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Payrolls in a sentence

men on the payrolls of their operations.
gov/ces for more information on nonfarm payrolls.
Contributions are deducted from the employee's payrolls.
peared simultaneously on his political and official House payrolls.
manufacturing and nonfarm payrolls, followed by the unemployment rate.
As with the Consumer Price Index, nonfarm payrolls are compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
I want all the current reports on the reservations, payrolls, occupancy, and a breakdown of the food and beverage costs.

In Forex, the standard indicators monitored by traders are the unemployment rate, manufacturing payrolls, nonfarm payrolls,.
Statistically, nonfarm payrolls include the number of individuals with paid salaries employed by businesses around the country.
With rents, office employees, skilled technicians, payrolls, national insurance, taxes, accountants, lawyers and an infinity of headaches.
The CME, for example, offers more than 100 futures products that track everything from milk and feeder cattle to nonfarm payrolls and currencies.
Nonfarm payrolls include information on about 80 percent of the nation’s total workforce, and this number is often used to determine unemployment levels.
nonfarm payrolls: Compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this measures the increase or decrease of the number of jobs added by the business sector during a given month.
Obscene payrolls in professional sports have occasioned a generation of boorish athletes whose churlish behavior has rendered many unfit to manage, in a mature and appropriate manner, the requirements of popular acclaim.
If, however, a crisis erupts, then the Spacers League will reserve the right to recall these armed merchant ships into military service, with their expenses and payrolls then taken care by the government, and that for the duration of the crisis.

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