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Paymasters in a sentence

We are inspecting the books here in the Paymasters office and we have reason to believe that one.
The police were employees of the state and should do what they were bloody well told by their paymasters.
Unfortunately, her producers and paymasters felt that her drug arrests and time in jail would bring more money into their pockets, even if they were bogus.
The Egyptians kept on revolting and rebelling… even being found slaughtered by their own mercenaries: who could not stand the effeminate vileness of their own paymasters.
So the third stage, replied Algar, must be to empty their bank accounts and neutralise their paymasters so that they have no cash with which to re-arm when we deal with their stockpiles.
Jacob referenced some images that could be used to complement the words, made doubly sure that there were no political references hiding within his words, for the paymasters always watched, decided to take a break before proofing.

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