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Pb in a sentence | pb example sentences

  1. Secrets of Hypnotism, (PB), Tower.
  2. Always check the label to see if PB is present.
  3. Safer Entire Flea and Tick spray does not contain this PB.
  4. And when the bananas were gone I’d sometimes eat PB straight from the jar by the spoonful.
  5. We know two of the values in the first relation, P(B|T) and P(T), and so we can solve for P(B and T) = P(B|T)P(T) = 1 × 1/2.

  6. Most days I would sit down at my computer to read sports news and would grab a couple of bananas and the jar of PB on the way.
  7. Face and Head, (PB), Tower Press: New York,.

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