about the moldy patches.
Beneath, patches of creamy gauze, icing.
There were melon patches and grain fields.
The patches had been implemented after the.
Patches is on the ground, pawing at his lap.
They’d heard patches of their conversation.
There are no sun patches for her to lie in.
The grass looks green by patches in the country.
Even when struck by whitecaps, the patches held.
Dense patches of tall ferns grew here and there.
The attackers had illuminated patches where the.
The patches had slowed the air loss dramatically.
However, green sprigs of grass sprouted in patches.
You’ve gone through your share of rough patches.
In those patches of ground yet to fall under the.
McSpadden picks up Patches and carries her outside.
The ordinary man lives in patches; more than half.
The sky was filled with the dark patches of clouds.
His jersey clung to his chest in large damp patches.
He was bald apart from a few wispy patches of white.
His hair grew, first in patches and later more evenly.
The small patches of pink had grown dark, almost black.
There were wet patches on some stalactites of the walls.
In the morning the patching resumed.
All patching compounds that are white.
That’s hardly patching things up, is it?
While patching the lining make doubly certain that.
A force field had popped up, patching the jagged hole.
I’d not received credit for patching the damaged hull.
When not at work patching network cables into routers and.
Louie began patching, starting with the holes on the top of the raft.
A few hours of patching, an engine change or some other niggling problem.
If there’s hope of patching things up, it’s a good place to start.
After patching him up I start to unbutton his trowser exposing his genitals.
Karl made a good job of cleaning and patching up Daniel’s wounded left arm.
He’d have to postpone patching up the domestic spat until after he returned.
It was the Road America central call center patching a call through taken from.
In the darkness, patching was impossible, but the pumping couldn’t be stopped.
Perfect for patching bullet holes in airframes, and inventing anti-gravity suits.
If you’re successful at patching the universe together, all of this goes away.
Armed with a staple gun and plastic sheeting, Travis and Curran spent an hour patching up.
The flashing and patching done, they clambered down in high spirits, finished before noon.
Once again, Caris and Mair worked by firelight long into the night, patching up the wounded.
She then began to repair his shoes, patching up the holes so as to protect his feet from dampness.
Her actions had not been those of someone patching someone up for another round of beatings later on.
The wall over there needs patching up, she said, pointing to the back corner where the loom sat.
After they finished patching her injuries, they somewhat awkwardly got the button down shirt on to her.
The furniture would get busted up, and he would be patching bullet holes in the drywall all winter long.
Silas went around patching where the soft cushion of newspaper layering the bottom of the nest was torn.
Why is hypnosis to quit smoking more effective then using patching and pills and it's drawbacks in real life.
It was capable of individual string patching to as many as three active spectra, and could sort impact and pressure to different voices.
Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.
When not at work patching network cables into routers and hubs for a local newspaper, Danny shared his home with his aged father and his demure, unassuming sister, Annie.
Matréna got up, took from the window Semén's old shirt, the same that she had been patching, and gave it to the stranger; and she found a pair of trousers, and gave them to him.
About the blue cloth, when it comes to a choice between having holes in your britches or patching them with pieces of a captured Yankee uniform—well, there just isn’t any choice.
Never in his life was he so happy to see the members of the Tammas commune: Kletsova was bleeding, Trini was patching her up with a band-aid, and Lenar was holding his weapon aimed at Brittany.
After patching up Sorus and dozing on the soft silk bedding of the guests’ quarters for a few hours, she was gently awoken by Cedar, Tamar’s House Master, he had returned from one of his many tasks.
With that kind of money, he would be able to pay back the bank and get his clients back to neutral, though he’d still be somewhat in the red personally, after patching the holes in the kids’ trust funds.
As Phil and Mac pumped and struck at the sharks, Louie groped for the provisions pocket and grabbed the patching kit, which contained sheets of patching material, a tube of glue, and sandpaper to roughen up the raft surface so the glue could adhere.
He and his crew had done their best to clean up and camouflage the damage from the crazy battle between the two groups of ‘private security’ men, patching bullet holes and painting over the patches and also gathering and throwing overboard the empty bullet casings.
