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Patchwork in a sentence

How does this patchwork of.
But he paid no attention to the patchwork doll.
In her hands she held a beautiful patchwork cloak.
Tiny woods and fields blurred into a rushing patchwork.
A large cumbersome, patchwork doll he had bought as a joke, for--.
A large cumbersome, patchwork doll he had bought as a joke, for—.
A large cumbersome, patchwork doll he had bought as a joke, for —.

Dora’s girls were making him a patchwork quilt, a beautiful thing of silk.
They were the same patchwork of greens as the dresses, only without the glitter.
President; if it had been patchwork alone, I should not have disturbed its arrangement.
The late afternoon sky was a patchwork of copper-gold clouds and the horizon was a black.
The piles of bread displayed in the window and patchwork of sales signs didn't help either.
Against the other wall stood a big bed, very clean and covered with a silk patchwork wadded quilt.
But this imperfectly taught woman, whose phrases and habits were an odd patchwork, had a loyal spirit within her.
His theories were a delightful patchwork of history and folk tales and imagination, but they gripped me somehow.
To Hannah I give the bandbox she wanted and all the patchwork I leave hoping shèwill remember me, when it you see'.
I see a blue patchwork quilt under my head and wince as I tilt my head to see where the water sound is coming from.
The new regulations are a chaotic patchwork of the labeling laws that states are currently using or want implemented.
Homeless, what is the greatest amendment? the blood veined the orb stitching up the scales into a patchwork vision.
On through barren fields of redeveloping and reconstructing industry, passed green wastelands, a rural patchwork of varying colours.
A winding band of green trees embraced on both sides by a patchwork of geometric green fields marks the path of the San Pedro River.
Not until I’d dodged past Marco’s whipping limbs, reached down, and grabbed Carey by the collar of his patchwork leather jacket.
And so if there's an encircled star on this patchwork map indicating hope's modest capital, then it should be properly placed on this island.
Ray's eyes land back on Hooperman's store, looking for activity between posed loaves of bread and a patchwork of painted sale-signs in the window.
The building had to be a hundred or more years old and the patchwork of cement and brick showed how many times it had to be repaired over the years.
The camera was panning quickly over a smiling scene of rolling hills, patchwork fields and woods, before zooming in on a bridge over a strange, two-way river.
She led them in, and there in the great kitchen, well within the glow from the deep hearth, propped on patchwork cushions, wrapped in blue homespun, lay the invalid.
Then patchwork or towels appeared, and Amy sewed with outward meekness and inward rebellion till dusk, when she was allowed to amuse herself as she liked till teatime.
It was a very small apartment; on one side was a large glass case full of holy images, on the other a great bed looking very clean with its quilted-silk patchwork coverlet.
Of course, one fond memory would often lead to an onslaught of others, some pleasant and some that were better forgotten but that nonetheless were a part of the patchwork of life.
He lay there with the tears running down into his ears and he wept, feeling the bed, wept feeling the good sunlight on the fingers of his twitching hands and on the patchwork quilt.
Nine times he and the Fiddler charged with leveled lances, the green patchwork knight and the young lordling of the golden swords and fiddles, and nine times their lances shattered.
What she thought had been a heap of disrespectful tourist trash suddenly rustled and a voice emerged from somewhere within the patchwork waste of an unidentified creature's habitat.
As they passed through into the garden they spied the red brick house surrounded on all sides by a vast array of plants shrubs and huge old trees with a patchwork of lawns and terraces.
On my left the ground drops away steeply and the view runs for miles towards the misty horizon – rolling green hills with patchwork fields and tiny villages dotted with copses of trees.
It raises questions about gaps in the hodge-podge patchwork quilt of systems at landfills nationwide that monitor and detect such types of waste from hospitals, laboratories, and industrial plants.
It was just a smooth clearing in the jungle, albeit one with a recognizable concrete patchwork visible through hedges of tall weeds and with buildings in use still along the southern perimeter line.
On the way down in the elevator he wondered, What if I told Alice about the top--that patchwork doll--I slipped on on the stairs last night? Lord, wouldn't that back her off? No, I won't ever tell her.
Mitenka’s wife and sisters-in-law thrust their heads and frightened faces out of the door of a room where a bright samovar was boiling and where the steward’s high bedstead stood with its patchwork quilt.
At first the landscape was that of a patchwork quilt, neat almost square sections flanked the road, slowly giving way to a rocky terrain, dotted with small pines, and then they were engulfed in a dense forest.

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