O vanity! The patching up of everything with big words! a kitchen is a laboratory, a dancer is a professor, an acrobat is a gymnast, a boxer is a pugilist, an apothecary is a chemist, a wigmaker is an artist, a hodman is an architect, a jockey is a sportsman, a wood-louse is a pterigybranche.
The latter in itself was enough to attract attention to him, for the uniforms of the rode a wild black stallion, and wore clothes which were always the height of style and soldiers were dingy and worn now and the civilians, even when turned out in their best, showed skillful patching and darning.
When I had finally put my house in order, or rather seen that it had been done, it was nearing sunset, and I hastened out with the intention of locating Sola and her charges, as I had determined upon having speech with Dejah Thoris and trying to impress on her the necessity of our at least patching up a truce until I could find some way of aiding her to escape.
He was being patched up by old Gnaeus.
Between them they patched up the wounded.
The night duty officer patched me through.
Your marriage will not just be patched up.
I tried to get patched through to the Chief.
Galileo, but things were then patched up with.
The roof was recently patched up for the prom.
When he was all patched, he helped me stand up.
No, he has asked to be patched through to you.
The other is the bicycle with the patched Dunlop.
Shall I have it patched through into your Ops.
Nerissa rose and put on the patched tunic that she.
Claire had gotten patched through to the school nurse.
His neck had been speedily patched up by but he’d.
Torbin had, however, patched himself in to that link.
As he patched the hole back up with snow his hand went.
I was so broken that I could not be patched back together.
The call was patched through to the vice-presidents office.
Using his computer skills, Melvin electronically patched lines.
The boys in overalls and nothing else, ragged patched overalls.
Stone hitched around conversationally in the patched leather seat.
Tom Brokaw was patched through and interviewed me on a video link.
Of the lodge itself, some areas had been patched up, some painted.
The Doctor patched up the remaining human slaves requiring treatment.
True the images had to be patched to allow viewing in polite society.
He was dressed in a very shabby dark cotton coat, patched and spotted.
I WAS PATCHED THROUGH to Molinari at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
There was nothing for it but to cast new blanks and get them patched in.
I patched up the Hab and repressurized it (main air tanks were intact).
There certainly wasn’t enough wind to stir our heavily patched sails.
There was a small hole here, at eye level—see, Linds? It was patched.
After several moments of connecting, he finally was patched into his room.
The vehicle sped from the garage as Kate was patched into County Dispatch.
She patched her bodice, which was old and worn out, with scraps of calico.
I unbutton my shirt and stare at my bare side, which is patched with bruises.
Within seconds, Molinari was patched through to the principal of the school.
Their clothes were frayed and torn, some holes patched and others left gaping.
So I had to rig something before showing up at the hospital to get it patched.
She patched through using the holo interface, her ident immediately recognisable.
I patched things up with Jenny, and got on with my lessons feeling little pressure.

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I was on the Patch.
Patch glared at the babe.
Patch was proved right as.
He sat in a patch of weak.
Where the patch of plastic.
And then we’ll patch it.
To patch things up with her.
Even in the vegetable patch.
Best not to go to your patch.
Sprecace for the patch tests.
I stare at the patch of blood.
Molly and Patch both laughed.
Got patch, but no glue stuff.
There’s a little patch of.
Patch made the basketball team.
There was a story in the Patch.
A patch of bright red started.
His eye patch had never became.
I looked at the vegetable patch.
Did he look in the pawpaw patch?
The vegetable patch was watered.
Patch said he was the best trained.
She wrote a patch around the hack.
It leaves a red patch on his side.
It leaves a red patch on his hide.
Is that a watermelon patch?
There was a square black patch on.
Fred walked across a patch of grass.
One patch, endemic to one hillside.
A patch of staghorn caught his eye.
It is like a square patch of light.
I always stop at the raspberry patch.
Keep your flower patch free of weeds.
Jon was digging at a patch of stucco.
He landed on top of Patch and One Ear.
They came across a hilly, rocky patch.
The most spectacular was when Patch.
I was now looking at a patch of land.
Turkey is not my patch, but the Mid.
Patch bumped his fist against Louie's.

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